Date: 25th June 2018 at 5:02pm
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There is a LOT happening in Russia and very little discussion about it on VS. I think this might be because there is not a ‘World Cup Specific’ article for posters to find easily. Yes? No?

I seem to have watched more games in the group stage this year than any other year since 1966. And there have been so many good performances … many by teams I would least expect it from.

England and our boys are doing well and it’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep it up when the opposition gets stronger. Belgium and our other boys are doing just as well. As they are both in the same group and meet in their next game the adrenaline of all of us should be flowing with a vengeance.

Russia has survived the group stage which is great for the home country and the competition in general. Some of the ‘big guns’ still have some work to do and could provide some WC shocks.

Harry has both the footballing gods and lady luck on his side, as demonstrated by his third goal against Panama. Everything is falling into place so well for him that they may as well give him the Golden boot now! I think it was Real deal who suggested that the test of Kane’s maturity will be on show if he gets a penalty …. in which case Harry seems to be the most mature person in Russia.

Sonny boy scored a wonder goal but looks like he’ll be coming home after his next game. He might well be sitting next to Sanchez on the return journey.

There is a lot to talk about and discuss … so come on VS, share your thoughts on the World Cup and the Spurs boys who are a part of it.

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  • PY …. Well I don’t have to worry about Australia being knocked out any more!

    CS …. I think I’ll have to join you. I have enjoyed the interaction with everyone on VS …. especially as there are so few knowledgeable people I can talk to about Spurs. Cheers, mate.

  • As this no longer seems to be working well, I wonder if it’s possible for a select few of us posters to set up our own separate face-book group via VS (ie, obtain contact info)?

  • I’m not sure why VS bothers anymore with all these endless bullshit clickbait nonsense articles, when it could just present a big, bold front page with blatant and unmissable direct links to every Nations native language version of a Daily Bollocks newspaper, News Now and Twitter… Oh, and Russian dog blogs and International porn sites!

    Sorry ’bout that Geof…

    I’m enjoying the WC and even enjoying England at a WC… That’s unusual!

    Ossie; Yes, Trippier and England have performed well, albeit v Panama and Tunisia and it will get tougher. But, it’s not as if Trippier and all the Spurs and England lads have no experience of performing well against the very best when at club level… And so far, even the very best have been seen to struggle in the main. Individuals and teams…

    It’s not as though England haven’t ever played well against the best in the past but then all too often failed against the not so good… But, not this time.

    If Trippier and co fail to do as well against the better teams then that would probably be more about the team as a whole than certain individuals, I would bet…. And I’m more than certain that Harry is just as capable of scoring goals against Spain, Germany, Brazil, France, etc., as Kieran and others are just as capable of creating the chances…

    In other words, a poor team, generally looks poor, whoever they may be playing… And so far England have not been at all poor.

  • … And just to highlight more how bad it now is on here… I’ve only just come across this article today but just noticed that it was up on here from two days ago!

  • Yea vital has certainly taken a dive! Site has. Become terrible.. I get all the bullshit news of Tottenham media page (Yes know most of it is crap) but always relied on Vital Spurs having good articles and discussions. Could always set up a Tapa Talk forum?

    Those in charge of this site should hang their heads in shame, they have simply destroyed what was good about vital spurs!

    Just because people write the rubbish click bait articles doesn’t mean vital need publish them.

    Will add I too am enjoying the world cup and England.

    Have a good day.

  • I’ve been on here every day for a fair few weeks and must admit, the experience isn’t great at the moment. What I would say is that it’s better on the To Dare is To Do forums, but also slow outside of the season. Unless I’m mistaken, I only see Real Deal and myself flicking between the two and commenting on both sides at the moment.

    An example would be a continuous World Cup thread. We’ve just had the 320th post and it’s been going for several weeks. Another would be the Transfer thread. There’s over a 1000 posts now on one continuous thread. It’s a lot different than a new one on every player linked culminating in about 3 posts per link. That’s what is getting annoying here.

    Do yourselves a favour, hit the Forum button above and join in on the numerous threads that Spurs and other fans put up on To Dare is To Do. We’re all Spurs fans together here, such a shame that we co-exist on different areas.

  • I have been speaking with the Fear, he is trying to sort a few things out. Separating the made up media tripe from actual threads with real discussions.

    Unfortunately without these articles VS wouldn’t exist.

    There was always going to be a weaning in period when the site moved into a more modern style. Give the guy a chance to address a few teething problems.

  • Where the fook are all these sex spammer people coming from, can you not report these members?

    I understand the need for advertisement, but how is the endless rehashing of “Fake news” beneficial to the forum??

    It’s putting people off not bringing them, so Vitals goal is to become no different to any other news site and to loose long standing members?

    I’m all for modern layout, however, I would. Have no problems this site returning to how it was, especially if it meant loosing the endless fake news and spammers.

    I see now you don’t even have to be a member to comment any Tom, Dick or Harry can just enter a fake name and email address and post shite.

  • So… am I now right in thinking that the Vital website can only continue to exist (without hardly any members actually posting stuff), as long as there are regular fake news articles on it, on a daily basis?

    If so, am I also correct to presume then, that this effectively means that the editor on VS basically gets paid for mostly just rehashing content from other sources, (that are in the habit of making up stuff, anyway). And, just so as they can all co-exist in this virtual vacuum, vacant of independent thought but, nevertheless, oh so shiny and modern in all it’s visual glory?

    Right now, what we are basically left with, is a worldwide collection of countless phoney sports news media outlets, daily papers, vlogs and blogs and all, that simply exist to conspire in feeding each other the exact same scraps (via links etc) back n forth, back n forth and back again… And all this happens (the shifting of the same old second hand shit), within an ever increasing circle of absolute nothingness and meaningless twaddle. With no real and worthy content or the vague signs of any original opinion. Just an ongoing and mutual whirl of fakery, nonsense and bull… Nice!

    Unfortunately this is how it mostly works now on the http://www... I know that but, if I want to read tweets, I go to my Twitter account and when I want to swear at some pissed up lazy hack in Spain, Italy or wherever, I’ll go to News Now.

    But, if I want to debate something, Spurs? Well, I now have to mainly talk to myself. Whether I’m on VS or not…

    I suppose I could always watch some ‘Vital Spurs’ related Russian porn instead…. Is it free?

  • HT …, mate. Nice post …. you know, the one in between all the free sex adds. Technology has bypassed my use-by-date! What happened to the world? I used to be on top of it.

    The World Cup score is currently an average of 3 spam to one comment.

    I had an email from Jonathan earlier and he is aware of the issues and will hopefully be able to sort it all out. If he dosen’t, I’m considering putting up a nude photo of me on my Kawasaki which should fall in line with the direction the site is currently taking. Or, if not nude, wearing one of the ‘big girl dresses’ that are apparently available through VS! What do you think?

    I blame Levy for all of this …. he should have sacked MP months ago.

  • Watching Trippier at the WC taking free kicks…

    Who would have known, after watching him at Spurs? Wow.

    Of course, one would rather have CE taking them.

  • Why are these threads becoming the place for garbage comments? What happened to the Report Abuse button? Comments between 4:47 and 6:57. Enough to despair about the site and what it is becoming.

  • England v Belgium … anyone got any thoughts on the way this one could go. Personally, I think it could go any way, if that helps. The debate about whether it would be better to finish top or second in the group is an interesting one. Seems to me it’s a simple matter of ‘it’s a football game so let’s win it’. Winning is habit forming.

    Hope the Spurs boys have a good game …. all of them. And I hope Harry plays and knocks a couple more in.
    England 3 – 1 Belgium?

    Son had a great MOTM game against Germany. It’s a pity that most of his team-mates couldn’t keep up with him.

  • I’m hoping that both teams go for the win, whilst playing some skilful and entertaining football… As, it could quite easily turn into a boring practise match of sorts.

    Will it be both teams respecting the opposition too much for a proper match of good football or will pride and a competitive nature win the day?

    I’m hoping for the latter and I’m hoping for an England win… None of this finishing in second place may be a better outcome attitude please…

    But, I’ll predict a score draw… 3-3. With England topping the table, due to the fair play ruling…

  • HT … I think your prediction is probably better than mine which, as you know, are sometimes (?) unsuccessful.

    But, yes, I hope it’s competitive and not just two teams going through the motions without much interest.

  • For me its win, win tonight, top of group, maximum points in group since 1988, I think, Ron Greenwood as manager, no fear of anyone, Come on England make us smile.

    My apologies for being a newbie on here, to all you discontented oldie writers, am doing my best to fit in with the VS in crowd haha.

    Congrats to Spurs Son putting the final nail into Ozil the Gooner, world cup hopes, loved it. COYS

  • Hi, PY …. It’s a pity tonight’s game wasn’t the first group game …. that would have been a good watch despite what happens today.

    You must be new if you don’t know that every comment has to have some kind of pornographic content if you don’t want to get banned!

    The last two Tottenham goals (Kane and Son) were a bit weird.

    I wonder how the German keeper is feeling today? If he’d stayed in goal and they managed to get something in the last three minutes (which often happens) they would have progressed.

  • The manager was Greenwood PY but it was the 1982 WC in Spain when England won all 3 group games… If I remember right, I think we went out of the competition without actually losing a single match… ?

  • Geofspurs…hahaha thank you. Mind I could register PornYid with the way things are going, nah! always PompeyYid.

    HT…cheers as soon as I clicked submit I knew I was wrong haha, yes 1982 and not 1988, age you see, but I do remember that we did go undefeated so you are correct there HT.

    Even tho’ I am a member, I have tried a number of times to write on “To Dare is To Do” and all I get is “insufficient privileges to post” what the hell does this/that mean, can anyone help here, maybe its because I am a dinosaur! lol COYS & ENGLAND

    • Well here we are July 3rd and still no transfer activity at Spurs, unlike Man U, Liverpool, and Arsenal who have/ and are strengthening, Man City not needing to after walking the league with 100 points last season, and Chelsea awaiting the appointment of a new coach dragging their feet, as Spurs are as usual. The WC hasn’t affected those determined to get their business done, and is an empty excuse. Levy will have to hurry up or he will miss out on the opportunity to return his customary transfer window net profit. I suppose we might pick up a couple of “bargains” like Sissoko, and Jannson, players nobody else wants, in a last day frenzy. Last day gifts from heaven like Van Der Vaart only happen once in a blue moon, and can’t be relied on to rescue a disastrous window.

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