Date: 28th August 2019 at 6:40am
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Writer: Jod

Mauricio Pochettino says his squad is the most unsettled it has ever been in his five years in charge of Tottenham according to one report I’ve read. For some fans, of course, this is not important, it’s just about buying players. But football is a team game and a big part of the strength of the team is the team spirit, for most of Poch’s time in charge this has been a strength but right now its a weakness.

It’s not hard to see why. We have a number of players who just don’t want to be there, Eriksen, Toby, Rose, maybe Vertonghen. They don’t have to be disruptive, their very presence undermines the sense of unity of purpose of the rest of the squad.

Ideally, you try and avoid this situation ever arising but the past couple of years have shown that you can’t sell a player unless a club he wants to go to wants to buy him. It seems as if in more and more cases that isn’t happening.

The hard fact is that most players are a lot more concerned about their own interests than those of the club that pays them (maybe Kane and Winks having come through the youth set up are an exception). I understand that the club are still offering Eriksen a new contract, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Yes we’ll lose money if he walks away for free but at least he’ll be gone.

You could end up locked into a Mesut Ozil situation paying a player who is only there for the money with no real incentive to perform. The same applies to the others, if they don’t want to be there we are better off without them. So start preparing for next summer now, figuring out who we can bring in, who can be promoted from the youth set up, anything else we need to do.

Get through this season as best we can and try and rebuild that team spirit we used to have for next year.

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45 Replies to “The Team Spirit Question At Spurs”

  • Geofspurs – Not really. The Arsenal fans expect Ozil to give his all, he doesn’t. United fans expect Pogba to give his all, he does when he feels like it. There’s damn all the managers can do about it.

  • It does not help team spirit when we refuse to pay proper market wages to quality player’s who have shone for us – it’s a bit hypocritical to then criticise them for wanting more after shining for us on relative peanuts. It’s about time we recognised some of the players we have and came up with relevant contracts for them! It’s way too late for Eriksen, but hopefully we can keep Verts and Toby long enough to make the transition from them to a new CB partnership go as smoothly as possible. It will take a fortune to replace those 2 these days so the longer we can hold onto them the better. Sanchez already cost a packet and has hardly covered himself in glory since starting for us so it just shows how good the other 2 are and how hard it will be to replace them. Over £100m easily I would guess in today’s market to buy similar quality and then there’s no guarantee’s – just look at Sanchez.

  • Apart from wages, the team spirit should actually be good – 4 quality young signings this summer – a top 4 squad with a runner’s up CL medal last season – it should be a spirit of wanting to achieve on what has been built these last 5 season’s. Despite not winning anything we’ve been involved in title races, we’ve had the final of the Carabao Cup, the CL final, lots of semi’s – it’s just falling over the line that’s the final hurdle evading us until now but I would argue that the team spirit should be high as Poch is also a top coach and motivator (atleast that’s what we hear from players/pundits/fans, etc) so it should be a case of wanting to finally win something and keep progressing – if that’s not a good position to be in I don’t know what is. Also the pressure should not be that high given how good City and Liverpool are and how they dominate so like I say they should be hungry for success but not with all out expectation’s of winning – which is a decent platform IMHO!

  • From what I have seen. Poch says verts is outspoken and intelligent. So there could have been some verbal interaction with a teamate.. Dele.. Harry k or even poch.. Lets hope this has cleared the air of heavy pressure on players, and the two combatants have resolved their problems.. A blackeye takes a day or two to show so no wonder they did badly in the game sunday..

  • el jefe….regards your post 28/08 at 8.50pm, ie “apart from wages” how many times has it been pointed out that the so called “poorly” paid DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT! its as simple as that, so why carry on bringing it up, I just do not understand the logic, you, me, everyone cannot be made to sign for less money if we think we are worth more. COYS

  • Football is a team game and if there are elements in the team who are not committed they have to be moved on. Easier said than done of course but if Eriksen and toby have resisted new contracts for the last year or so then i would not be inclined to offer them one now just because they have been unable to find a better option. Again this is also difficult because no contract means they can walk away for free at the end of the season. It is not an easy situation but i would say that at the level that we are at and want to achieve we simply cannot afford to have players who are not motivated. As Jod has said the Ozil lesson has to be learned. As for Verts none of us really have a clue what has happened. I think he may be back this weekend though. There is also a problem with Danny Rose whose performances have dipped this season – is this because he also would like to be somewhere else, maybe he thought he would be by now.
    All in all it is not an easy situation, but Poch is paid the big bucks to manage it. He doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job so far.

  • DH…..oh so true a post there regards non-signing and being offered new contracts, nothing is easy in pro-football anymore, basically they have the club by the short and curly’s.

    I mentioned as you have the situation Poch finds himself in, and yes he doesn’t seem to be doing a very good of it at the mo! but as I have said in a prior post I think its all new to him, so he is walking up a blind alley. COYS

  • Jod/PY – we need to keep the squad happy – to do that they need to be rewarded for their performances – how anyone can justify Eriksen still being on £75k when for example Ozil is on £350k is beyond me – Ozil was world class for Arsenal in his first 4 season’s or so and was fully justified in getting his new contract, Eriksen has been the same for us or near enough (stats speak for themselves) and deserved to be rewarded with much more a long time ago. It’s a bit late and desperate to turn up now offering upto £200k (how many attempts did that take I wonder) and expect him to sign when he could still much more abroad (Ramsey £400k at Juve after going on a free…! Same goes for Toby and Verts but I’ve already spelled out my arguments elsewhere so not going to repeat most of them. After finishing 2nd in 2017 all contracts should have been improved not left to linger as has been the case with some of our best players namely Chris, Toby and Jan whose contracts preceed this date and that is criminal!

  • El Jefe – You clearly have a much higher opinion of Ozil’s performance levels than most Arsenal fans’ or indeed most people who watch football. I’m also somewhat confused by where exactly you think Eriksen is going to get this wonderful contract when we haven’t even received a bid for him. This idea that paying people more is going to magically make them play better is rubbish, but you obviously believe it. Incidentally no one at Liverpool is on a wage of more than 200k a year, doesn’t seem to have hurt them. They do of course pay big bonuses for success, just like us.

  • El Jefe….I do not know how many times I have to say it…ok here goes “nobody forces players too sign new contracts” its so simple. COYS

  • Jod/PY – should have been given an improved contract in 2017 to take him into 6 figures not dwindling on £75k a week signed in 2016. We’d been involved in 2 title races by then and qualified for the CL twice in a row – so being our 2nd most important player after HK10 he should have been put on CL wages. He wasn’t and still isn’t and doubt will be anytime soon. I guess we were constrained by the new stadium costs and our sponsorship contracts not being that high, etc, etc, etc but we can’t now get pissed off with him for wanting to move to pastures new especially where they will pay him what he is worth – £200k minimum not maximum.

  • Jod on a free doubt there’ll be a lack of takers willing to pay a big wage packet – let’s wait and see. As for Liverpool I didn’t actually know their max ceiling was £200k but I see Van Dijk is going to be moved onto £250k after only 18 months at the club so I doubt Salah won’t be moved soon enough, etc. How many of their squad are on £200k though? At Spurs it’s only HK10 whose on that no one else comes close. After that it’s supposedly Lo Celso on £150k or so with Dele, Sonny, etc. Also Liverpool have started winning stuff and challenging regularly like we did in 2016 and 2017 so that’s a different compensation something we’re not doing – causing frustration – but the fact is as success comes their way they equally reward their players and offer improved contracts – Van Dijk being an example. Salah was also offered improved terms only 2 years into his original contract, same as Mane, etc – keep them happy and reward success. We did not do this in 2017 and now find ourselves in the situation we do with Chris, Toby and Verts. As for Ozil he was a major coup in 2013 and continued to be so for 4 years rolling into his new contract (his stats prove this) – Arseanal have been on a steady decline since he joined though and that has no doubt affected his performances especially recently.

  • Eriksen last season scored 10 goals and got around 20 assists in total – how is that playing crap?! I’ll admit we’ve been playing crap as a whole since February but then that was after losing HK10 originally for that month and then again in April – the main benefactor of Eriksen’s game. If HK10 had stayed fit we may have seen a more productive Eriksen and better results for the team – we lost momentum twice there and it’s not that easy to pick up as we are finding! I thought Eriksen had a good solid season and now we’ll have to wait and see what happens…….!

  • P.S. Not looking for an argument God forbid but I would say it’s good we have a difference of opinion here – makes the thread interesting and that’s the whole point of the site – discuss all Spur’s and general opinion’s. I respect your view’s and am learning from them (in Jod’s case – the Liverpool ceiling) so happy to be in it and contine.

  • I get paid peanuts! But, if I were paid £75k, 200k or 300k a week or, more realistically, just half as much more than I currently earn; Fact is, I wouldn’t/couldn’t do my job any better than I already do. I’d feel a lot better with my life circumstances and I could buy a lot more stuff but, it really wouldn’t make me a better worker than I already am. Ironically, I might even start to slack off a bit and be taking a lot more sick leave. What wiv all that extra money to squander and enjoy!

    Why should this be any different for a pro, footballer. Whether they are Harry Kane on £200k a week, Eriksen on 75k a week or Kyle Walker-Peters on a mere 20k a week. It’s their job! And, even 20k a week is not really peanuts, is it? Is it?! Not for kicking a bleedin’ ball about! … Or, am I over-simplifying it all?

    Up the Spurs! Down with all greedy bastards!

  • By the way: in the 2013-14 season, not long before Harry Kane went on to finally start making a name for himself, his Spurs salary was reported to be the same as KW-P’s is right now. £20,000 a week. In February 2015 he signed a new 5 1/2 year deal that saw him double his wage to £40k a week.

    Now he is earning £200k+ per week El Jeffe, I’m not sure what you are saying when you keep insisting that THFC players should be rewarded with more money, according to the teams progressive status, when they evidently have been already. And regularly too. We all know this. So, I also don’t get why you would think that Eriksen has not since been offered more, when everyone else has.

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