Date: 28th September 2017 at 9:40am
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Our weekly update looking at the injury table for Tottenham Hotspur and also comparing with all our competitors in the Premier League.

An early season look look at our injuries and how they compare to other teams. Six games in:

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Hate seeing the ‘no date` ones. Hope that clears quickly. Five, doesn`t make great reading really.

Please note the tables update automatically so they are worth keeping an eye on.

And a look at all the Premiership teams to see how we compare injury wise.

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Lets hope for a good weekend of action, the right result and no more injuries!


One Reply to “The Spurs Walking Wounded – Injury News 29/09/2017”

  • I read Dembele and Wanyama return date after international break and Lamelas 5th Nov so we will see and Rose in October. It does seem our injuries have been ling standing and niggly, with lamela I think it was a inherited problem, structural not something that was caused by a incident, I think he had something wring with him that came to light. Rose is innjury prone always has been and his knee is probably down to his body not being strong enough, he isn’t getting younger, and players who have injuries when they are younger either benefit from them later on in their career because they haven’t flogged their body so much or they find they have problems when they hit their peak and after that because their body wasn’t as strong in the first place, Rose always had injury niggles, and may be his time is up after his outburst and we are not in a rush to get him back! Dembele another injury prone player, doesn’t suprise me he is struggling again, its so hard to get a full season out of Dembele, now with his age he is on decline imo. Wanyama don’t know his background, but he hasn’t been out that long, so not concerned about him other than he has missed a proper pre season and will be rusty when he is back.

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