Date: 22nd May 2018 at 10:22am
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Below are eight randomly selected headlines from numerous media outlets in a four hour period today! And there were many, many, MANY MORE, to choose from! It’s all exciting stuff!

‘Tottenham Hotspur fans have taken to social networking site Twitter to give their reaction to speculation that Unai Emery will be the new Arsenal manager’.

That’s strange, I haven’t taken to anything. Have you? And I’m trying to figure out why I would care!

‘Should Tottenham enter battle with Liverpool for Nabil Fekir Nabil?’

Really? I don’t know, but I do like a good battle and some decent pillaging.

‘Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Roma are all chasing the signature of Ajax forward Justin Kluivert.

Well, I also like a good chase … and we are collecting all the ‘Verts’ we can get at Tottenham, so it does make sense.

‘Tottenham are interested in signing Colombian midfielder Wilmar Barrios.’

I’m interested in lots of things …. so?

‘Jose Mourinho to axe defender to make room for Alderweireld.’

This seems a bit extreme. Surely there are laws against ‘axing’ people. Does Toby know he is about to be the cause of a major crime?

‘Tottenham Hotspur and Everton have been linked with Rodrigo of Valencia in the summer transfer window.’

Nice, but I think Rodrigo should stop linking himself to clubs that have never heard of him.

‘Everton to rival Spurs for Lille’s Bissouma.’

I guess we’re rivals in the same way that we are rivals with Exeter for the league title next season!

‘The Sun reported this week that Spurs are keen on Barrios, and plan to make a £25 million move for the Boca Juniors ace.’

Coming from such a reliable source, this has to be taken seriously.

Now we all know how the media operates in terms of football speculation. Don’t we? Well, apparently not! It amazes me that some supporters read these typical Transfer-Window articles and become a slave to a lot of unhealthy emotions. Emotions such as; excitement, joy, sorrow, frustration, anger, depression and, in isolated cases, suicidal tendencies. Supporters have even been known to become so irrationally affected by these articles that they enter into online dialogue to express their unfounded emotions. It’s a worry.

So, here’s some advice to supporters in general that could help us all to navigate the next three months of ‘news Now’ without becoming complete basket-cases. All of the above chronic conditions could be easily avoided by simply remembering …. none of it is true until it appears on the official THFC website. That’s when anger or joy should really kick in!


25 Replies to “The Spurs’ Silly Season And Some Helpful Advice”

  • The only transfer plan that is important, is as follows:

    Outgoing – Vorm, Toby, Sissoko, N’Koudou, Llorente, Janssen
    Incoming – Bettinelli, de Ligt, Neves, Bale, Sessegnon

    Once Levy has executed that plan before the World Cup begins, he can give me a call and we’ll figure out what to do after 🙂

  • Damn! Rational train on sturdy tracks! Amen to your article. We are so many Spurs fans, but I would like to enjoy all of us on the non-fundamentalist side of the railway line. Do not let ‘fan’ turn to ‘fanatic’ or ‘fun’ turn to ‘fundamentalist’. This phenomenon that is Spurs has made us admirers of something we all enjoy – stylish football and the ever-existing hope to compete at the highest level. We are a family across the globe; strong, loud, voluminous, consistently growing and evidently rising as a club and supporters’ group to others’ annoyance. But like all good families we must have faith in each other in the knowledge that Mom and Dad will make mistakes and our siblings are fallible. Just stay on the train, enjoy the view, and trust that the noisy commuter will get off at the next stop. Put some headsets on, let Dad steer the train, enjoy Mom’s delicious lemonade and listen for the announcement: “Next stop – Champions League Final!”

  • Geoff – Rose absolutely stays until the scouts on VS can come up with a better player. He has 3 years left on his contract and our longest serving player could be back to his brilliant best by August.

  • Muttley – for that to happen we need Fulham to lose on Saturday otherwise doubt we’ll be able to get either Sessegnon or Bettinelli atleast not unless we pay a King’s ransom IMHO. Good combo of youth and experience there though – let’s see what happens.

  • Haven’t been around for a while but reading this article certainly made me laugh. This will be a strange “silly season” all right. Expect we will have to make a move on someone before the WC gets underway, as once it does no player in it will want to be distracted by contract negotiations. Muttley I see the outs as Janssen, Onomah, Bennetts (gone), Sissoko (hopefully), Dembele, Llorente (hopefully). After that we will see how it goes with Toby. Would love the Bale rumours to be true. His goals to games ratio is fantastic. Would be a massive upgrade to Son/Lamela/Moura. His single addition would make our front four unmatchable by anyone. Kane, Deli, Bale, Eriksen! I’m salivating. Add Martial in that mix, play with one DM and drop Eriksen into the Dembele, playmaker role and…Wow!! Blessings to all who are still around. Geofspurs, good to see you are still going strong.

  • Cheers, jvd …. good to hear from you. Must say I’m on the fence about Bale. But, eventually, all will be revealed!

  • JVD – good to hear from you.

    Let’s hope we’re all salivating after the Spurs transfer dealings conclude early this summer. Last summer was just weeks and months of speculation and no action.

  • De Ligt (watched him against Portugal in March and was suitably impressed) Malcom and Sessegnon (seen the clips and stats and again very impressed with both) and finally Bale (still only 28 and could have some top notch year’s remaining). Question is how to afford them all?! £160m easily and anywhere upto £200m. Only way to afford them would be to sell Toby and Eriksen – the problem is that might well have to happen anyway.

  • el jefe – in my opinion, Eriksen is better than the entire list of potential joiners including Bale. He goes nowhere unless something major happens. Even then, he’ll go close to what Coutinho did which was £146m. Surely if we find buyers for Toby, Sissoko, N’Koudou, Janssen and Llorente that will surely be close to £100m.

    By the way, love this quote from the Fenerbahce president Aly Y Koc last week.

    But Koc was quoted as venting his frustration at Janssen’s loan fee, stating his side “need to do better” than seemingly overpaying on the likes of the former AZ Alkmaar striker. “It’s incredible really. A club like us, Fenerbahce, always paying over the odds for players and it’s kind of become a tradition for our club. That’s not a good sign financially,” Koc said. “For example, our club have paid €5m [£4.4m] for Vincent Janssen. This is just a loan deal. No option, or redemption clause. We paid straight €5m for 10 months of a loan deal. This is not good for our club. We need to do it better, and we can do it better.”

    So we paid £17m for Janssen and can now sell him for £12-13m to break even. Great damage limitation by Levy.


    It’s all we ever seem to do.

    And we still aint won nuffin!

  • Sell: Dier 50m, Trippier 20m, Jansen 15m, Llorente 10m, Gkn 10m, CCV 10m, total 115m

    Buy: Buy good wide attacker. Martial would be worth a punt. 40m – 50m
    Buy good LCB 30m – 45m.
    Keep the rest. Promote Kwp and foyth and play 433.

  • If MP decided to leave, i think Benetiz would be ok. I think if MP doesn’t win a trophy next year he will leave of his own free will.

  • Sell Rose, or just give him away.
    The sell Llorente, GKN, Sissoko, Wanyama (if they have to), Dembele (if he wants to go) and Aurier.
    Keep Janssen (although he will probably be sold to Fenerbachce).
    Buy Pau Lopez or Butland, De Ligt, Sessegnon, Kovacic-Sach, Puig and Bale.

    Get it all done by June 16th please.

    Is that so much to ask?

  • Okay.

    I’m not a fan of Rafa but he does know his stuff. And, I don’t think he would ever be long term, even though he is still relatively young. And I think that long term is MP’s plan. These days though, even just 4 seasons is considered a long term.

    Then again, I also didn’t want Pochettino at Spurs…

    Now, I hope he doesn’t go, anytime too soon.

  • Kayspurs…love your post.

    jvd…very well put.

    HT…sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, very well said by the way. lol.

    Poch ain’t going anywhere, he knows he is loved here, especially by his squad/1st teamplayers and the majority of fans, as for he will leave if he doesn’t win a trophy next season, what a load of b****x, must win trophies is media/experts brainwashing bu****it. COYS

  • I think the most important next ‘big news’ to come very soon from THFC’s official site will be Pochettino extending his current contract and with a handsome pay-rise.

  • I forgot to say; I think that that news should be as important and encouraging to us supporters as any new player signing we may make this summer.

  • Any idea that Bale will return is silly. The wages he commands are 3x what Spurs pay their top earners. Even if that hurdle were overcome, it would be too disruptive. Much as I like him, he’s too big a presence now, there’d be an expectation that everything revolved around him on the pitch.

    Alderweireld looks to be on the way out, as should be Sissoko, Llorente (both done pretty much nothing all season). With Rose it depends on his attitude, but that would make a top LB incoming essential. Davies is not an ideal starter for me.

    Need another forward who can sub in for Harry, A DM to share the load especially if Dembele leaves. Improvement or upgrade on Aurier depending on if he stays or goes. A replacement for Toby. Basically we need to be able to rotate pretty much all positions without a significant downgrade. Any replacement for Sissoko would be an upgrade. Playing a traffic cone in his place would be better.

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