Date: 23rd January 2018 at 6:02pm
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Okay, so the Saints game didn’t go according to plan or expectations. But the truth is they played well, had as many good chances as we did, and deserved to get something out of it. But with over half of the season now behind us what, so far, have been the highlights? There have been games we have won easily, there have been games where we have dropped points despite playing well, and there has been one game where we were completely outplayed. We currently sit just beneath the top four, are close to an average of two points per game, and are still well in the mix to finish in a higher position. It may happen. It may not. We are through to the knock-out stage of the Champions League and should progress to the fifth round of the FA Cup.

The stand-out performances for me so far are: the win against Liverpool, the wins against Dortmund and Madrid in the CL, Harry’s goal scoring exploits, three or four amazing individual and/or team goals, and some very convincing wins in the league (albeit mostly against teams in a lower position).

But strange as it may seem, my favourite moment of this season did not involve a win, Harry Kane, or even a goal. It involved 90 seconds of beautiful possession football during which our opponents could not get near the ball. It started around the 70 minute mark of the game and involved every supporter in the ground as they cheered each glorious pass. Ninety seconds is a really long time for opponents to chase the ball without getting a sniff of it! The game was already won and this passage of play was just the icing on the cake.

It was, of course, the home game against Real Madrid, the champions of Europe. Losing the game was bad enough for them but no team is supposed to rub salt into the wound like that against Real Madrid. It was nasty. It was cruel. It was arrogant. It was bloody awesome! It was obviously the kind of result and performance that makes everyone sit up and take notice. And they did!

That result, and that 90 seconds of pure dominance, will be something that anyone who was lucky enough to be inside Wembley stadium (where we apparently have some kind of problem) will never forget.

These, off the top of my head, are the main highlights for me so far. What are yours?


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  • The only problem is the race for the top four isn’t going to be about highlights. Assuming City win the title the next three places will go to whoever drops fewest points in games they should win. At the moment everyone is dropping far too many. So its going to be about who can grind out wins on bad days not who can be brilliant on good days.

  • So do I, HT. jod … it’s about the season SO FAR! …. I’m just trying to bring a focus back on being positive after a disappointing result … as is my want!

  • My most recent stand out highlight has to be Eriksen’s beautiful finish to a well crafted team-made goal (Tottenhams 4th) against Everton at Wembley. Sublime football.

  • Well it’s not the transfer window so far. Some of me the togetherness in difficult times. You can’t beat that and I think we have it in abundance. Us fans are terrible at tkmes negative, the media slaughter us at every opportunity and yet the players stay together and I see it so far this season, may it continue and may we as supporters learn from them. When will we support and not criticise at every opportunity, evrrynllayer, coaching staff, manager, board, everyone at the club learn to be like they are – POSITIVE and Together.

  • Oh, and there’s always Sissoko missing his 450th Spurs’ ‘sitter’ the other day v the Saints. Magical! It made me smile in adversity. Thank you, Moussa.

  • Topping our CL group which was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t confident we’d even qualify after last seasons struggles in the CL. The win over Real Madrid at Wembley and the 4-1 win over Liverpool are standout games so far.

  • My highlight of the season is seeing Lamela agains Stoke at Wembley. He had made his long awaited comeback against Leicester in our away loss and then had a cameo against Watford in our away draw. This time he came on after 66 mins at Wembley and had the entire Spurs faithful singing his name. You could just tell that he was totally buzzed just to be playing football again after what he had endured in the last 18 months or so. He also played superbly for 25 mins and got the crowd on their feet a couple of times. Sometimes we forget that these highly paid stars are just human beings and love the game as much as we do. I’m not sure what happens next in Lamela’s career, but he must have enjoyed his first home Wembley experience after a tough spell out of the game. I definitely did.

  • muttley …. It’s lovely how there are so many different aspects of the game that give us all joy (and despair). 🙂

  • At the back end of 15/16, throughout preseason and the beginning of 16/17 it looked like Lamela was taking his game to the next level by adding goals to his game. The injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for him.

  • Lamela back was sweet for him and to an extent for us fans. Personally I have no idea whether we will ever see Lamela reach his potential with us. Hit by so many injuries it has been a bit of a nightmare for all concerned, the player, fans and manager but he seems like a hard working nice lad. HE is nearing end of his contract, difficult to know what to do, risk giving him another, or will the lad prefer to go and start a fresh in another league because his time in PL and England hasn’t been great for him in many ways. On a footballing level I am still unsure as to whether he is going to catch up as we have progressed, but he is trying hard and I like that he is getting into box trying to score and help, but its going to take take time before we see how he develops, hard decision to all concerned regarding his future. I would like to have another season out of him, see if he stays fit and see if we can get the best of out of him but can the club take he chance on his fitness and does the lad what a fresh start, sometkmes when you have had bad experienc.f. in a environment you want to leave and start a fresh, that may be his thinking

  • IM …. A good run of games to increase his confidence and he could prove a real asset. There was a time when I didn’t want his name anywhere near the team-sheet but he changed my mind for me. I want to see him stay, get fully fit, and show us more of what we glimpsed before he was injured. All Son needed was a run to build his confidence …. same for Lamela, I think.

  • Muttley, that’s great sentiment there from a Spurs fan, in appreciating Lamela’s comeback after injuries that could’ve finished his football career for good. Least of all, his time at Spurs….. I think Erik looks to me like he can finish this season as well as he was doing pre the injuries and operations. He seems to have matured in his play after his long absence and I think that if he is able to get his match fitness up and his confidence is good, he’ll be a very good player for us for the very near future. ….. More Highlights? Harry’s end-of-year hat-trick v Burnley, followed immediately with his next end-of-year hat-trick v the Saints. Triffic!

  • Highlight? Watching young Sanchez walk straight into the team and look very good, cool, assured and confident, almost from the off.

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