Date: 19th February 2018 at 10:02am
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The Future Looks Bleak!

If we listen to some people, the future looks bleak. THFC seem to be doing quite well …. on the surface. But, how long will it last? The new stadium will commit us to a substantial debt for years. It will restrict our financial ability to add any decent players to our squad. It will also prevent us from paying the appropriate salaries to our most valuable players. This will eventuate in losing them to clubs with a healthier wage structure and will result in the break-up of our squad; causing a dramatic down-turn in our performance on and off the pitch.

Our manager will travel to Spain and he will take our ‘Golden Boot’ boy with him. Danny Rose will soon be off to United and Toby will travel with him to hold his hand. Anyone remaining is bound to see the writing on the wall and beat a rapid retreat to more attractive parts of the Premiership or European football world.

Relegation will be just a season away and, with the subsequent rapid decline in revenue from Gate receipts and zero ability to improve a very poor squad, we will be confined to the doldrums of the Championship, or lower. Such is the demise that awaits us that it is highly unlikely that we will ever witness a Premier League game again.

Many supporters will be surprised, shocked even, that they have not been made aware of the true situation at what is soon to become, ‘a once great club’. But the facts, the proof of the pudding, have been before our eyes for several months.

Media reports have consistently warned us about the imminent loss of our manager and most of our top players. Did we listen? No! Well known football pundits and experts, highly respected for their superior knowledge of this great game and their unbiased views, have stated their concerns about the future of THFC. Did we take any notice? No! Even managers of other PL teams, such as Mr Wenger of Arsenal fame, have consistently pointed out that THFC will be confronted by financial hardship and performance difficulties in the very near future. Did anyone believe these words of wisdom? No! And let’s not forget that even a few of our own, more enlightened supporters, who derive some kind of masochistic pleasure from the thought of suffering on such prestigious stages as ‘Vital Spurs’, have not been reticent in continually alluding to the catastrophic events that await us and that are bound to cause our imminent demise. Did we try to understand? No!

Will saying goodbye to the premier League and, after relegation through the divisions, saying hello to all the other clubs no one cares about, be a bad thing? Maybe not. We won’t need to purchase a bigger trophy cabinet and we won’t need to spend anything on silver polish. We won’t need them.

The fact that Spurs have not won any trophies for a decade seems to be a source of anger and frustration to some supporters who seem to view it as a personal affront. The frustration is understandable. The anger is not. It’s not about them and what they want. It never has been. If any supporter realistically compares our club, our squad, our progress, and the direction we are going in to all of the clubs in the football league, surely they have every reason to be satisfied with the present and optimistic for the future. The media and the tribe of football pundits can be ignored; they have their own agendas. The same applies to supporters who believe that their own personal requirements should be met by the club they support. It actually works the other way around!

If we listen to some people the future looks bleak …. but certainly not to me!



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  • Nice article Geof but some will definitely hear a whistling sound above their heads. The amount of crap being written by every so called pundit and website is unbelievable. First let me say that D. Levy is a far better marketeer that anyone on the red side of the divide and we will not be constrained anywhere near as badly as Arsenal were. I read an article over at at Arsenal site the other day which was so full of no facts that I couldn?t stop laughing. Our experience at Wembley has proven our ability to fill the new stadium, so we can expect our ,arch day receipts to improve, the corporate boxes means that improvement will be CONSIDERABLE! NFL receipts will be another major income builder (completely ignored by the Arsenal people), naming rights, concessions, high end restaurants and other stadium revenue generators will bring in major money some of which other clubs don?t have the capability to access. Add to that Spurs growing fan base. I got hooked on Spurs because of Jimmy Greaves can you imagine how many youngsters today are beginning to follow the club because of Harry Kane?? This club is growing faster than any club in the world right in front of our eyes, we are watching history being made, why the hell anyone would be frustrated by that is beyond my comprehension!

  • The real question is are we going to win something. With the first 11 we have now we simply have to or else looking back it will be bleak times. Winning and then paying the going rate is what will keep our players and attract new ones. The FA Cup has to become a priority soon, after the replay it should be our best players every game. Kane and Greaves will inspire the next generation of supports but so will silverwear, it has now become essential.

  • So far I haven’t read a single piece on the new stadium from anyone who actually understands finance. Until I do I’ll just assume Levy knows what he’s doing. We may actually be building it just in time. For the first time it looks like revenue from TV rights might start going down instead of up, in which case match day revenue is going to start becoming more important. As jvd says one thing from the Wembley experience is we finally have some idea what our average gate should be and that’s looking very positive.

  • If the next 3 premiere league matches go the way you’d expect them too. Spurs could well be in 2nd place – on goal difference, with 61 points equal with Liverpool and Man U.

    Then the atmosphere in the press will be completely different.

  • Bob …. I’m assuming a lot but, all being well, our away game to Chelsea on April the first (Fools Day) could confirm a top four finish.

  • Critical_Spur – They are paying less than they did last time. Its not a question of a sudden dramatic fall so much as each three year deal being worth a bit less than the last one.

  • Think positive and who wants to play for a possible great team in the making as it is set up for pochand co to make a real legacy. Real Madrid any one of us could win cups there the way they buy it . Paulinho says it all in the difference in the leagues waster to superstar tittle winner and breaking minutes records for not missing one minute in 23 games. Money as to be enough for a real footballer who wants to be remembered as so to a money grabbing waster. Players who is brave enough to join a great team ? Only £140000 a week ah . Coys ( Harry Kane one team coys )

  • I just read something on (the Spurs web?) which said, not long ago all Spurs supporters could talk about was the need for top four and CL football. Now we?ve got it. But now we?ve got that, all some supporters can talk about are trophies. Other clubs and the media keep on about our lack of trophies because they can see us coming for them and that?s all they?ve got to put us down. All the trophies we?ve won in our history are no good to us now. But what the club is achieving is very good …. and trophies are part of the plan. If some supporters will demand trophies every season they are in for some disappointing times ahead.

    City could win everything in sight this season but, at the start of next season it means nothing. Their quest for trophies starts again, and it?s a week by week quest. No amount of trophies they may have won in the past will make any significant difference to the new season. It?s the same for every club that wins something.

  • Well I think we are at the start of history that will be remembered and it?s a great time and I for one will enjoy the ups and downs of Pochettino and the spurs team he is assembling. Two players and we can get to the top of the tree .y not rewrite history as it usually goes with what Tottenham have at the moment, make it our history not other teams. ( Harry Kane one team coys )

  • Open // Mr Pochettino please make you and your coaches legacy at Tottenham Hotspur ( one team ) Daniel levy become a winner as well as a success its in your hands. Coys

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