Date: 20th October 2017 at 12:34pm
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We as a club came of age at the Bernebau and sent a message out to not just the English teams but the Top teams in Europe that we are finally back at the top seat of European Football.

Compare last season`s European campaign against this one. The leap in performances was as big as Leicester`s performances that led to their Premier League win. Poch has raised the bar and all the other major 5 Premier League teams will have seen that performance and realised that we can mix it with the best. If we had been thumped by Real Madrid on Tuesday this article might have been a very different read.

We didn`t get thumped though, instead we showed everyone what a class act we are and Klopp will have seen that. The press and punters alike have said Hugo Lloris was the hero of the night and big up to Hugo he pulled off a “worldy” but the man of the match for me was Vertonghen. Verts pretty well shut down the left-hand side of the pitch and reduced any attacks coming in to corners, his concentration and timing of tackles was awesome. But what about Harry? not Kane, but Winks. Talk about a Star is born! He can only get better and what a fantastic successor to Dembele he will become.

So here we go, another game, another day at Wembley and all our feet had better be firmly on the ground for this one cos its ‘gegenpressing’ time as Maribor found out to their cost. The Pools win in Slovenia was defined by their high pressing game. As Klopp said “We were really in the right situations on the pitch, causing them problems and we’re a really good football team and they couldn’t cope with us tonight.’

Liverpool are the only team Poch has failed to beat in the league since he joined Tottenham in 2014. So, just as we put one monkey to bed this week we have another one to get off our back on Sunday. We may have found our confidence but Pool will be buzzing after their victory in Slovenia. It will now be down to how we contain Philippe Coutinho; Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino and how our midfield will cope with the pressure Pool will put on us.

Liverpool are not great at the back and it will be interesting to see how much man power they allocate to keep Kane quiet. Liverpool have conceded from 18.5 per cent of shots faced in the Premier League this season – the worst record in the division. They have faced as many shots as Tottenham (65) but have conceded seven more goals. Kane has taken 50 shots this season, 18 more than any player in the division and is currently averaging roughly 6.4 shots per game. Which means Lovren has a job to do.

The Stats suggest that Liverpool are better when Lovren is part of their back four than when he is not in the side. Liverpool are looking to improve their away form with only one win in their last five league outings. In fact, their recent run has placed question marks over Klopp`s management. Losing 5-0 to City drawing 1-1 at home to Burnley were not the best start but they ran United close and you can see the Reds are improving so this game will be a battle of wills and another big test especially as its at Wembley.

Who Poch picks for this one will also be interesting especially the formation Poch wants to use. Poch wants us to dominate our opponents but sometimes that possession game doesn`t work, we have to be prepared to give the ball to the opposition and create some space behind them. Pool will be in our faces if we try to keep the ball too much. Given that Danny Rose may start we may have a different option to watch. If Rose does start then I can see Aurier being started over Trippier, but Poch has some serious work to do with Aurier. I described him earlier this season as the new Benny brilliant and rash all in one game!

The thing is who is hitting their form the best, us or the Pool? If Pool have started to become a goal machine and, let`s face it, we struggle to score Goals at Wembley Poch has to get his tactics right. So will Poch use the same formula against Pool as he did against Real Madrid? I doubt it – with Dele Alli back and possibly Rose the dynamics will change again and I expect to see Moussa or Wanyama on the bench with Winks starting as the engine room in the middle of the park. Sissoko may get the nod rather than the bench but as the walking wounded start to return Poch is starting to get some very good options to play with.

We need to make a statement on Sunday we have to get another performance out of the team mentally we have gone above that insecurity we showed last season. We must now build on that Real result if we lose against the Pool it will feel like we just undid everything we worked so hard for in Spain’


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  • After the fantastic performance and result in Madrid I suppose there is a possibility of a “hang over” as well as the possibility of the “Wembley factor” lingering on despite the Bournemouth result, but hopefully we can raise our game sufficiently to see off the “bin dippers”.

  • I was shocked to see an internet posting claiming that we have quoted a fee of 30M euros to suitors of Toby Alderwiereld. This to my mind is the bargain of the decade, and at least 10-15M less than he is worth as one of the best CBs in the league. Yes he is getting on a bit, but there is no substitute for class. How much would it cost to buy a like for like replacement for Toby.

  • I suspect Dele will be back in the fold and we go with Kane as the lone ranger. We have a run of fixtures coming up that could well define our season and after making that statement on Tuesday, I hope and want to see that carried through to the upcoming games. I’d like to see Poch being brave again and if Dele doesn’t work out to sub him sooner than the last 5 mins. To contend with Pool’s pace we must also have pace and aggression in the team. If Rose is fully fit, I’d like him to take the LB, Aurier on the right and Sissoko his buddy to keep the partnership going. Son as an impact sub v tiring legs, Llorente for plan B and Dembele if we need to close out the game. Everyone is drooling after Tuesday’s showing and hope the mood and post match comments will continue in that vein. Sorry Geof, can’t see this being a 3-0, any win will do! COYS!

  • @ Frank – I spotted the same article you refer to, but as usual, they’re (the media) only trying to unsettle a growing strong team. He’s certainly worth a lot more than Kyle Walker, whom we sold for 50m. There’s simply no substance to this story.
    Re: the Scousers, I think we can pull it off, in light of their poor defence, but I wish Poch continues with Vert on the Left & Trippier on the right to stop their runs & crosses. Take out Coutinho and you’ve crippled Liverpool. Aurier might cost us the game if used, so i’d bench him. He needs to watch and learn atimes.

    Come on you Spurs!!!

  • DaSpurs, think you’re forgetting Salah. With Mane out, Salah is still a speedy and tricky player. Pool are still quite potent going forward but it’s their defence that their fans are really unhappy with. We must be clinical and capitalise on that… Wembley (gulp!).

  • The result against Madrid was as much about tactics as personnel. In the past Poch has been guilty of trying to play the same way regardless of the opposition, that seems to be changing. The problem with Liverpool has been that trying to dominate possession with a high press when the opposition are doing something similar and have more pace on the counter attack is very difficult. It will be interesting to see how Poch plays it.

  • I can see Poch using the 352 ST Harry and Dele..shape in this game. Liverpool will be pressing and we contain them, with counter attacks. Harry will get into the spaces and Dele / Eriksen passes to him to score / score themselves. So spurs need to pass quickly as too many sideways and backwards may prove costly in our being pressed and lost possession. Having said that… this could allow Toby’s diagonal balls into the spaces Liverpool leave. What worries me.. in Real Game, we left Benzema and another unmarked in 6 yd box when Lloris made that save with his foot.. can’t allow that any more in any of our games from now on.. COYS

  • The backbone of this team is the defence it gives the platform the rest of the team is built on. MP has a lot of options in who he selects for this game, i think Lorentte and Kane would be too much for Lovern and Matip and may be tempted to give them another start together, Sissoko is good in this type of game and will give spurs pace from midfield on the counter. It will be very interesting who plays in midfield.

  • Wanyama is struggling to get fit and could be a way off returning. Unfortunately, Dembele has suffered another set back and is not yet fit to return. Davies and N’Koudou have been training and Lamela could be back sooner than expected. May be in the next week or so. Me? I’m permanently knackered!

  • I don’t think Poch has ever really set up well against very good high pressing teams until recently. I see Liverpool very much on a similar level to Dortmund and I think we have to be willing to sit back a little bit albeit with a lot of energy and pressing like We always play. We have the quality all over the park to snuff them out and punish them with the space they leave. Their strength is also there big weakness. We don’t have any major weakness. I genuinely believe we are the better balanced better team. The table will show at the end of season.

  • 3-4-3 Aurier Davies wb’s. Dier Winks Kane. We have options off the bench obv. Sissoko, Son Trippier and Rose Llorente all good options. Can even drop Ali in cm at any time if we are lacking energy.

  • As asherthesmasher says, we will have to accept having less of the ball, and hope that Liverpool do not do their knack of getting the early goal. That is how we struggle against them repeatedly. A lot is made of Liverpool’s defence, but Liverpool often make our defence look poor. So we do need to line up with disciplined CMs, but have the possibility for goals on the counter, so Sissoko would be handy. I fancy us possibly scoring vs Liverpool via crosses, so I would play Trippier, with Llorente to come on should we need…

  • Surely we are good enough to be imposing our game on them and not setting ourselves up to be mainly defensive and expecting to just hit them on the counter? We may have struggled against them recently but the matches have generally been close, along with the possession stats. They beat us twice last season 2-1 ( C cup) and 2-0 at Anfield (PL). At WHL in the PL we drew 1-1. I don’t believe they outplayed us as such in the 2 PL matches as much as the results may suggest – . As in most of our matches we tend to remain defensively strong. Our loses have usually been narrow and, we are rarely, utterly outplayed. – I do think somehow that this season will be different against Liverpool. And, I’m hoping we take the game to them as much as we can and give them a lesson or two on the high press along with some neat and incisive forward play and typically stern defending. Wether from a dominating position in our overall possession and goal opportunities or on the counter when necessary. – It’ll probably be a tough match to win but then again, it may not. 🙂

  • We do tend to struggle against sides with very pacey forwards such as Mane who I’m pleased isn’t fit for this game however, they do still have Coutinho, Firmino, and particularly Salah who is in very good form. I think the way MP set the team up against RM in midweek could also work very well against L’pool, I didn’t see it as being a particularly defensive setup but did work very well in reducing the threat from their very talented attacking players. Felt sorry for the Spammers last night…………..nah, didn’t really. 🙂

  • TQ2Spurs, I agree with how it worked against Real and we didn’t rely on just the counter attack although we set up strongly to defend against them, and it worked wll. But we also gave them as good as we got up front and not just on the counter attack. I will not underestimate Liverpool, Coutinho and all but I still think they should be just as fearful of our attacking options and prowess, as well as knowing that however we set up defensively we are usually very tight and solid anyway.

  • As someone mentioned it is Livepool?s High press that we have trouble with. It is difficult to bring the ball out from the back against them. Poch needs to plan his tactics to take advantage of their press. I feel c9mfortable that we have the talent to beat them and keep the pressure on the top 2.

  • Hot Tottingham – last season we drew 1-1 with Liverpool but we should have lost 4-0. Very lucky as Liverpool know how to play us when we DO try to play our own game on them. The important thing is to not lose, and try to win as opposed to trying to dominate them when we won’t…. No one is suggesting to be defensive. Just do not expect to dominate as that could go against us.

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