Date: 8th May 2014 at 7:30am
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Sherwood…. 12 wins from 20 games, is it enough to keep him at the Lane? Yes, according to Sherwood, No according to Daniel Levy`s managerial scouts.

“Don`t judge me on the last two games” ‘It should not make a difference,’ Sherwood said. ‘If we are relying on the last two games to decide the future of this club then it could be decided on a 30-yard shot or a referee’s decision.’The people upstairs will know who they want and the last two games should not make a difference.’

Tim has just been the fall guy for this season the real culprits sit in the Director`s box. Why sack a manager that gets us into the Champions League, then sack a manager who was to take us into the new direction, buy him players he apparently did not want, sack him and then offer a 18 month contract to a Interim Manager and then sack him. Why offer the Interim Manager a contract any longer than to the end of the season and then review!

When a Manager has a plan in their minds eye they need the management to back that plan. It may take time to take shape but if you then grow impatient and don`t let the plan happen you go back to square one. It`s not Martin Jol or Ramos or Harry Redknapp or AVB or Tim Sherwood that should be judged, its Levy and Baldini!

According to the Independent: Although Spurs are still monitoring De Boer`s situation, Overmars, (ex Gooner wing man) and now Sporting Director doesn`t want De Boer to go to Spurs. Enter Southampton head coach Mauricio Pochettino who appears to have the easiest path to White Hart Lane and has strong support in the Tottenham boardroom.

The Independent state that “Shortly after Sunday`s final game of the season against Aston Villa, Spurs` hierarchy are expected to agree a deal with Sherwood over the remaining year of his 18-month contract, allowing them to begin formal discussions with potential successors”.
So as the curtain falls on our season, one that was going to take us in a “different direction” it ended up going in just “one direction”, mostly sideways! Pass, pass, pass and no shots! We played the 65% possession game almost all season long and normally in the wrong part of the pitch whilst our opponents just lobbed the ball over the top of our back four and helped themselves to a goal fest.

Our football has been so predictable this season even West Ham and Newcastle were able to work us out! This season has produced less passion, less inventiveness, less quality in the 6 yard box than any other season I can remember. I have felt more atmosphere in a library than at WHL this year!

One look at the League Table will tell you that 72 Points is not enough to get anywhere near a top four position next season. We took just 1 point off the Top Four this season. If you can`t win away against the top four at least win your home games. Having a goal difference of just +1 at the end of a season tells its own story.

Whoever is the next Manager one thing they need to sort out is our defence. Losing 11 games is not good enough. The top 3 lost just 6 each all season, Scum 7, even Everton only lost 8. We shipped 51 goals this season, only Newcastle conceded more than us out of the top ten teams in the Premiership. Our 3 forwards scored just 19 goals this season, 23 came from midfield and 4 from the back four, what does that tell you about set pieces and corners when our two Centre Backs can only score 2 Goals all season!

Up front, Soldado looked completely lost in terms of confidence and our defenders kept passing the ball amongst themselves in the back four until they lost it and then gave it away. At this level, a loose square ball or forward pass to an opposition player is all it takes to let the other team in and how many times did our defence to that this season? 18 times! We created 18 errors at the back, more conceded goals than any other team, Southampton were next with 12 mistakes, that bodes well for us then if Pochettino takes over!

The bottom line is that we are either in it to win or we are not! Levy has to hire a top quality manager and whoever he chooses they have to stay in post for more than two seasons! Sacking Manager after Manager will only result in one thing; losing our way as a club. We don`t know what style to play, we let the DOF choose the players for the Manager and then we change the Manager. The players are confused, the fans are confused, and the result? A season of wins with no real performances behind them and defeats so big they have made us look like a non league side.

Some of our players have had their worst season ever and we have somehow managed to make some very good players look very ordinary. The post mortem for our season started as early as October last year. By the time we met Hull at WHL for the 2nd time in 3 days in October the football was so boring the crowd had lost the will to live!

Did you hear the Gooners singing against West Brom last weekend; “We`re Champions League, we`re Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur, we`re Champions League”. I felt like recording it and sending it as a ring tone to Daniel Levy for his mobile!

You don`t need to read this article to know what N17 and the rest of London thinks about our season, it`s written all over the tube station walls!
Spurs are bigger than you Daniel Levy…….
We`ll be back with or without you!

Written by OyVeh Maria