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There has been a lot of discussion throughout the TW on VS about keeping the players we have, before selling the ones we do not need. This would be mainly achieved, of course, by bettering the contracts of our most ‘Vital Spurs’ players. I think all of us, for once (lol), would agree with that!

So, in retrospect, before the TW opened, which SEVEN players would each of us definitely not have wanted to leave? Personally I did not want to lose any of the main characters who have adorned our stage during the last season. But one of them, Walker, has gone. Despite his comments about needing to leave so that he could win things, I believe he left to better himself financially. He can’t be blamed for that no matter how disappointing it is for us supporters. The worry for all of us is that others could follow for the same reason. They do have to protect their own interests and the interests of their families, after all.

So who were we loath to lose?

Here are the SEVEN players I wanted to keep as a priority; Hugo, Toby, Dembele, Kane, Christian, Rose, and Dele. If the number had been ‘TEN’ I would have included Jan and Walker. Danny Rose, of the seven I have selected, seems to be the main concern for the next few days.

Remembering that the TW still has a week to run and the exit door at Spurs remains open, (as with all clubs), which are the SEVEN Spurs team members VS posters would have most hated to have seen leave prior to the TW starting? My dilemma was Jan! What’s yours? Just name SEVEN!


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  • @Geofspurs, – as you have put the limit to seven, seem a bit strange to me – rather than the eleven we would like to keep, – so rather than playing along with you, I’ll go with the eleven I would like to keep as that is IMO much more important than seven; – Trust you will forgive me. 🙂
    Hugo – Toby – Vert – Dier – Trip – Dembele – Wanyama – Christian – Son – Alli – Harry

  • @Geofspurs, – I apologise for my previous post, as I just realized that you said prior to the start of the TW. So in that case my eleven would be: Hugo – Walker – Toby – Vert- Rose ( He is in now because before the TW opened he had not run his mouth) – Dembele – Wanyama – Christian – Alli- Son – Harry.

  • Hey Geofspurs, good post mate. I think Hugo, Toby, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Kane, Son would be my 7 to keep before the TW. Son, Eriksen, Alli and Kane have scored 69 goals between them, which tells you a lot.


  • Cheers, James. The idea was to show what a great starting eleven we had last season and how it would be hard to lose any of them. I toally forgot about Wanyama! It seems virtually impossible to pick 7 players and neglect some others. What a team we have!

  • Geofspurs Wanyama is a fantastic defender, and Dier for that matter who reads the game so well. I think a lot of pundits believe we have the best starting XI and I won’t argue, but we need one or two more game changers to really challenge for the title.


  • Difficult question, because the way I look at it, sentimentality for certain players aside, I just try to think of what players would be hardest to replace on the transfer market, and at what price. From that point of view, while I rate Hugo, I believe there are a number of keepers in Europe who can perform at a high level (where the drop off would be minimal) and within our price range. So replacing Hugo would not be as hard as replacing Kane, for example (the going rate for strikers is incredibly high, not to mention that no club wants to lose their scoring strikers, so prising them away would be hard). I’d go with Kane, Dele, Eriksen (because similar players in their positions are very hard to afford), Dier (for his versatility), Toby and Jan (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts with those 2), and probably Rose.

  • I’d agree with most above re. who should be retained AND rewarded the going rate. However, I am not convinced about the retention for the sake of versatility, labelling them as jack of all trade. If we address the squad weaknesses correctly, then the pegs stay firmly in their correct receptacles. I don’t think it’s doing Dier any good being moved around regularly. Using Son as a WB didn’t work nor do I like the ‘can play as’ a striker. Kane in goal is not my idea of versatility! :0)

  • Critical – that depends on the quality at each position. Vertonghen is a quality CB but he can play at LB at an above-average level, as demonstrated with Belgium on numerous occasions. I wouldn’t call him a jack of all trades, I would call him a versatile player with one preferred position and sufficient skill to play at a second. Look at Javier Mascherano for example. A good DM in his Liverpool days, a good CB for Barcelona since. That is the benchmark for Dier but I believe he has enough talent to get there (with DM probably his preferred position, but the ability to play at CB in a pinch if needed). If I’m building a squad in 2017, I would pick him over Dembélé, as their career trajectories are probably going to go in opposite directions in the next 5 years, simply because of age and the positions they play in.

  • That’s OK Belgian, it was more a subtle dig at our recruitment! I know some players can quite readily cover other areas – with experience, hence I agree re. verts and Masch. I am a little worried about Dier’s career development. Funny how Dier is not in a MUST retain group with most posters above.

  • Critical … That’s what I was interested to see. Who would be left out if we were forced to choose.

  • That was a fair question Geof, but it is an evolving issue. Only last season most would’ve left Davies and Trippier out of the ‘keep’ list. However, circumstances make them almost indispensable now. Besides, it’s difficult to get in to Poch’s head re his thinking for our future. Once Sanchez arrives (+ hits the ground running) may be we’d have 2nd thoughts about Trippier or even Toby. Until we see or recruit better, the list of ‘keeps’ is self-selecting. Unfortunately I can’t name any of our recent signings who have truly challenged one of our starters.

  • Critical – a bit unfair that. Wanyama was only bought last year and he made an immediate impact. Toby the year before. Both were bought in the last 2 years and walked straight into the team.They are too few and far between but our good buys have been very good.

  • Thanks for correcting me Belgian, it was not an intentional negative slant. However, For a club that’s is/should be on a continuous improvement curve, I tend to look at the most recent tweaks to the squad. Last two windows were a disaster imo.

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