Date: 18th July 2014 at 1:08pm
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Last season we started with what we were told was a strong squad but only one left back and boy did we suffer as a result.

Its a simple numbers game, two players for each position, but its one we seem to struggle to understand. Two players we are currently trying to get rid off are Sigurdsson and Dawson, their situations could not be more different. In Siggi’s case you could say he is unlucky but the simple fact is we have too many central midfield players.

You can argue for and against each of them but the reality is we need to reduce the numbers. There is no point in having a player on your books if he is never going to play or is only going to play out of position. But if we have an oversupply of players in central midfield the opposite is true in central defence. Kaboul’s injuries mean you can’t rely on him, Cliriches is an accident waiting to happen every time he goes on the pitch. That just leaves Vertonghen, we are trying to get him to sign a new contract but no guarantee he will, and Dawson.

So as a bare minimum we need one more central defender and hope that Kaboul stays fit, Cliriches stops giving the ball away in our third, or Fryers makes it as a central defender. If we can bring in two decent centre halves then Dawson becomes surplus. But that’s not what seems to be happening, rather like BAE last year we seem to be trying to dump a player without having secured a replacement. Last season Dawson played more games than any of our other central defenders, not because he was first choice but because he was fit. That’s the reality of the Premier league, its why the numbers game is important.

Written by jod