Date: 13th November 2019 at 9:08pm
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I’m making the assumption the fine folk of Vital Spurs would like a fresh thread to discuss all the latest ramblings in the press about the club whilst we all while the time away waiting for real football to return given the current lull for the November international break.

With a number of players away from White Hart Lane, including some like Tanguy Ndombele who should surely be given time to ensure he fully recovers from the knock he picked up against Sheffield United, there’s plenty of things to discuss.


International Breaks - A Love Or Hate Relationship?

Love Them

Love Them

Hate Them

Hate Them

That’s before we even get into Christian Eriksen saying game time recently isn’t about his new contract, or Danny Rose insisting he’ll wait out his contract despite ‘some’ in the club trying to sell him on.

I don’t actually have to hit a word count this time, so have a picture of a bunny and over to you!

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34 Replies to “The November Break – A Round Up Thread For All The Latest Spurs Nonsense”

  • If that assumption was wrong folks, let me know but I meant to do this last month but was unfortunately otherwise engaged.

    That said, I defy anyone to not enjoy the bunny!

  • Hi TQ …. Sam is the one that got me interested in women’s football. She is the star of the Matildas national team. Her brother was a star for the West Coast Eagles Aussie rules football team in Perth a few years back. She’s got the genes. I hope it works out for her, despite going to the wrong club!

    • Geof….the ladies have already played Chelsea at The Bridge this season and came away with a very creditable 1-0 defeat, I hope it works out for Sam too but not in the home leg against us! :- )

  • DW….thanks for the article, I bloody hate international breaks with a passion, but I had a smile on my face when the topic went from Bunnies to Female footballers, sorry sick sense of humour, lol! still COYS

  • b108 …. That’s true.

    TQ …. My allegiance will be tested in that one. At least I’ll be a bit happy whatever the outcome. lol

  • There’s nothing wrong with ‘our Arry’ is there! It was a good performance.

    After the game Southgate said that he was aiming to get the team balance right. England has no problems attacking but need to manage games and defend better. He could have been talking about Spurs!

  • As I said on the other thread, no Sterling! “our Arry” gets service, simples!

    On last nights game do our 2 Arry’s have identical twins lol! still COYS

  • DC …. If we have a problem attacking it’s because of the way our midfield is performing and the way we are playing out from the back …. not because our attackers are not functioning. I expect it to improve all over the park …. soon …. maybe …. I hope.

  • Not sure if it’s me, but one of the things I have noticed is that there are not enough 1st time forward passes when we get/regain possession, plenty sideways and back, could the reason for this be to static and not enough mobility/movement into space by our most forward player’s, I certainly feel it is, this also comes down to hunger for the ball. still COYS

  • I only saw the first 25 mins of the 2nd half but Winks appeared to be seeing a lot of the ball and makiing good use of it ?
    Is it simply that when he plays for us he is asked to play in a different position ?
    He appeared to have more time to play which perhaps against a more aggressive Prem team doesn’t give him the time ?
    For my education would welcome comments

  • Geofspurs….haha agreed there regards standard of opposition, mind no matter! we are still dropping points lol! still COYS

  • Regards lack of movement by our forward players. I noticed when I was at the Watford home game in the first half the number of times Dele and Kane made good diagonal runs when we had possession but the midfielders persisted in passing it sideways. I also noticed that when the halftime whistle blew Dele kicked the ball away in frustration.

    Regards Winks from memory when he first started to appear in the first team he used to look up and try to play an attacking ball if possible. Now more often than not it tends to be short safe passes. I can only assume he’s following instructions.

  • BB… Winks, I gave the same remarks a while back, against the slagging off he gets now, I rate him and agree he is probably being instructed to play the short/safe way.

    Yes I remember that incident v Watford, makes you wonder whats going on. still COYS

  • Geof Spurs. Agree re playing out from the back. To do it successfully you need (a) to play out with speed (b) have mid field and forward players moving into space (c) have wing-backs/ wingers that have pace who are able to cross the ball accurately where it is needed. To me it seems we are failing in all three of these. Surely Poch can see this. Change the system!!!

  • Ekka …. Yes, it’s pretty obvious. We used to be good at playing out from the back but currently we are very poor and this results in unnecessary pressure which is difficult to deal with. A few more long balls would be a start and make us less predictable. I think?

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