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January shopping: any bargains?

We have the reputation of being prudent (at best) in the transfer market. Especially when it’s the January window. Our manager is on record to say that he doesn’t think it’s easy to improve on the options that we already have. Our new stadium is costing a lot more than we originally thought, meaning our transfer budget is likely affected.

All in all, this seems like a perfect time to discuss the upcoming transfer window!

While the attention of fans has been on the many positive results recently (and rightly so), we could be forgiven for forgetting that the January transfer window is about to open.

Given how everyone is performing at the moment, some fans might argue that we don’t really need to strengthen, and I can see where they are coming from. However, in certain positions, we are only one injury away from the Vincent Janssens and Fernando Llorentes of this world, while other areas could proactively be addressed. After all, Mousa Dembélé’s contract runs out in a few months and who knows if he’ll get an extension given his age and injury history, while Toby’s contract situation is well documented (eligible for an extension for next year, but this would trigger a very “buyer friendly” 25 million release clause).

Rather than list players that we could/should target and endlessly discuss the relevance/feasibility of any potential deal (likely a complicated discussion), I had a look at the players who could be signed on a free transfer in 6 months. The advantage with a free transfer is that players are eligible to sign a pre-agreement with a new club in January, with the move becoming official at the end of the season. This simplifies discussions tremendously, as it’s just finding an agreement with the player.

Of course, some players use that as a negotiating chip for higher wages (see Alexis Sanchez and James Milner), while other players on that list will sign an extension in the coming 6 months with their current club. But still, it’s fair to assume that not all of them will and there could be bargains to be had.

For some strange reason, there is an abundance of quality players on this list this year. Here is the top 10 in terms of value, as listed by Transfermarkt (excluding our own players):

· David De Gea

· Anthony Martial

· Adrien Rabiot

· Cesc Fabregas

· Aaron Ramsey

· Ander Herrera

· Yacine Brahimi

· Diego Godin

· David Luiz

· Juan Mata

The list ( features more names such as Welbeck, Giroud, Declan Rice, Phil Jones, Daniel Sturridge, Alan Dzagoev, Hector Herrera, Arjen Robben, Max Kruse, Vincent Kompany, Gary Cahill, Mario Balotelli, or Andy Carroll.

Between the young stars looking for more playing time, good players in the twilight of their careers, and effective but injury-prone players, there is a lot to like – or to walk away from. Any takers?


40 Replies to “The January Transfer Window. Any Bargains For Spurs?”

  • Of course we need massive signings of players like Andy Carroll and Cesc Fabrigas and David Luis. And we need to rid ourselves of the dross and dregs who’ve been on the pitch far too much for us, like Harry Kane, and Son, and our no. 23, and Alli. Our past new signing like Llorente, Soldado, Jannsen, etc., show the right way to build the club. COYS. Rid the dregs who only weigh us down and bring in the dregs from somewhere else. Nurturing the youth like Winks and KWP and Foyth and Skippy Peanut Butter will never yield anything good. COYS, take the path of signing the unwanted dregs of other clubs. We cannot live without Andy Carroll who will replicate the grand success of signing of the recent past: Soldado, Llorente, Janssen. And while we’re at it, bring back our other Harry, Redknapp that is, to decide which dregs to sign. And while I’m at it, let’s give up on the madness of building a new stadium at WHL and let’s force out Spam as the Olympic stadium where it’s much better suited to an intimate football experience. The current lot running our club haven’t done anything right so far. Out with the lot of them. And out with Kane, Alli, Son, Erik’s Son, etc.

  • I can understand why so called journalists focus on transfer speculation, its a lot easier than coming up with real news. But its not really what we do. Our strength has been making players better players, whether through the academy or coming from outside. As Total knobhead was pointing out our record at signing the finished product has not been great. Rather than signing someone to make an instant impact we are much more likely to sign someone few of us have heard of who emerges a year or two later as a first team player. So whether we need someone right now doesn’t really matter, if the scouts identify the right kind of young player they will try and sign them. The one extra consideration at the moment is we are short of English players according to EUFA (who don’t class Dier as English). I’m convinced that was the main reason we tried to sign Grealish and I’m sure if a suitable target presents itself we’ll try and sign them.

  • BS, it is being reported that Spurs have already extended the contract of one, Tobias Albertine Maurits Alderweireld. (Therefore activating his 25 m release clause).

    However I don’t think this has been made official by THFC as yet.

  • Hot Tottingham – Pretty much inevitable, it at least puts a value on the player. We’ll see after the non bid from United in the summer who actually wants him enough to pay £25m. Of course from Toby’s viewpoint they also need to be prepared to pay him what he wants. You can’t stop a player running down his contract but from our perspective its actually worked out pretty well. He’s played quite a few games and maybe more importantly given Sanchez and Foyth another season to develop. If Poch thinks he needs another player he has the summer to try and get one. Personally I’d be more concerned about a replacement for Wanyama and a back up centre forward for Kane.

  • HT….agreed I read a number of times that Toby’s extension has been taken up, but I also read something about paying off his contract and him signing a completely new one, any ideas what this means?, I do have an idea myself but being honest I really am not sure, so thought I would ask everyone. COYS

  • Toby has been immense this season – martialling the back 4 through all competition’s. We need him to sign a new contract and stay with us for another 4.5 season’s easily. Verts the same and obviously Eriksen. It’s taken time to build a quality squad and now we need to keep it together and just tweak it so that we can challenge on all 4 fronts properly. We need rid off Janssen, Llorente, GKN, etc and quality replacements bought in.

  • El Jefe – The moment the player is more important than the team you are in the same situation as Arsenal with Ozil. “Pay him anything whether we can afford it or not” is a really stupid way to manage a club.

  • Jod – I’m sure we can afford to pay him what he’s asking or atleast I hope so – as usual we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t want players blackmailing the club, etc (I’m a shareholder after all lol) but to pay them due’s worth is only reasonable especially when they and we are performing on par. It’s proven we were right to keep him in the summer and I think that will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future so we should do all we can to keep him. As I’ve seen here before he’s arguably the best CB in the Prem coupled with either Verts or Davy and it’s a formidable pairing. It’s no coincidence that he’s been playing regularly and we’re now above City and looking to chase down Liverpool. Long may it continue and so also his rich vein of form.

  • El Jefe – One of the things I’ve noticed on this site is that when fans like you are talking about spending money numbers are never mentioned. What we earn, what we spend, what if anything is left over, that sort of thing. Why do you suppose that is ?

  • Sissoko, Winks, Dier, Skippy, are our DM’s who we can be certain are going nowhere. Wanyama and Dembele May move on. It would behoove us to go back in for Grealish. Our AM’s are Son, Lamela, Alli, Maura, Eriksen, we could add another quality player here to help with rotation. If Llorente goes we definitely need to add a Striker. The problem with all these needs is that they must be quality, not necessarily big names but quality and that will cost big bucks. I think for this moment we are good in defense. What I would prefer is for us to maintain our philosophy of bringing academy players through. I think Eyoma is ready to begin to integrate, and I am sure we have a couple of AM’s who are ready to integrate also.

    Finally I forecast that all we will do this January is sell Janssen and N’Koudou. Not one thing else.

    • Winks is not a DM. He is a CM. Skippy is nowhere near ready. Dier is a DM but a squad player. I would say Sissoko is a squad player and a strong CM. The only natural DM we have is Wana and he is broken.

      A new DM is a must.

  • Agree with Jod that the way to go is to trust Poch and Levy, invest in youth, and selectively invest in some big ticket stars. However, there is scope to critique efforts till date while acknowledging success in building the team up –
    1. Success has been retaining a cohesive core in the team. While Son, Alli and Kane are good news, Sen and Jan and Toby need to be resolved. In a world where Virgil van Dyke goes for 75m and de Ligt is rumoured to be in the 60m bracket, paying 150-200k per week for next 3 years to our natural defence leader is relevant. Let’s not be penny wise, pound foolish.
    2. We already have Kane and Winks coming through with Rose from the Academy. But these were investments before Poch era though he has played his role in improving them. Amos, Skipp and hopefully, others should come through. It will also help us with the home grown slots. Alfie for Vorm with Gazzaniga as second GK is an easy quick win.
    3. We are missing some opportunities, which raises questions on our recruitment. Imagine Jaden Sancho playing against Dortmund rather than for them in round of 16. At 8m this was a snip, and we would have plugged the wide attacker piece, besides having an impact sub and cover for Son. Maddison and Maguire would have been winners with us. Poch thought them not good enough. Earlier we had passed by Zaha, Sessegnon and van Dyke (when he was moving to Southampton) at lower price points.
    4. Dembele is class and while, with regret, one accepts age and fitness makes it logical to sell him, with respect to them, Winks, Skipp, Amos, probably Tashan Oakley-Boothe in the future, the reincarnated Sissoko (I still rub my eyes on that turn around), replace Wanyama and add squad depth for rotation. Dembele can only be replaced by splurging on a transition expert such as Frenkie de Jong or N’Dombele. Will Levy splurge ?
    5. We made hiring mistakes like Janssen, N’Koudou, Llorente who did not fit in, but did not move them on fast enough.

  • It’s quite simple really. If Spurs and Poch want Toby to stay, he would’ve been (or will be offered) a new contract that the club considers he is worthy of. But it will be within the constraints of what we can reasonably afford to offer him, financially and in the number of extra years, etc.

    If Toby doesn’t want to accept the offer or leave his options open for a move. Then that is that. He moves on and we move on…

    Besides which, in Sanchez, I believe we already have a player that can replace him as first choice and quite possibly go on to be an even better player than Toby currently is.

    It could be that Sanchez would prove to be the greater loss, if he were to soon leave because he is unsatisfied at Spurs and wants more regular game time…

  • HT…. Why would sanchez want to move on? He has been injured for some weeks now. I am not aware of any unhappiness being reported? He arrived at spurs a £42m transfer, and adapted immediately in the back line with toby & jan. . Also we don’t know what poch has said to him and foyth / gazza as to future playing and rotation. I would have thought he is happy being in this spurs team and at a world class training ground & (soon) stadium, and a team challenging for top honors in PL & CL. COYS

  • I didn’t say that he is unhappy and wants to move on block d spurs.

    I was just imagining a possible scenario in which he could get a bit frustrated at not getting enough game time ahead of Toby and may consider a move before Toby has left us. And that because of this he could prove to be a greater loss to us than if and when Toby goes.

    This is because I believe him to be a good enough replacement in the making and the fact that he is so much younger than Toby.

    I can accept that Toby may possibly now go in the summer of 2020 but meanwhile I would be more concerned about keeping Sanchez as his cover and possible replacement. As I am certain that we would probably have to spend a lot more then we will get for Toby and more than what Davinson cost us to then buy a suitably talented replacement for either one of them.

    In other words I wanted to highlight how much I rate Sanchez and that I think he could be the greater loss at the end of the day. I had already accepted that Toby was pretty much gone last summer but was happy enough with Davinson taking over.

    And so when supporters fret about Toby going because of his greatness and experience etc., I firmly believe that he will not be missed as much as some think he would be. Toby is moving to the latter years of his career but Sanchez has yet to reach his peak. And so I think his future happiness at Spurs is more important… Ideally of course, we keep hold of both of them until they drop. But this is not a very realistic outcome.

  • So often we hear from supporters who say things like; “Come on Levy, just offer the man what he wants”. But this almost always without knowing exactly what it is the player does actually want… Quite apart from this being an unsound way to do business with a player, anyway. Any player…

    This was said when Walker was on his way out. But what he actually wanted was a shot at playing elsewhere, at City. So, we did actually give the guy what he wanted and sold him to City. It may not have been what many supporters wanted but that’s just the way it goes.

    And even if we were to offer Toby the same top wage as Harry now gets. If he wants out, he will still go. As, maybe what he really wants is a shot elsewhere. And that could well be for a similar wage as to what he may have been offered by Spurs… But, who knows?

  • Going back to the question of this thread. I have to say BS, that I can’t really see any of those listed players at Spurs.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all (or bother me), if we don’t purchase any players at all in January…

  • If you pay one player whatever he asks for you’ll have to pay every player whatever they ask for …. or the squad unity starts to fade. Does any club want to be run by players egos?

  • Geof…. or a club agreeing to what players agents ask for !. No player (or his agent) is bigger than THFC….

  • HT…. I understand where you are coming from on sanchez. It’s these type of postings the scummy journos. pick up and then twist it around and broadcast as spurs player sanchez is unhappy….which his agent picks up on and tries to get a better contract, (more money) so it continues the media’s boot into THFC.

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