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There comes a time when you either join in with the madness or simply walk away knowing that in walking away you haven’t placed the clubs’ financial future in jeopardy and that you remain totally in control.

Last summer, when Paris Saint-Germain broke the world transfer fee record, bringing the Brazilian striker Neymar to the club from Barcelona, it was suspected that the equilibrium, when it came to transfer fees, had been upset.

That has, in my opinion, certainly been the case.

Clubs, as a consequence of Neymar’s move, have seen transfer fees climb to such an extent whereby £30 million doesn’t buy you anything special these days.

To emphasise the point, let’s take a look at the Manchester United forward, Anthony Martial.

The 22-year-old has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford, with Tottenham Hotspur, according to several news sources, including the Mirror, reputedly showing an interest in the French international.

Last season wasn’t one of Martial’s best, at times he found himself out of favour with Jose Mourinho and spent a lot of time on the bench.

His frustration according to the Daily Star, has seen him imply he would like to leave Old Trafford. A fact illustrated by the following social media comment:

But, Manchester United, although Martial hasn’t been a regular starter in their first-team, aren’t going to let the player go cheaply.

According to our first source, the Mirror, Manchester United want something in the region of £75 million for the player, an exorbitant fee we believe.

But, as our source suggests, there are clubs interested in the player, big European clubs appear to be clamouring for his services with the likes of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain getting a mention.

Martial may turn out to be one of the best players in the world in years to come, but would I like to see Tottenham spend close to £75 million to bring the player to White Hart Lane this summer, most certainly not.

However, here at Vital Spurs, we’d be interested in your opinion on the player and whether Tottenham should pursue his signature, please feel free to drop your views into the comments facility beneath this article.


36 Replies to “The Fee United Want For Spurs Target Shows The World Has Gone Mad”

  • If you want the best then you have to pay for it. If United can get £75 million for Martial then why wouldn’t they hold out for this in the same way that we held out for 100 million euros for Bale.
    I agree that transfer fees are too high and control over these to bring sanity has been long over due however it has to be across UEFA , (It’s the European clubs where high transfer fees are an issue). The Americans have got it right in how they regulate across the whole of their sports …. UEFA’s FFP rules are a joke …

    • The Americans have it right in some aspects of their sport but they have it dreadfully wrong in most parts. Leagues that don’t have relegation or promotion, franchises that have so much power that they’d never allow the previous for fear it would damage their franchise.
      The draft which has become a kind of sport in its own right.
      I could go on but I won’t Labour the point . American sport is far from perfect, in fact I much prefer what we have. I do see a financial bubble that is prime to burst at some point though and its why I’m glad we have Levy at the helm… he won’t allow the club to be put in a situation that could see us crumble if the money in football disappears, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, even Man City and a whole host of lower down clubs could cease to exist if the money dries up but Spurs are safe and its because of Levy.

    • The big difference between Bale and Martial is that Bale was a sensational player who was producing week in week out, Martial is not even close to that kind of world class talent and at United has produced nothing which would value him above £20 mil. To be honest Spurs may have been interested in him as a makeweight but the money would better be spent on a much better player form elsewhere.

  • Transfers and players wages have become obscene. It’s about time the authorities stepped in to level the playing field otherwise the clubs with the biggest bank roller are always going to win the prizes.
    I think a cap on the total salary that can be paid to the whole squad should be introduced irrespective of whether the owners can afford it. ( and no smart ass bonus/loyalty work arounds)

    • What is a smart donkey bonus/loyalty work around? I don’t see how donkeys are relevant :-p

  • Quite simply, the footballing world has gone mad in so many aspects, hardly any owners/chairmen are in this for the love of the game or a team they are very fond of, the financial side has now spread so wide, revenue comes in so many ways so no longer do you buy a player that is simply good for the ‘team’, Martial undoubtedly has all the tools to be a great, we have the manager/coach who can get the best out of him…this will be just one of so many considerations coming from Uniteds end in order to work out a value that’s good for them to feel comfortable to sell, he has age, a good level of professionalism on his side, United would be losing a player to a rival who I’m certain would be a massive gain for us so within this mad world we will have to pay what they see as the going rate, we will have counter points…the fact that Martial is currently nothing more than rotation and his current contract. This is all very similar to our situation with Toby, he is not worth the alleged amount we are quoting, age, current contract conditions and the basis that we were stubborn in not playing him will go in a potential buyers favour, all in all we are wrapped up in what is the modern era of business within football, we simply need to join it if we want to compete but be as diligent as possible along the way.

  • Under poch martial will turn from a bench warmer at the scum to a world class player , he needs a class coach to bring him on and play attacking football

  • The football bosses have gone crazy.its all about status nd greed not for the love of the game.these players get paid too much.

    • Other football bosses may have gone mad but I suggest not Levy and Joe they will reject such a silly amount and look elsewhere for a better player who is correctly priced.

  • Well said you first 6 poster’s, well covered, what more can be said, except maybe its how the world of big finance football has gone now, so we will just have to live with it. COYS

  • I think you have to look at the whole chain to find the clubs driving the prices up for everyone. PSG are one of those clubs who started off the Neymar chain that included Dembele, Coutinho, Van Dijk etc. Utd are another who spent big on Pogba which inflated the Higuain fee. They did it again with Lukaku which saw Everton act like kiddies in a sweet shot and inflate the market for average players like Michael Keane.

    Clearly, the top 5 or 6 clubs in Europe will be the biggest disrupters and we can’t get too involved if it doesn’t fit our financial model. We’ve asked big money for Toby so who are we to question Utd’s valuation of Martial. Only a closed chain sees the 2 players switch places at that price. We would never pay Utd £75m for a one way deal. I doubt some of the other clubs like Juve would either. They only spent big on Higuain because of the Pogba deal just like we did for Sanchez because of the Walker deal.

    It will be interesting to see where Martial plays next season.

  • United have put a high price to put spurs off they know that we would make him world class and his price would be sky higj

  • A couple of things specifically on Martial. Firstly I can see why European clubs might be interested, he looked a better player in France than England (not that unusual). Secondly he’s taken criticism from Mourinho because he can’t play as a centre forward, which doesn’t make him a bad player but begs the question why we would be interested when we need backup for Kane. Generally clubs have financial problems because whatever money they earn gets spent on transfer fees and wages. If the money goes up so does the cost of players so the club is no better off. The fans encourage this mind set (just read some of the comments on this site) which doesn’t help. The more the cost of players goes up though the more of an advantage it becomes to develop your own, either through the academy or good scouting.

  • well if we’re giving out about other clubs setting mad valuations on players me thinks we should have a look in the levy mirror because he’s notorious for it what’s good for the goose is good for the my opinion if Utd want Toby badly enough then we have a chance of getting martial who by the way Micheal organ I don’t know we’re you pulled that valuation out of, you wouldn’t get a good fullback for that.

  • Perhaps I’m not talented at evaluating talent, but Martial has yet to show anything that merits an expectation that he will be world class. Good, yes, but a real star? I don’t see it yet.

  • We are the last club that should moan about others over valuing players that are wanting to leave. There is nobody worse than Levy for wanting to buy a pounds worth for 50 pence, and wanting to sell a pounds worth for a fiver, he is famous for it.

  • Martial for £70m – probably correct. He’s done quite well at Utd, he’s only 22, effectively has 2 year’s left on his contract and United do not necessarily want to sell him especially to a rival. Do people expect to pick him up for £30m or something similar?! He’s either top notch or he ain’t and he’d be coming from Utd not Lyon, etc. Utd will have already paid Lyon the equivalent of around £55m when everything is totalled up and why should they make a loss especially letting him go to a rival, like I said also he’s actually done quite well there. Around 35 goals in 140 odd appearances which is the same as 1 in 4, so he’ll get 10 Prem goals a season aswell as similar or greater amount of assists meaning he’s on a par with Sane last season. How much would they have to pay to replace him with Bale?! How much are we asking for Toby?! Agree with Frank lol (£1 for 50p but £1 for £5) – Levy’s a legend for pulling off what he does although Frank has his own way of describing it.

  • el jefe – Last season Son, Eriksen and Alli got 12, 10 and 9 goals. So we would be paying £70m for a player who can’t do anything the players we’ve already got aren’t doing anyway. How does that make any sense ?

  • £75m for Martial? Offer United £85m and be done with it… Throw in Llorente and Janssen and he’s ours!

    Even though by my calculations, when looking at his stats, he’s worth less than what we paid the MK Dons for Dele.

  • Some reports are saying Martial only has another year left on his deal? Even with 2 years left he isn’t worth the money being touted.

    Rather spend 60m on Willian, a proven world class player.

  • Martial’s contract expires next June. But, United apparently have an option to extend it by a further year…

  • I’ve read a lot about Martial not being worth the money quoted because he hasn’t been a regular first team starter for United. This article says that he was out of favour with Jose because he was often a sub.

    Being a young sub on United’s bench is not a sign of him not being good enough for Spurs (for whatever the money), or indeed, United.

    It’s United and they can afford to have very good players on the bench. (Strength in depth, I think it’s called). And, if you are out of favour at United with Jose, you do not make the bench, period. Let alone make 45 appearances over one season, (as he did in 2017-18), regardless of however many of those matches you actually started.

    My point being is, would he even be a regular starter at Tottenham? Who does he step ahead of in our attack? Son, Dele, Christian? What then happens to Moura or Lamela?

    If as his agent has apparently said he wants regular 1st team football. Can he even find it at Spurs? Where does he find it for that kind of fee anyway and undoubtably for a substantial pay-rise?

    My feeling is that he is possibly hungry for a better deal at United and via his agent is taking a punt on that happening.

    Most young footballers can’t surely expect to be guaranteed regular 1st team football at any top club that has top player competition for their position. Such as they have at United. Look at Bale at Real, with the same complaint.

    And for that kind of fee being quoted , he’ll not be going anywhere but a top club which of course he will be wanting and expecting for his next move.

    (By the way, the latest fee now being touted in the media is £100m!)

    Some players and/or (more than likely) their agents are just digging holes for themselves. Of course the agent just wants the very best financial deal possible. But, if players like Martial genuinely just want to play regular 1st team football, then it’s quite simply down to sheer hard work on the pitch that will give them that chance and not moving here and there for over-inflated fees.

    The more money demanded for them, the narrower the field of clubs becomes that can afford them. The bigger the club, the tougher it then becomes to be a starter. Especially if you are young and relatively inexperienced, as with Anthony Martial.

    …If any of that makes sense?

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