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Match Day 3; United v Spurs.

United against Spurs is always an exciting prospect no matter where the game is played. Although why they want to play this game at 3am on a Tuesday morning is beyond me! The excitement for the supporters of both teams comes from the fact that any result is possible when the teams line up to face each other. The optimists and cynics can all have a field day as they speculate about all the possibilities prior to the kick-off!

Before all top six games Spurs supporters will look at the opposition and a wave of anxiety will appear. That’s normal. United have players who can hurt us. They are a strong team. They are playing at home in front of their own supporters, and they want a result. But …. forget about it. A minute’s reflection will tell us that Spurs also have a strong team, have players that can hurt United, and want a result just as much. So let the opposition do the worrying!

I would be more than happy if we set ourselves up the same way we did against Fulham. One difference perhaps would be to start Dembele? As long as MP is willing to manipulate his bench in the same way as he did against Fulham there will be a number of game-changing options on offer.

Against Fulham, Lamela looked sharp and hungry, Moura looked like the player I hoped he would be, Dembele owned the mid-field, Trippier showed his world cup form albeit with less accuracy in some of his crosses, Kane was able to dispose of the monkey on his back, and Winks is back in action. Spurs have started the season as they need to continue it … beat the teams outside the top six and mix it up with the teams inside the top six.

Despite losing against palace last time out, I imagine United will be the favourite for this one. Personally I could accept a loss, be content with a draw, and thoroughly enjoy a win. The enjoyment of taking something from United is always enhanced by the post match interview of their ‘interesting’ manager! Because we are capable of winning, and because I want us to win, I’m backing Spurs for the three points.

As far as tactics and team-sheets are concerned …. well, that’s where VS posters come into their own. Go for it! I know there’s a few days to go …. but better early than never. Right?


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  • Getting something points wise is a must, so a draw at OT is a good result. Utd might lack a bit of confidence so if spurs make a fast start and take the lead it could be a win, however, it might be like last seasons game, which was a slow game with neither team really going for it.

  • United lost to Brighton last time out, not Palace a point I am sure will displease both set of fans in being confused with each other ! Also, why would you accept a lose ? They are playing poorly and have media and their own fans alike beating on them. We should go to OT heads held high, looking to press an early advantage to get their fans on their backs…..we need to change this attitude that we will be fortunate/lucky/blessed to arrive at a Top 6 club and wrestle some points….WE are Top 6 and probably more like Top 4 – let the rest fear our arrival.

  • With due respect to both Newcastle and Fulham, this is our first real test. Man Utd will be smarting after their defeat at Brighton, and will be much better at home. This may well be a truer measure as to our potential to emulate our top 4 finishes of recent seasons. Some of our extravagant euphoria may be tempered, or conversely be indeed justified.

  • I see that Spurs are now prepared to sell Danny Rose for £22M, which is less than we paid for Sissoko, and only a few million more than we paid for Jannson and Lloriente. Rose has 3 years left on his contract, is comfortably the best LB we have at the club, good enough to be part of England’s WC squad, yet we seem determined to sell him. OK he is said to want to leave, but he has a contract and until we sign a replacement he should be forced to stay. Perhaps the club should try to help him following his admitted mental health problems and the long recovery he had from his serious injury.

  • We’ve been fortunate to get a kinder fixture list to start the season. Much rather our opening two games than what our neighbours had to contend with! Perfect platform, six points should give enough motivation to build on it. Both Pool and City have more or less bankers this weekend, so would prefer to keep up with those two. The WC lads are slowly getting up to speed. Need Kane and Eriksen to move up a notch and Dembele to start, I’d be quite confident of at least not dropping any points. Pour some more misery on the miserable Mou, get their fans to become restless. A psychological game for both teams. Not sure it will be a goal fest. 0-1 will do. COYS!

  • Brighton were in the faces of Man Utd players, and kept up the pressure all game… Brighton cant do this for 36 games ! Anyway Jose will have had a go at the players, and at home they will be better. We need to do a Brighton close them down everywhere, and hope the ref. gives the fouls and yellow / red cards Utd always get away with.. I remember the FA cup Semi Final last season… Man Utd 1 Spurs 2. COYS

  • Trickie …. Thanks for pointing that out. My bad … I’d just been reading about the Pool v Palace game and Palace stuck in my mind. I wouldn’t be devastated with an away loss to United because we can beat them at home. I said I’d accept it, not like it or expect it.

  • Geofspurs…..just read your article, spotted same as Trickie…take a slap on the wrist you naughty boy. Lol!

    For me at OT on Monday, we must not have a “homer ref” and get in their faces from the off, show we are better than them, get 1 or 2 early goals, home crowd will then get on their backs, Moaninio will be waving his arms about like a demented ?. 1-2 final score. COYS

  • I always say that you bet against Mourinho at your own risk. Much like against City, who were convinced they’d be wrapping up the title against United last year, and who were already celebrating after being up 2-0 at half time, United showed that they can hurt anyone on their day and I’d expect the same on Monday.

    I’d happily take a point at Old Trafford. I think too much is being made of the “unrest” at United.

    I do expect that we’ll cause them problems, though. But taking the game to them, being too open, and attacking them is a bit naive. Man U struggle to break down teams that defend well. That’s personally how I’d set the team up – be hard to break down first, and try to capitalise on any errors. Their back 4 is error prone, so it’s just aout picking our moment and being patient.

  • Frank – Rose is “s comfortably the best LB we have at the club”, did you actually watch any games last season, or England at the world cup for that matter ? Rose was the best left back before his injury. He hasn’t played at anywhere near that level since, who knows if he’ll ever get back to where he was. You assess a player according to what he’s doing now, not what he was doing a season or two back.

    • Even so jod-would be a little odd selling Rose now. Not sure if playing maybe Tripper or Aurier lon left in the absence of Davies would be wise. We certainly are weaker on the left as it is. Dont think Davies is the answer either.

  • I agree with frank regarding Rose. He has not had any sort of run of games since his injury and he still has big performances in him. He should have been used more at the World Cup. I actually agree with most of what frank says except his transfer policies, which are slightly too Peter risdale for my liking

  • I agree with ash. Considering we don’t really have a viable back up to Davies, we are one injury away from being snookered. I can’t be doing with the constant ‘can play’ as type of set up. For a top 4 club, it is a ludicrous situation. Peeps were saying that Sissoko started v Newcastle because we had no one else available (Dembele recovering from WC, Wink + Wanyama injured). So, imo, worth keeping Rose until we have an alternative, may be ’til January.

  • Having watched the entire pre-season and the first 2 league games, I would feel hugely nervous leaving Davies in charge of our left back berth without competition. That would be made even worse if we continue to play the 3 centre halves and get rid of potentially the best wing back in the league. It also makes no sense to leave KWP as understudy LB when he is first and foremost a RB and needs playing time in his natural position i.e a loan. Lastly, Rose has a contract until 2021 so we don’t need to worry about moving him on and leaving the squad short this season.

    I’m hopeful this Rose transfer nonsense is just that. He is a key player in the squad and Poch had him on the bench last weekend for a reason,

  • Don’t worry muttley, it is nonsense. He helps meet the home grown quota for one and is the only other senior LB we have. Rose isn’t going anywhere… yet. The rags are simply drawing false conclusions from the fact he’s made certain statements in the past and isn’t currently starting over Davies.

  • We have lost our last 4 games at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

    About time we changed that. We have a better first 11 and subs bench IMO.

  • I don’t see us doing anything with Rose until the New Year at earliest. On Rose, he probably needs a good run of games to get his form back. That said, he is not a great crosser of the ball (Davies is better) and defensively they are both a long way from “the best” at left back. Is Luke Shaw not in his last year of contract? Lots of talk about Kieran Tierney too. Celtic will need to trim having been ousted from the CL. Others will also develop as the year goes on. Vets can also play out there and we do seem to have one too many CB’s for the best way for us to play.

    As for 22M or 25M or 50M, what does it matter if he does not see eye to eye with Pochettino? You get the most you can. I’m sure if they want him gone, he will be gone when we have cover and when Levy gets what he believes he is worth.

    Much more concerned that we get Dele, Eriksen and others extended, and, if possible, meet Alderweirald in the middle. If he insists on being the top paid CB in the PL, he’ll be sold next summer unless we get a peach of a deal in January.

    As for United, their backs are already against the wall. Huge game for Spurs. Any result we get furthers the festering mess that currently is United. Owner, Manager, players and fans are all uneasy and there are lots of fingers being pointed. Stick the knife in and give it a good twist is what we need to do. United have to expect a win. We have to take it to them.

  • BS …. I agree with your comment. We have a team that is capable of breaking at pace. We will have to maintain concentration in defence and use our speed when attacking. When we ‘press’ we need to be aware of the danger areas behind. An early goal would be nice and would put pressure on the home team and it’s manager. Pressure can lead to mistakes. It will be interesting because both teams are capable of playing the same way. The midfield battle might be the key so Dembele, with his ability to hold the ball, would be crucial if he starts.

  • BBC report that United are backing Jose … I guess that means he’s on the way out! Gotta love the media! lol. Then again, a win on Monday could help him on his way.

  • Apparently 10,000 people have signed a petition saying Spurs should be deducted points due to the stadium delay. Wouldn’t you think that 10,000 Arsenal supporters would have better things to do than scribble 10,000 crosses on a piece of paper? Mind you, I can see their point …. they’ve already had 6 points deducted from just two games themselves! Its not fair, is it.

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