Date: 21st November 2017 at 10:35am
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The Dortmund V Tottenham Predictor Competition

This is how I think we will line up;

Tottenham (3-5-1-1): Lloris, Sanchez, Dier, Vertonghen; Aurier, Winks, Alli, Sissoko, Rose; Son; Llorente.

I`m predicting the score will be 1-1, Dortmund will lead 1-0 halftime from an Aubameyang Goal and we`ll equalize in the second. Son will score for us.

Dortmund have not won one of their last Six Champions League games.

But for the rest of you, if you can predict the score and the scorers you can win Harry Kane`s autobiography.

There are five books to be given away to tonight`s winners

Simply post your prediction of the final score, plus the name(s) – (both teams) of the goal scorers, the one that gets it right will win Harry`s autobiography. It goes without saying for the Thierry Henri`s amongst you, I can see the time they were posted!

If no one gets it dead right, then it will be awarded to the five posters – whoever was the closest (in my view) of both the score and the scorers?

In the event of more than five wining predictions; the winners will be drawn from my Beer Stein after the match, or as soon as it is empty – which could be a while?.

Your predictions have to be entered here by 19:00 (kick off is 19:45)


39 Replies to “The Dortmund V Tottenham Predictor Competition”

  • ONE entry only!! In the event that you make multiple guesses, I will be sending ‘the management’ (VERT and TOBY) to sort you out and we’ll only use your first guess…

  • spursex/BS …. Is the best way to submit an article still to go to ‘submit article’ on the drop-down menu? What happens to it then? Where does it go?

  • Geof, those articles must go where the likes of N’Jie, N’Koudou, Lamela have gone….never to be seen again!

  • When does Wink’s autobiography come out? Is that part of the pitch in attracting young players, ‘We know you’re only seventeen but if you sign for us you can publish your first book next season’!

  • My last two articles were submitted via the drop-down menu … but I ended up re-submitting them via email to Gordon Davies. I’ve never had that problem before …. despite the fact that I write a load of dribble!

  • Spursex – like Geof said, I select “suggest an article” from the drop-down menu on “Vital Spurs Menu”. Is that not the right way to do it anymore? Historically I have always done it that way, except for one time under Tino when I emailed him the article because it went over the character limit. It has always worked in the past. I have saved a Word version of the article this time, in order to avoid having to rewrite it a 3rd time ;-).

  • OK, sorted now – I have them! Sorry about the confusion, but fixed now. Will keep article(s) for post match. Many thanks for the submissions.

  • Spursex – the latest one I sent probably replaces the initial one. I spent a bit more time writing that one, it’s a bit more polished. There are 2 more subjects I’d like to write about in the next weeks: firstly, our ongoing search for a long-term solution at striker (a comprehensive view essentially going back to the Keane/Berbatov era, which for me is the last time we’ve actually managed to buy strikers who performed, and how we eventually have had to develop a striker instead of being capable of buying a good one). For the other one, something more stats-based – maybe something about our record vs the top 6 compared to our record vs all the others, and how important that is/was in determining our final league position. That article requires more work (I’d like to look at minimum 10 seasons, both for us and the team that eventually won the league), and see if there are any trends to uncover. If there are any subjects that you or someone else would like to see covered, I am open to suggestions.

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