Date: 12th April 2020 at 7:00pm
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With Tottenham Hotspurs’ decision to furlough non-playing staff, whilst players continued to take their full contracted wage – it naturally led to a fair amount of ‘strong’ discussion and our previous thread wasn’t quite the ‘distraction’ it was originally intended to be.

So here’s another one.

Good news stories, awful jokes, nonsense and such like please Vital Spurs.

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  • PompeyYid, I hope you and your family are safe and well.
    I am currently working at home with my blues playlist on. Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore is one fine album.
    The current track on is Blues With A feeling by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Previous tracks listened to have been by Buddy Guy, Albert King, Koko Taylor and Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Yardbirds and Joe Bonamassa.
    Magnificent stuff. COYS

  • DH….We doing good mate, thanks for asking, and it is ditto you and yours.

    2 great minds regards the Blues, that is one excellent album, you mentioned another 5 greats, but what about Muddy Waters? sleazy or what lol!
    If you can try and get hold of some late 60’s early 70’s stuff by ZZ Top, Texas Blues Rock excellent.
    I would also recco’ an album/cd called Son of Skip James by a fella called Dion, just listened to it twice whilst doing a weight training work out, one word excellent and I have to thank ND for recco’ing it to me.

    Keep listening to the Blues mate and keep keeping you and your kin safe, the same to all my fellow YIDS, we will be cheering or griping again soon. COYS 4 ever

  • How’s everyone doing? Seems like improvement in the numbers, not that it’s a positive for those who have lost loved ones mind you. Short of a couple of people who suspect they’ve had it based on known symptoms, I hope everyone else’s experience so far has been the same (apologises if I’ve missed a post stating otherwise).

  • Pompey Yid – Muddy Waters absolutely fantastic. So many great Blues artists. I also love some of the Blues/Soul artists like Sam and Dave, Wilson Picket and Aretha Franklin. all wonderful stuff
    Back to TV, has anyone seen Gangs of London yet. We finished the series last night, probably the most violent thing I have ever seen but totally gripping. Hoping for a second series.

  • DH…Though not a massive soul fan myself the artists you noted are/were excellent but to be really truthful Gladys Knight and the Pips were the ones for me esp their Blues sounds/side.

    Regards the Blues, there are so many greats, to many to mention lol!

    I am waiting to see Gangs of London, I do not have Sky Atlantic, so have to wait awhile, your not the first to recco’ it.
    You say most violent thing you have ever seen! does it beat Tarrantino’s stuff? lol!

    Me and er in doors have been watching “New Amsterdam” about a hospital in NY, nearly finished the 2nd series, my wife loves it, and to be honest I find it very good myself, worth a watch. COYS 4 ever

  • PompeyYid, I would say that Gangs of London blows Tarantino out of the water in terms of violence. It is really quite shocking but brilliant at the same time.
    Currently watching series 2 of Afterlife, not as good as series one but funny in places. COYS

  • Hi Folks hope our “wee” community is keeping well. PY glad you Njoyed the music recommends. Hard to believe that the guy Dion is the same who sang “The Wanderer” and “Run Around Sue”. Hope all of our “Silent” partners are OK Havnt heard from PLY for a while or Alan to mention but a few. I was having a few issues with putting anything on over the last week due to invasive adverts. But it’s cleared up now. Catching up on a few recommends on TV. And listening to Rory Gallagher” Photo Finish ” Shadow play classic number. Stay safe folks.

  • DonHot….note the slight change there lol, now I can’t wait to see Gangs of London.
    Finished “New Amsterdam” last night, now the missus is whingeing – when is the next series coming, impatient or what lol! well worth a watch.

    Niall D….you are so right there that Dion once did “The Wander” and ” Run Around Sue”, he is most certainly a very talented artiste.
    I had a great day y’day of Georgia Satellites and Black Crowes, a very Rocky Blues time by all.

    Stay safe all you YIDS COYS 4 ever.

  • Hi folks what about a quick top 10 songs These are my current favs
    10 Lovely Day Bill Withers
    9 Sword Of Light Horslips
    8 Valerie Amy Whitehouse
    7 Preacher man Blues Dion Di Amucci
    6 One Horse Town Black Berry Smoke
    5 Green River CCR
    4 Shadow Play Rory Gallagher
    3 Times Like These (acoustic) Foofighters
    2 Sometimes Jerry Cinnimon
    1 Hotel California Eagles.
    This is my current top 10 will change from week to week. Keep your hand to yourself Georgia, Satelittes
    Just dropped out. And Walk Softly on this heart of Mine Kentucky Headhunters. Back to not being able to see what I’m writing. Stay safe folks.

  • ND….had a look at your top 10, for me 3 or 4 am with you, but am sad “Keep you hands to yourself” GS is out, what about adding “Battleship Chains” by the same band, though must admit a great Top 10 anyway.

    Also adding Gary Moore’s “Over the hill and far away”, plus a couple more, what about some Jimi H tracks, maybe a bit heavy eh! age showing here lol! as I am just talking off the top of my head I could go on, but to be perfectly honest it will and has done my head in trying to work out a “My top 10”, I write down 10 then it goes what about them? I have so many faves. lol!

    Ditto as you say keep safe folks. COYS 4 ever.

  • Lol PY no m8 Jimi Hendrix is not too heavy. I could’ve went on, Copperhead Road, Little Wing, Parisienne Walkaways, the Mystic, Midnite Rider the list goes on but tried to keep it to 10 to get you guys thinking. Hope you’re all keeping well. COYS

  • ND….Great response with some fantastic additional tunes, great minds eh!

    To add a couple more…Thin Lizzy – Whiskey in the Jar or Gary Moore – Still got the Blues.

    You did get me thinking and I am still trying to do my Top 10, trouble is, its never ending lol! esp when it comes to individual riffs.

    Keep keeping safe you all. COYS 4 ever

  • ND & DH….Hope you and your kin are keeping safe, we are doing ok.

    Thought I would let you know of the “Blues” day me and the missus had yesterday we listened to, all of them twice…

    Gary Moore…Blues for Jimi, found the cd after forgetting about it, Gary’s dedication to Hendrix

    Buddy Guy…Blues Singer cd, came as a recommend, excellent, as the missus put it, sleazy blues, sit and listen with a drink, loved it.

    Dion…Son of Skip James, cannot get enough of this, thanks again ND for the recommend.

    Keep keeping safe all my fellow Yids. COYS 4 ever

  • PY 4got about the black crowes until you brought them up. The song about the Angels good listening.
    Stay safe you and yours.

  • ND…if your referring to “She talks to Angels” off the “Shake Your Money maker” CD/Album, then yes a good listening track.

    Another group of that ilk! is…Black Stone Cherry, there limited edition CD/Album “Kentucky” is excellent, well worth a listen.

    Keep safe ditto you and yours. COYS 4 ever

  • Thought I would post a comment my missus, who is housebound, said to me yesterday, quote ” when this is all over or even now, do you think all the moaners and whingers about being locked down will spare a thought/think about the people who are permanently locked down/housebound?” I know she was talking about the ones who can get about and not bed bound, but for reasons are still housebound.

    Any thoughts people?

    Stay keeping safe. COYS 4 ever.

    • Given the idiotic behaviour we are seeing from some PY, sadly not in my humble. Again this period has shown the absolute best and worst of some of humanity and whether this is considered tasteless or not, I actually wish Covid was more selective, as let’s face it, we’ve already seen the idiots in the press who not only shouldn’t procreate, but we wouldn’t miss them if they were gone instead of the gooduns we’ve lost.

  • DW…thanks for a very true honest answer, I totally agree with you there.
    Keep safe mate. COYS 4 ever

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