Date: 12th April 2020 at 7:00pm
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With Tottenham Hotspurs’ decision to furlough non-playing staff, whilst players continued to take their full contracted wage – it naturally led to a fair amount of ‘strong’ discussion and our previous thread wasn’t quite the ‘distraction’ it was originally intended to be.

So here’s another one.

Good news stories, awful jokes, nonsense and such like please Vital Spurs.

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  • As a young lad Geof, Foyles used to be my main place to shoplift books. Old Penguin classics, philosophy, poetry. Art and music books. Fact and fiction.

    I’m not proud of that but it’s true. I stole books! I did also buy a few too…… Sorry Foyles…

    PY, I like a bit of metal myself. And just opposite Foyles bookshop’s side entrance I used to frequent a dive-bar called the Crowbar. Metal and heavy rock 7 nights a week from a juke box.. I think you would’ve liked it..

    But Iv’e watched so many different bands in venues around the West End. From smooth Jazz to down and dirty Punk! Blues to Funk!

    Block 108. I love the old Tamla sounds too. I could dance all night to it. That’s if I’m not head-banging to Led Zeppelin or pogoing to the Pistols…. I love it all!

  • HT……I’m not totally anti-rap, I like a few Eminem numbers, Sing For The Moment has a great melody underlying the lyrics/rapping.

  • How could I not mention Steve McQueen? Three of my favourite files are The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape and Bullitt., with a great soundtrack and one of the best car chase scenes iI’ve seen in a movie.

    Paul Newman too… The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke and more…

  • HT… Also… The Kinks.. waterloo sunset, layla…

    Bullet was one classic film,, that car chase, really good. When we saw that gave us a first taste of real driving, shame we did not have / afford the cars then, lol

  • Bullit gave me a yearning to own a Mustang which I still have, at the time the nearest I came was owning a 1600 GT Capri, one of 450 special edition models, boy I loved that car!

    • I love Mustangs and various others – but I can’t drive and I’ve never seen Bullit.

      As for 108 – Layla has to be one of my favourite Clapton tunes.

      • Danny….Bullit has been shown on free to view TV quite a few times recently, it will no doubt doubt come round again soon, look out for it on ITV4/Sony Movies/Paramount channels.

        • I’m not likely to be doing anything better – sounds like it’s worth a watch though! Nice one.

  • I liked the mustangs in the old Western movies, not the ones chasing each other all over New York. I fast forward during car chases these days because they take up so much of the movie and don’t add to the story, Directors seem to think if they wreck more cars they’ve made a better scene. Not so, in my book. I like action movies but prefer movies with excellent dialogue and clever scripts.

    Steve McQueen was great in ‘The Sand Pebbles’ too. ‘Cool Hand Luke’ was a great movie, HT. I’ve got a DVD collection that goes back to films like: Shane, Drumbeat, Reach For The Sky, The Dam Busters, Robin Hood (the Errol Flynn version).

    Can anyone remember the early folk group ‘Attila’s Hoards’? They played concerts in much of Europe and Asia. Their music was very basic and sounded like a lot of people screaming, moaning, crying, and pleading for mercy. I’m glad I missed their concerts.

    TQ …. I thought of ‘The Goon Show’ as soon as I’d posted! It forms the base of my brother’s humour, and mine.

    Imagine if we were all sitting in a quiet country pub enjoying a few medicinal beverages …. the conversation would last a while, bring back lots of memories, and be very interesting. With no interruptions from ‘Page Two’!

  • Geof…..with your love of westerns I’m suprised there has been no mention of ‘The Duke’ Marion Morrison/John Wayne, are you not a fan?

  • HT….thanks for that, Crowbar, I had completely forgotten about that “dive” as you put it, my old man ex RSM, well I cannot print his words for his description Lol!

    I said earlier I was a Blues/Heavy metal fan/freak lol! but I draw the line at thrash metal, one of my many fave records/songs is “Over the Hills and far away” both sang by Gary Moore and Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden), to very different versions but both excellent.

    I think HT you mentioned “Porgy and Bess” one word brilliant!

    Now as for US muscle cars, the Mustang second rate in my opinion to the 70s Dodge Charger, that was a beast, with its Hemi V8, mind the modern “Charger” is a thing of beauty.

    British muscle, has to be the Aston Martin DB6, 70s again.

    Some mentioned fave films, mine is ZULU with Michael Caine, the sound of em singing “Men of Harlech” brings a tear to ones eye, so may one liners in the film, eg..”you fool they are saluting you” brilliant.

    I could go on, but I will not bore you with my bias lol! But keep up the very many happy memories of yesteryear. COYS 4 ever

  • An extreme from my Blues/Heavy metal bias, that is reggae, in 1977 I saw a band called “Steel Pulse” from Birmingham, and was very impressed, they released an album called “Handsworth Revolution” I would recco’ this to anyone.

    Continuing on the reggae theme = the king of them all “Bob Marley”. COYS 4 ever

  • TQ …. The Searchers is one of my favourite movies. I do like the Duke but I like many others more. Who the hell is Captain Tom?

  • Geofspurs….what about infamous “baddies” like for example the character/psychopath Mick from the tv series Wolf Creek based down under, loved/hated him with his snearing laugh lol! COYS 4 ever

  • Geof…Captain Tom is a 99 year old WW2 veteran who recently had a hip replaced by the NHS. He will be 100 years old on April 30th and decided he would walk 100 laps of his garden (with the aid of a frame) in the hope of raising £1000 for the NHS charities as a thank you for his own treatment but also for their hard work dealing with Covid-19. It went viral and he has now been pledged over £6.5M at last count and has now going to do a further 100 laps.

  • Captain Tom is a a real life superhero soon to be played by Michael Caine in the upcoming new blockbuster movie called.: ” I Would Walk 500 Miles (If you give me all yer Money)”…

  • I can’t manage music these days but as a youngster i used to love Bay City Rollers. Then i liked Adam Ant, Soft Cell. Tbh i liked songs you could dance and sing to, hear the words. Never really loved all singers bands used to like odd songs from different artist. Some songs i remember were, I will Survive, Tainted Love, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Uptown Girl, Its Raining Men, Lets get Physical, Endless love, Another one Bites the dust, Dont you want me Baby, Walk like an Egyptian, Sweet Dreams, the list goes on.

    I used to like listening to older songs like. Those boots are made for walking, Can’t take my eyes off of you, Sweet Caroline, Leader of the Pack, Ive got you Babe, Hard days Night, Oh Pretty woman, Baby come to me, Stand by Me, Be my Baby, Fever, Knock three Times, On Mothers Kelly Doorstep, Leap up and down and wave your knickers in the air, the list goes on.

    I used to like listening to some of the Carpenters as well and some Osmands. The Osmands album called ‘The Plan’ had some meaningful tracks.

    Later some KD Lang, Malissa Etheridge odd one or two.

    Disco pop music, oldies and songs that i could dance and sing to. Tbh so so many artists but usually only a few or odd songs rather than all their material.

    I loved the vinyl records the most, and i loved my first box record player can’t beat those days.

  • TQ …. Thanks for the info re CT. I guess his achievement is proportionate to the size of his garden.

    PY …. I visited, and walked across, ‘Wolf Creek Crater’ many years ago when I first lived in the Kimberley. Didn’t see any ‘Baddies’ lol but it’s rugged desert out there.

    • Geofspurs….the place looks amazing, obviously only from a tv point, no “Baddies” you say lol! well according to the 3 tv series “Wolk Creek” you were very lucky lol!

      “Er in doors” reckons the psycho Baddie “Mick”, played by an English actor I believe, gives her the “willies” not literally of course lol!, but must admit I did enjoy the bull of the 3 series.

      Last I read was that Captain Tom had raised £10m and rising, 99 years old with still miles of walking to do, well done that man, give him a big hand. COYS 4 ever.

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