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With Tottenham Hotspurs’ decision to furlough non-playing staff, whilst players continued to take their full contracted wage – it naturally led to a fair amount of ‘strong’ discussion and our previous thread wasn’t quite the ‘distraction’ it was originally intended to be.

So here’s another one.

Good news stories, awful jokes, nonsense and such like please Vital Spurs.

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  • Something to ponder?


    “Daddy, what were trees?” she asked,
    This child with sombre eyes.
    ”I saw a picture of them, once,
    They reached up to the skies.”
    “Trees were nature’s marvel, child,
    A gift from God, they say,
    But, sadly, they grew sick and died,
    Not one exists today.”

    “Daddy, what were rivers like?
    Were they as the old books say?
    If, once, they flowed across our land,
    Then, where are they today?”
    “Yes, child, rivers crossed this earth,
    Their waters bringing life,
    But, long ago, they all dried up,
    And thus began Man’s strife.”

    “Daddy, is it really true,
    That, above us, once, was sky,
    Full of stars which shone all night,
    Where birds once used to fly?”
    “Oh yes, but that was in the past,
    When all the skies were clear –
    But, the air was slowly poisoned,
    And made them disappear.”

    “What of flowers? What were they?
    Was their fragrance really sweet?
    They must have been a joy to see,
    When dancing at your feet.”
    “They were indeed a joy, I’m told,
    Especially in spring,
    Adorned in every colour known,
    They’d brighten everything.”

    “And Daddy, was the sun so hot,
    It warmed the coldest day?
    And did it really light the world,
    And take the dark away?”
    “Yes, my child, the sun, I’ve heard,
    Was the brightest star of all,
    And our lives were changed forever,
    When its light began to pall.”

    “Daddy, I don’t understand,
    If life had been so good,
    Then why could it not carry on,
    Like God had planned it should?”
    “The history books inform us, child,
    That we are forced to pay,
    For blunders that our fathers made
    When humans lost their way!

  • I’m the same as you Loz. I’m not missing football at all. But not for the same reasons as you.

    I have always been able to take it or leave it in the past. But that’s because in the past, long before the PL and the increased TV and network coverage, if I couldn’t watch Spurs live at WHL and elsewhere, then I could just accept that. Playing football myself and/or also working on many Saturdays, I had no choice. That of course goes back to when all league matches were kicked off at 3pm every Saturday.

    Since the inception of the PL, the hype around the game and the full on media saturation alongside it has probably seen many of us OD on the sport. Simply too much of it!

    Football has always been a strong pull for those of us that have it in our hearts. But as with anything, we can all have too much of a good (or bad) thing.

    For me it has nothing to do with this season’s poor form that I’m not missing it. Because I have no doubt that if it were to all resume tomorrow, I’ll be straight back on it again. I love watching Spurs and I can’t not support them, win, lose or draw. Good form, bad form. Jose Mourinho or Poch. Ramos or AVB. Harry or Tim!
    Kane or Bent!

    But, it’s entertainment for me. It’s the thrill of it. The unknown outcome of it……….. But it’s not the only entertainment. Not the be all and end all. And right now should show us this more than ever.

    Even so, there will be many supporters that really can’t bear to be without it. But it’s only on hold. As is most of the world, its people and their lives and loves.

    What happens next is anyone’s guess but I’d rather still be a Spurs fan than a Pool fan right now? We don’t have as much to miss out on as they do. So, to use that well worn cliche in the game… Swings and roundabouts!

  • I love dear ol’ Captain Tom! I wonder, can he pay football? Spurs could definitely do with some of his leadership, inspiration and fighting spirit… 😉

  • Can Captain Tom “Pay football”? I meant play football…

    I don’t think Kane and co need Tom’s charity do they? ……………………..

    I’d love some of you guys to tell me something about yourselves. Feelings, thoughts, memories. Anything about anything! With respect and thanks to Danny for putting up this thread; I didn’t mean it to be just for silly jokes or even humorous at all if no one felt like it.

    But a genuine distraction from the times we find ourselves in. And something perhaps more personal to us than having a dig at those who do not read this… I don’t care if it’s a happy thing or sad. An angry thing or not.

    Of course you can write what the hell you like. I aint no dictator. But we’ve all had and still have a life outside all this madness. A lifetime of experiences all personal to us. As well as interests beyond how Levy spends Spurs’ money or whether or not Harry should give all his cash away.

    What movie means everything to you. Which piece music soothes your soul or makes you get up and dance like a fool?

    What words of wisdom do you have that can help us through all this? What scares you…… And of course what makes you joyful. What does make you laugh? Or even cry? Or cry with laughter!

    I don’t want just myself and Geof to hog these pages. I would however love to get to know you all just a little better…… Please don’t be shy.

    If you want it to be strictly about football then why not? … But, anything you want. Anything goes! Contact is good…. Angry sad or happy… Please…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Danny, thanks for that regards the 99-year old army vet, he is of the old brigade and dam special, good on ya Tom.

    How about this…

    My missus told me her mates hubby was making masks out of her knickers, she asked why don’t I do the same, my reply was for gods sake its to hot for a balaclava.

    Anyway all the best fellow Yids and keep bloody safe. COYS 4 ever

  • Loz n HT, having read both of your posts now, you are right, I think many/the multitude are feeling the same as not missing the football, possibly because it was used as an escape from real life, but with all that is happening now, football has been put on the back burner, thus the media bullshit trying to re-hype everyone.

    Stay safe and gods speed the end of all this. COYS 4 ever.

  • Football has gone and we’re all moving on. There’s currently a 12 part series on foxtel about opera stars, past and present. I’ve been watching it and really enjoy listening to the top arias from different operas. I now understand why my father loved Caruso et al. Music plays such a huge part in our lives and holds so many precious memories.

    Some of my favourites over the years are: Presley, Dylan. Baez, Neil Young, CCR, The Boss, Simon and Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, Hank Williams, Celtic Thunder, Neil Diamond, Buddy Holly, Eagles, Slim Dusty, Melanie Saka, Mario Lanza, and many more. Some of you might remember the radio program ‘Desert Island Disc’. If I could only take one voice to a deserted island my choice is easy. I would take Eva Cassidy, the sweetest and most amazing voice I have ever heard.

    What music do others like?

  • Geofspurs….that’s a line up for your likes, very varied, for me its the “Blues” or the Heavy Metal side/Rock, even some of the softer rock, so going from Gary Moore, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Creedance Clearwater to Status Quo who are my all time fave, seen them perform on small scene to huge concerts 25 times.

    Though I do have a thing about the American Deep South Rock Scene, as in Black Stone Cherry, The Black Crowes and Georgia Satellites to name just 3.

    “Desert Island Disc” yes remember it well, though preferred “The Old Grey Whistle Test”, I think there isn’t a deserted island big enough for my choice lol! so very difficult for me to choose 1. COYS 4 ever

  • Geof, music means a lot to me.

    I can go with you on Presley, Neil Diamond, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers. I’ll add the sweet and melancholy sounds of Roy Orbison and the Walker Brothers. The gruff and gritty vocals and clever storytelling lyrics of Johnny Cash. Patsy Kline!

    I’m no opera fan but I do love the sound of a sweet tenor or baritone in a musical like Porgy and Bess or West side Story…

    Give me the moving sounds of Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Al Green, Dennis Brown, Billy Holliday, Etta James, Otis Redding and many more that can make be so happy yet weep like a baby too…

    But I’m not just a sentimental old fool either. Give me some Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath… And play it loud! Give me Bowie, The Stones the Kinks, The Who and The Animals and The Clash. Give. me some hungry blues and some sweet and not so sweet jazz as well……. Give me Beethoven and Wagner!…………
    Too much to mention!

    Movies or Movie stars!. Clint Eastwood, Michael Caine, De Niro, Burt Lancaster, Connery, Lee Marvin, Brando.( if I’m being Macho Man)… Peter Sellers, Chaplin to name just 2 if I wanna laugh… Monroe, Fonda, Jayne Mansfield, Bardot and a good few more if I wanna swoon with desire..

    Spaghetti Westerns, Sci Fi, Bond, Mel Brooks films.Horrors! Rebels, cowboys, thinkers, stinkers, drinkers, whores and gangsters. Gangsters molls! Heroines and heroes! Buster Keaton! Christopher Lee! Coppola, Hitchcock, Scorsese! Blah Blah……..

    Now I’m just making lists! 😉

    Pass me the whiskey and cigars! And let’s watch A Fistful of Dollars followed by Once Upon A Time In America followed by Citizen Kane followed by Zulu! … ..Or whatever takes your fancy. As long as it ain’t an effing rom-com written by a Gooner!

  • Geof…..listening toEva Cassidy is certainly a great way to escape the current gloom, ‘Over the Rainbow’ is very apt right now!

    It’s not everyones cup of tea but operatic arias can be truly emotive and moving, I was lucky enough to attend a Pavarotti concert when he was at his best some years ago and consider him to be the greatest Tenor of all time. I have a general liking of classical music with Vaughn-Williams, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Joaquin Rodrigo some of many favourites.

    Being a 1951 baby the music that influenced my formative years really started in the late fifties with the likes of Cliff and the Shadows, Billy Fury and the likes but my attention was really grabbed when a four piece band from Liverpool released their first single while I was on a school trip to the Isle of Wight! I can still listen to and enjoy their music at any time, Sgt. Peppers and Abbey Road are still in my top 5 albums of all time.

    Other influences, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues for their unique concept albums, Eagles, Crosby Still Nash & Young (singley and as a 3/4 piece), Eric Clapton in any of his guises, The Carpenters for Karen’s beautiful voice, Nat King Cole for his silky smooth voice, ELO, Madonna, Queen, Elton John and so many more. I have a very eclectic taste and will listen to any good music that has a decent melody and/or lyrics. I’m not sure why but came very late to Pink Floyd. I’m not big into jaz but can be transfixed watching the likes of Oscar Peterson practising their art. I quite like something different so recent likes include Lana Del Ray, very sultry!

    Can’t say I’m into rap…….is that really music?

  • TQ, if it’s called music, it’s music… Rap is simply poetry atop some beats. It can be melodic too… Anything and everything!

    For me there is music you like or music you don’t like. Good or bad is just a matter of preference. It’s objective. All genres have someone, somewhere saying: “You call that music!” 😉

    • Bloody hell! I always say objective when I mean subjective and vice versa.

      I love it guys. See how we can be all so different with our tastes and yet still find quite a few in common.

      I wonder who else out there does like a bit of rap? Haha!

      I bet , given all of the different artists out there and genres you have all mentioned that I could find and play you at least one rap song that gets you going. And rap is almost impossible to ignore as it’s in so many forms of popular music these days. With anyone from Madonna using raps to Blondie to Aerosmith and many more. There are raps over heavy metal riffs, country, soul, blues, pop, and even classical music… There are rappers rapping bout love and peace as well as the gangster rap that I bet you all don’t like……

      Anyway, I’m not here to convert anyone. I’m not like some kind of Jehovahs Witness for musical genres… LOL!


      • I’m not sure what it says about me, but I’ve got a Bone, Thugs n Harmony album sat next to a classical collection and then a jazz saxophone collection of covers? Might be time to reorganise the CD shelves actually lol

  • My musical influences… Motown…. Supreams, Diana Ross three degrees, marvin gaye, otis reading, Four Tops Drifters…etc. then UK music…the beatles the who.. remember keith (the loon) moon, The rolling stones… T Rex, Elton John, The Animals..

    shoulder length hair for guys.. Platform shoes… bell bottom trousers… and velvet hipsters… Some good memories there. 🙂

  • Who mentioned “rap” there is a letter missing off the start.

    A few have mentioned the Beatles, can’t stand them sorry, Elvis Pres ditto the Beatles, but must admit I did love “In the Ghetto”.

    Music is what it is, with different styles/types, and very one to there own.

    As I said prior my fave is the “Blues” from which, is the root of, came the start of all popular music of today. COYS 4 ever

  • HT….I was typing my post before reading yours, how could I have forgotten Motown and some of the others you mention! Nice list of actors too, could add loads more to that but just a few would include Anthony Hopkins, Peter O’Toole, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Maggie Smith, oh gawd, could go on forever! :- )

    • The response has been fantastic, he must be so proud having only aimed for a grand to begin with. Up to £3.4m as I type. Phenomenal stuff.

  • HT …. I forgot about Orbison but there are so many. The longer we live the more there is.

    PY …. I forgot about the Stones, too!

    TQ …. The Pavarotti concert would have been awesome. I have to say I preferred the Stones to the Beatles although I liked both. Adam Faith, Marty Wilde, Anthony Newley ….
    Music is very much a mood thing so you can enjoy different genres according to how you are feeling at the time. Like you, I really can’t see how Rap is classed as music. It’s about the only genre I don’t like.

    My favourite all time movie is actually a draw between The Godfather and Godfather Two. Film stars: Pacino, De Niro, Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Errol Flynn, Richard Todd, Eastwood, Morgan freeman, Alan Ladd, Charles Bronson, Steve Mcqueen, Jane Fonda, Noomi Repace, Jessica Chastain are just some of them.

  • BTW …. I’ve still got every record I’ve ever bought, singles and LP’s. and still play them. I’ve got all the early Presley stuff and heaps of various singles from about 1959. Over the last two years I’ve got my youngest daughter (18) hooked on records and she seems to have taken over my collection. Records have made an astonishing comeback in recent years. At my age it’s very comforting to see technology take a step back for a change!

  • Remember those TV programs: Wagon Train, Rawhide, Maverick, Route 66, Dr Kildare, Cheyenne, OSS, Wells Fargo. And later, MASH.

    AND radio programs? We didn’t have a TV until I was eleven. I remember some brilliant mystery plays on the radio and series such as, Paul Temple, Journey Into Space, Life Of Bliss. The radio allowed you to use your imagination more, I think.

    AND books? I used to virtually read my way through every school holiday and loved the local library. I would start each holidays by walking over Waterloo Bridge and through to Foyles in Charing Cross Road and buying four or five books. I still read a great deal.

  • Geof….yes sadly I remember all of those TV programs! Also remember Gunsmoke with James Arness and the Cartwright family down at The Ponderosa ranch!

    To add to the radio programs how about The Goons and The News Huddlines, so funny and had me in stitches on many a Sunday lunchtime, sadly lost Roy Hudd very recently.

    I also still have my LP collection but just a few singles including (Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay which was the first ever single I purchased.

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