Date: 29th March 2020 at 8:30pm
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With the current hiatus in the 2019/20 fixture list and no real clues as to when, or if, the campaign will continue or be voided – we all need a bit of distraction as we know transfer rumours have already spiked and there will be more nonsense on the newsfeeds than even Donald Trump can muster in a single off-script press conference.

While away the time here with chat, nonsense and even good news stories doing the rounds to help keep our spirits up during this period.

And above all else, as we self isolate or social distance – follow the advice – but don’t forget to say ‘morning or evening’ to folks and check if those close to you (or even the random neighbour you don’t really know) are okay.

We’ve all seen stories of the worst of us, let’s make sure we continue to do our part in being the best of us.


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  • PompeyYid, I can see Levy using that excuse alright but that’s all it is a excuse. Shameful he is that tight he wouldn’t leave a bread crumb on his plate. PompeyYid please don’t excuse his behaviour, if you where one of those workers how would you feel???? A billionaire tax dodging owner in the Bahamas and his 7million earning nephew along with the other directors and players that make enormous wages out of the club. Sod the peasants let them rot.

    • Pauric….obviously my writing was crap, so was misread/misunderstood, I was not trying to excuse his behaviour, I was trying to say/ask that maybe he was attempting to shame the highly paid players to take a pay cut , because it is voluntary and cannot be forced, check with their dominant union.

      I never once said I agree with what he did/said, of which I do not agree.

      You ask if I was one of the workers how I would feel, there is no words to describe my feelings of how I would feel. COYS 4 ever

  • In my post above, I am writing here as I’m still cutting down on VS posts until the site is back working properly

    However I have to say… Levy has got it wrong… THFC / Enic should be supporting the 550 employees, not laying them off. Just look at the money we have made and Joe Lewis / Alan Sugar have as an example, with Levy not shown as repaying any of his allegedly £7m salary & bonus for the financial year. Levy has, IMO…. caused spurs reputation to be badly tarnished, and is just what the media need to stick the boot into us yet again. Perhaps Levy and the board / players should reverse their stance and do the right thing.. take a pay cut and donate to NHS North Mid .. Chase Farm.. Barnet hospitals / Local Charity causes. Even Jose a new addition to spurs has made an effort to help out locally in Enfield !

  • Pauric… agree there. I think It was France general Bonaparte girlfriend Josephine who said about the French poor / peasants… let them eat cake. Im sure TK can tell us the correct historical scenario / words…

  • Just watched a bit of Football focus today. Re-players pay cuts etc. I heard the, Sheffield Utd manager
    (can’t recall his name) more or less call for a common approach from all prem clubs. I’m beginning to wonder is anyone afraid to put their head above the parapet in this. If this is the case they need to meet NOW agree an approach. To take a reduction in wages. Give it to non playing stadium staff, other lower clubs and charities.

  • ND…spot on, most of us have been screaming our lungs out to get the players to stand up and be counted, as you say cut wages, pay non playing staff blah blah, but me thinks their union has a massive hand in this negativity. COYS 4 ever

  • Niall….I don’t think it is the clubs themselves that are holding up any decision, it is the players union the PFA.

  • Well PompeyYid, first of all I hope your doing well along with your other half I know your a full time career so utmost respect to you. Regarding your comments earlier I think the players are been badly advised bye there union and I also believe the players haven’t got a pair of balls between them to stand up and do what’s correct. Regarding Mr Levy he might do a u turn on his comments but not because the players cough up the dosh, he might just do it to save face but unlikely. He has brought a real tackiness front and centre to Tottenham hotspur football club and a lasting bitter taste among our fans and the general public.The cream rises to the top, but I’m afraid Enic and Levy are sinking to the bottom.A new low for Enic corporation.

  • Pauric mate, thanks for the best wishes and the same back to yourself and family, to add, all this so-called help for the vulnerable, well we haven’t had any/non/zilch/nadder etc, luckily I am a big strong lad! lol! of 65+ years and ex forces so bloody well organised.

    What you said is so true regards Levy & Enic, I was just trying to maybe see a brighter side to them, typical me really always looking on the brighter side, think a group of comedians once said that lol! but unfortunately I failed, lol! you are probably right in your comments.

    I see L’Pool have followed suit as with others.

    As a fan of football and Spurs for 60+ years all this is deeply embarrassing. COYS 4 ever still.

  • I also feel embarrassed to be associated with PL football as well PY. I am in despair, it is absolutely shameful that the PFA are trying to deflect the criticism that is rightly coming their way by claiming that the NHS would lose out by £200m through lost tax income if PL players took a 30% pay cut. How much government money is going to go to all levels of the game through the furloughing scheme that could be paid for within the game by spreading the load more fairly?

    I have to kind of defend Levy and the growing number of PL chairmen by saying that clubs will be taking a big hit on income right now and it would require the playing staff to agree to sacrificing some of their enormous wages in order for the club to have sufficient funds to continue paying the non-playing staff for any length of time. It is totally immoral for the clubs to have to take money from the government pot to pay non-playing staff while still paying such ridiculous sums to players and coaches. We should remember, it is the players union that is fighting against/delaying any pay cuts.

    As I said previously, I no longer feel able to contribute through media subscriptions or any other way toward this industry that is showing such total disregard the the unprecedented situation we are facing as a society. We keep being told we are all in this together….this clearly isn’t the case despite some of the personal gestures being made by some.

  • Danny……can I ask, the server move that resulted in the page 2 issue, what were the circumstances?

    Was this an internal upgrade of hardware and/or operating system at Vital, a move from an internal server at Vital to a hosted platform, or a move from one hosting provider to another perhaps?

    One of these scenarios could have caused and might explain the issue we are all tired of now. 🙁

    • I honestly have no idea TQ2, I just know we moved servers so I assume server company/host to a new one.

  • Something for all to ponder………..why is the club not furloughing the players as well? Would be an interesting experience for them all to live on £2.5k per month!

    • TQ…one of the best and funniest questions in years, made me chuckle at the notion, and yes it would be interesting lol! COYS 4 ever still

      • I’m sure I read Coventry and another couple of clubs have now furloughed players – so it proves it can be done.

  • TQ2… Rumour years ago….Ken Bates at chelsea used to give players shorter contracts.. i.e. Laying them off at seasons end, restarting at the new season. So saving him / club hundreds of thousands in wages…. Then he developed part of the Stamford Bridge ground… then went onto new Wembley stadium construction.

    Could not get away with that sharp practice today… As seen by players union delaying tactics.

  • Hi block 108, hope you and yours are keeping well, must be more worrying for you guys living in and around London right now, we don’t have things anywhere near as bad down here in the south-west.

    Clubs couldn’t give shorter contracts nowadays, we see from our own situation that having players out of contract, or nearing the end of it, can cost the club huge sums because of the value of transfer fees now. In Ken Bates day at Chelsea transfer fees were just a fraction of what they are now so there wasn’t so much at risk. I wouldn’t describe offering a player a 10 month contract sharp practice even if it were possible, many seasonal workers such as fruit and veg pickers work on this basis, it’s an industry norm and isn’t designed to underpay them.

  • Never in the field of human suffering has so little been offered by the few to support the many who pay their hard earned money over to provide them with their priviledged lifestyles.

  • TQ almost Churchillian quote there. I saw Danny Rose made a donation of a, substantial amount to a local hospital. He stated on Radio 5 that Jordan Henderson is trying to find a way through negotiation to allow players to contribute around 30%.This is the sort of thing Harry Kane should’ve been doing.
    TQ I’m in the same boat as you starting to get fed up with this pampered crowd.

  • So we all got an opinion of Levys decision so i may has well vent mine.

    First i think we have to say that profits doesn’t amount to cash available. So the profit we made and what cash is available to pay players and non playing staff and our other commitments is two different things. Cash flow can be problematic in short term and possibly long term, think we need to understand that. So Levy has had to look at available cash and see what has to be paid.

    First players has they are contracted and he cannot break those contracts and secondly he cannot get government help in their wages. Then the debt payments have to be paid otherwise servere penalties. Then he has to estimate how long this is likely to continue and see what cash flow he has, nothing to do with profit. Its worth noting here he has said this before, there is not a lot of liquidity available most of profit is tied up in assets and transfer of players is always on a basis of what we old fold call ‘tick’ not cash.

    Has for getting 80% paid by government well while its seems bad it isn’t has bad has it is being out to be. 550 workers some of them on higher wages, like scouting, trainers, admin, all sorts of workers, its not just the catering staff, so the cost to the club will be immense. But i would think its more about cash flow.

    So next argument is players contributing. First Levy cannot stick around waiting for the players to decide. Every day without revenue has major implications on cash flow and on the club long term. The players knew the impact weeks ago, and nothing came up. They knew has Italy clubs took cuts etc so they had every opportunity to speak up and offer help. What was Levy suppose to do sit and wait. Secondly, the problem with players helping out, do they all want to help the club, im not sure. Can you see Rose wanting to help Spurs, Levy! May be many of them prefer to help nhs. Either way Levy had to act according to his cash flow and the long term impact it would have on the pitch. Lets get it into perspective about asking government for 80%. A well known super store is about to go into administration if things don’t improve very soon. That tells you about how companies are struggling regardless of profit, its about cashflow, available cash.

    The next argument is our owner. Well until now owner’s are not able to put money in due to ffp although i believe they are relaxing that so owners can now help out. Levy took the action before that was relaxed and im not sure if its been relaxed yet or only talked about.

    Many large companies will be asking government for help with the 80% and they want be publised but because its football its gone public. My guess is big companies will be using the government because at the end of the day its about cash but also about protecting their companies. Have MPs taken pay cuts? From a business point of view Levy is jot prepared to lose put and why should he. The government have neglected this country for a long time and they will stand after this but businesses will fold and struggle and businesses like football clubs who have worked their socks of to build up will not see why they should lose out when its not their fault. It could be argued that the spread of this virus might not have been so bad had government had acted faster.

    While its sucks that Levy has cut non playing staff wages by 20% and used government scheme while players are being paid so kuch, and him as well i think we have to try and see all sides and why he chose that way. Levy to me is always helping the community so he isn’t tight. He is a business man who does what is feels is right for the club to stay viable and we have to trust him now, that he is the expert, he is for once is now doing what is right for the club. We moan he hasn’t a clue when it comes to on-field matters but don’t insult his intelligence when it comes to business, he hasn’t got to where he has without being very good and know his job and now we are moaning he is going wrong way about it. I think he knows what he is doing even if it isn’t popular. I seriously think its about cash flow and availability and not hanging around waiting for others like players to decide if they want to help. Timing in business is crucial and he has been proactive.

    I trust Levy when it comes to his decisions with regards to business and the right thing to do now. Those non a average wage taking a 20% cut isnt likely to be too hard if they are on low wage has most will be on UC top up and they will just get it topped up. Some might not be on UC but i bet a lot will be if wages are low. Those on a higher wage a 20% cut want matter that much.

    Every penny Levy saves will serve the club during, after this pandemic. I bet those who are moaning about what he has dine will be those who will be banging on about spending on transfers in summer. The revenue Levy was expecting not just from football but other stadium events is a huge loss and it has to be clawed back and not added to by paying staff who are not working. Its perfect business sense even if it feel wrong. But the bottom line is people are looking at profit and not cash.

    I think the players will give but i get a sense they want to help nhs and i get that, but then again, it could be argued that the nhs shouldn’t be in this position, this austerity of a government has crippled the nhs. Also players might feel why help the club they got wealthy owners. The point is there is always different perspectives. Why should clubs be out of pocket when its not their doing. Why should players be out of pockets, why should people pay nhs when government has failed them for years. Everyone will have a perspective and different feelings.

    I think no matter what Levy does he will always get jumped on. Yet he is generous and helps the community and lets face it while he gets slaughtered for not paying higher wages, every footballer is over paid. Football is an emotional sport and it brings the worse out of people at times. Levy can’t win whatever he does.

    Im not saying i agree with what Levy has done. I don’t agree or disagree but what i try and do is have trust in Levy decisions in as much has he is doing what his expertise thinks is right foe the future of the club. Morally and ethically is another question but i do t buy into Levy being a bad person or a tight person. He is a good guy from what i see.

    This pandemic is a mess. Its a roller coaster and its devastating for many who have lost loved ones and its also crippling business and their livelihoods. So stay safe and be kind and follow the rules of government to stop the spread and lets pray we come through this sooner rather than later.

    Will anyone be made accountable foe this pandemic? Probably not.

  • So we now read of another PL player, none other than our own former player Kyle Walker, flouting the lockdown rules to party, allegedly with sex workers. It is also reported that James Maclean is whining that he needs to provide for his family after a ‘short playing career’ so justifying not giving up any pay.

    What would you or I do if we lost our job in our mid thirties with another 30 years before retirement? We would get another fcuking job!

    Close to four and a half thousands killed by this virus so far in the UK, and we haven’t reached the peak yet, and all we see is irresponsible and selfish behaviour from professional footballers leading priviledged lives. Fcuk them all.

  • I have to agree with much of what Loz says. My own posts here were never about Levy. I just think Tottenham both as, a company and a club have shot themselves in the foot with their actions. This last week has been a PR nightmare. Whilst I don’t have all the information ref players wage structures
    (who does), I feel Tottenham as a business could ve steadied the “ship” for a, week or two more before furloughing staff. By this time we may have had some type of offer from players. Who knows.

  • Be nice if everyone checked in once in a while so that we know everyone’s okay …. HT, BS, et al. Stay safe lads.

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