Date: 29th March 2020 at 8:30pm
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With the current hiatus in the 2019/20 fixture list and no real clues as to when, or if, the campaign will continue or be voided – we all need a bit of distraction as we know transfer rumours have already spiked and there will be more nonsense on the newsfeeds than even Donald Trump can muster in a single off-script press conference.

While away the time here with chat, nonsense and even good news stories doing the rounds to help keep our spirits up during this period.

And above all else, as we self isolate or social distance – follow the advice – but don’t forget to say ‘morning or evening’ to folks and check if those close to you (or even the random neighbour you don’t really know) are okay.

We’ve all seen stories of the worst of us, let’s make sure we continue to do our part in being the best of us.


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180 Replies to “The CovYid Distraction Thread 1”

  • I’ve made my stand…..I’ve cancelled both my BT Sports app and Now TV Sky Sports app and won’t be renewing when the football returns.

  • It seems to me that Prem Clubs and its so called superstar players have the “I’m alright Jack, eff the rest of you attitude” or is this being driven by the players union.

    Mind, give B’Mouth’s management their dues they have taken/offered a pay cut.

    Also if a so-called top player comes out and say’s I will take a pay cut, he will become an instant hero in the eye’s of the people/fans/mugs, but am not holding my breath. COYS 4 ever.

  • I guess nobody can be bothered posting on page 2 now, no surprise really, over to you Vital!

  • TQ2.. yes its a real bring situation this page 2. So after this post i’m not posting as well on page 2 or more. or even… not at all

    Harry Kane should take a pay cut, and be the leader in this. His reputation / respect will increase 10 x.

    DW its time your Vital Football colleagues got their fingers out and fix this site, ready for season start.

  • TQ…to be honest what is there really to post about at this time, regards Spurs, I think generally any posts by peeps are through sheer boredom. COYS 4 ever

  • PompeyYid, absolutely right. I find it hard that not one premier league player has come out and said he will take a pay cut. I am sure many others will follow.
    And shame on Daniel Levy for firstly, furloughing the non – playing staff which was bad enough and secondly for not making up the remaining 20% of their salaries.
    I hope the spurs players agree to make up the difference themselves.

  • That’s exactly right DH. All we need is a gesture from our players. Something to show that they are in solidarity with their fellow staff at the ground. A 20% pay cut by them all would surely cover the wages of the stadium staff who greatly need it. We are supposed to be in this together.

  • Niall I’d be amazed if 20% didn’t cover staff – or dare I say, at least encourage Spurs to make up the difference as we should already be doing.

    PFA are a joke here – I get their standpoint on L1/2 and there are some Champ clubs who will massively struggle – but not Prem level – especially for established clubs in my humble – and if they do, it’s their own fault, so Directors etc should be liable.

    Pathetic that players/Execs haven’t come out and said we respect the PFA working towards a solution for us all, but we voluntary agree to cut 20% now (backdated to the postponement of games) to support our vital club colleagues on the non playing side and ensure they receive 100% in this troubling times.

    Furthermore, we encourage the PFA to work towards a £20k per week cap on all players, and given our own financial commitments, whilst £20k per week will feel high to many supporters – we have families and commitments of our own – but that means a further £20k a week from the most rewarded players can go into a PFA fund to support our lower paid colleagues at other clubs, who should already be taking care of their non playing staff.

    Wibble – you take point.

    No deferments, straight pay cuts.

  • Whatever they decide to do it’s too late for me now, I’m never going to pay to watch PL football again. It’s time for supporters across England in particular, but also more widely, to stand up and say we are no longer prepared to be ripped off by the media companies so that they can shovel money at the clubs and in doing so fund the ridiculous wages being paid.

  • DW…spot on there, as ND said 100%.

    Until these highly paid “prima donas” say off there own back say “cut my pay!” the unrest and pissed off attitude towards them will only get stronger.

    B108…totally agree regards “Our Arry” become an even bigger Spurs legend and offer to take a good pay cut, lead the way young man, and eff your union. COYS 4 ever.

  • With the world economy taking a massive hit you have to wonder where Levy is now going to find someone willing to shell out loads of dough on naming rights.

  • TQ2S….could not agree more with your post at 9.33am, though good thinking for standing up, I really do not think it will happen.

    Hopefully all that is happening may force a change in the mind set of modern football, but again am not sure it will happen. COYS 4 ever still.

  • Agreed folks. With our “arry it’s even more than being one of our own. He’s the England captain and this is a national crisis. HK10 is very much a” Roy of theRovers” character, he is a national hero (OBe, MBe?). Let him show the leadership that was going to take the team off the pitch after he received the award. Common Harry be a leader your not working but still earning give 20 % lead the way. Give 20.

  • Niall….20% is nowhere near enough. PL players earn on average about £4m a year in wages alone, never mind image rights etc., even if they take a 50% cut for say 6 months they would be giving up £1m and still earning £3m over the year. I don’t think that is too much to sacrifice to help the cause in these exceptional times.

  • My post at 12.08 went straight on then disappeared, now on again, so not right yet.

    ND…spot on with “our Arry” great shout, so come on lad lead by example. COYS 4 ever still.

  • Daniel Levy and Mike Ashley have really shown themselves up for what they really are. (parasites) Daniel Levy and Enic have shamed the club and any Tottenham fan that backs Levy decision to cut the pay of average and lowly payed employees is seriously lacking in any moral standing. I would not be surprised if he tries to do a u turn if and when the players take a wage cut and its all a little to late boys. I’m not a season ticket holder but if I was I would tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine greedy b#####d, YOU CAN’T BUY CLASS.

  • I have my hard hat on and am ready, right here goes…

    Most are calling Levy a tight arse for what he has done regards the workers of Spurs FC, now could it be a reverse type publicity? to put pressure on the clubs top earning footballers to do their bit and offer a pay cut, it is just a thought.

    I have seen on/in all the sports news that the Prem has made a number of offers/promises, but regards the wage cuts, will the players union allow it? and will the union live in the real world? of the way things are today. COYS 4 ever

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