Date: 25th June 2019 at 2:31pm
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It seems that with far too many matches we watch at the moment there is ongoing controversy about the way that VAR is being used and is affecting the game.

Okay, so it’s a new system and there are issues to be ironed out. But surely there is a better way of introducing the system than is currently happening? It’s all about consistency. And, currently, there isn’t any. The lack of consistency appears to have introduced more issues than solutions in the way the system is being used.

I’ve seen some excellent VAR decisions (remember the City game!) and I’ve seen some terrible decisions. I’ve seen decisions where every supporter and television viewer could see the obvious result, only for VAR to decide otherwise. How the hell can that be possible?

We are now seeing a period of time after a ‘specific play’ on the park where none of the players or any of the spectators know what is happening. The players play on, but are unsure if play will be stopped because VAR is busily checking out possible infringements. The result of this is that the game loses its natural ‘flow’. It becomes stop/start/stop.

I watched one game where play was halted for 5/6 minutes until a review had been completed. At the end of that half there were 2 minutes of added-on time! How is that explained? It’s so basic that it’s ridiculous.

Maybe VAR should only be used in absolute ways instead of reviewing ANY possible infringement. We already have goal-line technology which works. VAR would be beneficial in reducing all the holding, pushing, and shoving, inside the box which has always been problematic for officials. I firmly believe that the officials should officiate and control the game, with VAR supporting in as few circumstances as practical.

Any rule changes introduced to improve the game can’t be bad but the operative word is ‘improve’. At the moment it seems to me that there are just as many (if not more) negatives relating to VAR than there were when the officials had complete control of the game. Human error has always been a factor in officiating but at least it rarely affected the flow of the game or the uncertainty for players and fans. The fact is that the VAR reviewer is human. It now appears that ‘human error’ is a part of the VAR review process as well. Is that improvement.

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  • None I hope Frank, I don’t think we need a gooner supporter who cries foul every time someone tackles him.

  • Gooner supporter he may be, but he is also one of the most influential players in the PL as his stats show. Going down easyish is not a bad thing, you don’t win any medals getting kicked to ribbons and standing for it, a penalty now and again would be very welcome. I would love to see Zaha in a Spurs shirt, he would be a great attacking addition. Having said all that, it is obvious that it won’t happen, he will cost too much. It looks as though the Ndombele deal is drifting away for the same reason, if you want to play with the big boys you have to spend proper money, which is totally foreign to our “cheap and cheerful Levy philosophy”. We have been here so many times during the ENIC tenure. The lad from Leeds and the twins from Fulham are in our price range, but the likes of Ndombele and the Argentine lad from Real Betis are just wishful thinking, they are Waitrose or Fortnum and Maon signings, we are still at Aldi and Lidl and likely to stay there.

  • Frank….you mentioned Willian as a typical Levy nearly, maybe so, but if I am correct Willy was signing until his agent got a call from Moaninio offering twice the wages he was signing for us for, thus off to the Chavs he went.

    Zaha said he wants to leave CP for another London club, also adding the Gooners were his preferred destination, as they were his boyhood club, thus come and get me. Do we want a Gooner supporter amongst our squad? sorry not for me. COYS

  • Have you shopped in Waitrose recently Frank? You would be surprised how competitive their food prices are compared to the low to mid-priced competition.

    You surely have to agree that we are in a better position now than we have ever been to compete with oil rich clubs on a sustainable level and within FFP rules, who do you think has steered us to this point? It wasn’t the tooth fairy! :- )

    Sorry but can’t agree with you on Zaha, there is no doubting his talent but I would question his temperament and it would never sit comfortably with me having a goon supporting player in the squad.

    With regards to the Sessegnon twins, I’m not convinced by Ryan, yes he had a very good first season in the championship but only showed his ability very rarely in the PL and not at all against the top sides. He might have potential but this certainly isn’t worth the reported £45m they are asking, I wouldn’t go above £15-20m based on his performances last season and his own contract situation. Can’t comment on his brother, have never seen him play.

  • It’s so easy to have another dig at Levy isn’t it… Read any old crap from the Lyon president’s mouth and it must be true. Meanwhile how can we say what is or isn’t typical from Daniel Levy? He keeps his business to himself. He doesn’t mouth off publicly.

    Aulas on the other hand is definitely being typical. He loves mouthing off to the media. Especially when he has a player for sale. And he has proven time and again that he talks bull…

    On Hugo Lloris; “I would put it at 50-50 that Hugo goes to Tottenham. Agreements have not at all been respected. We’ve done what we can. The negotiation with the Tottenham directors has been the hardest I have ever had to undergo in 25 years.”

    Hugo signed for Spurs on the same day that Aulas spoke these (50/50) words.

    Aulas once more when dealing with Spurs;

    “The deal for Clinton N’Jie [with Spurs] isn’t completed. A proposition from another fashionable English club has complicated things,” he said. The very next day Clinton signed for Spurs.

    Clinton said this about it;

    “I do not know why President Aulas said that. But I was never afraid that my transfer to Tottenham would not materialise. I have never had Arsenal executives on the phone, they only contacted my agent. My choice was made, I was determined to join Tottenham,” he said.

    And talking of Arsenal. (Sorry);

    Back in June 2017, Aulas said of an Arsenal move for Alexandre Lacazette: “Lacazette was told he could leave – we now have a very nice offer from Arsenal. But for us he will not leave.”

    A week later he added: “I do not think that Alexandre Lacazette will leave this summer.”

    A couple of days later Aulas admitted that the striker was heading to Arsenal: “The figure reported by the English media of around €67m is impossible and not realistic. Arsenal’s first offer was around €45m, the transfer will be concluded in the range of €45m to €50m.”

    There are other examples but I’m bored already!

  • Dele Alli wasn’t even Aldi or Lidl. At a mere £5m he was bought from a market stall that specialises in knocked off goods from the back of a Lorry.

    But, I think that lorry may have been on its way to make a delivery too Waitrose…

  • HT….haha! very good, I remember all them quotes from Lyon’s very own “door to door salesman” Aulas. COYS

  • Great research there HT. Let’s just ignore all the gossip and wait until signings are announced. Much less stressful that way. Let’s face it, the media are guessing as much as we are

  • Thanks DoncasterHotspur but I can’t take credit for any research as such. All of the Aulas quotes were found in one article I first read a couple of days ago. The journalist was basically telling us Spurs fans not to read anything into what the Lyon President might have said or will say about Tanguy N’Dombele.

  • Pogba wants to go to Madrid, Pogba wants to go to Juve. Madrid don’t want Eriksen, Eriksen is looking at houses in Madrid, Ceballas wants to leave Madrid, Cebellas wants to stay and fight for his place at Madrid. Spurs want Fernandes, Spurs have ended their interest in Fernandes.
    Bottom line is that no one has a clue what is going on, least of all the media. Let’s all wait and see. We still have international tournaments going on so it maybe a little while before there is much activity. COYS

  • When you say nobody has a clue what is happening, at least we can base opinions on past performance and track record in the transfer market, going right back to the start of the ENIC, Levy era at Spurs. Before we start blaming the huge infrastructure investment, we should remember Levy’s statement that this expenditure would not affect the player budget, some chance. Events since in the marketplace should surprise no one, it is just our chairmen reverting to type.

  • Frank….”we should remember Levy’s statement that expenditure blah blah” how do you know that he is not correct in what he says?, to be honest you do not, guesswork on your part derived from your hatred of the man, me I will make my mind up if what he says is b******t, if and when we haven’t signed anyone of significance by the seasons start. COYS

  • Geof – surely if you agree that VAR is a good thing in theory, then the only solution is to actually use it, and work through the growing pains?

    I don’t understand the logic of “let’s put VAR on the shelf until it actually works”. How are we ever going to get it to work if it is only ever used in a lab environment? In every area/industry, launching something new always requires real-life feedback at some point. Is VAR as good now as it’ll be in 5 years? Probably not. But the only way to get to where we want it to be is to go through a trial and error period. There is no working around that.

    Pierluigi Collina, ex top referee and how head of refereeing at FIFA, has recently said that during the WWC group stages, correct decisisons had been made by refs 92% of the time. With VAR, that brought the number up to almost 98%. 6% is not an insignificant amount of decisions – and well worth the investment.

    VAR already works quite well. It’s not nearly the “project” some on here make it out to be. The biggest issue to overcome is resistance to change from stubborn fans, it seems.

  • BS, because I don’t like VAR and/or certain rule changes it doesn’t make me stubborn or resistant to change. It just means that these are changes I don’t like.

    I won’t be marching in the streets of London Town, waving anti-VAR banners.

    You say that it works quite well, siting the WWC and how it has been ‘successfully’ utilised. But I have seen it be extremely inconstant. And to me, since the quarter-finals, they have almost definitely changed and held back their use of it because of the controversy that was rife in the earlier rounds.

    I have seen at least 2 clear handballs in the penalty area in 2 different SF matches, that were completely ignored by the ref. And yet according to the new rules around handball, I believe the defenders should’ve been penalised and penalties given. I saw both incidents as accidental hand ball but it is not supposed to be about intent anymore. So, why did the refs play-on? Is this new ‘black and white’ rule still open to ‘human’ interpretation? Surely not?

    I’m not being stubborn here, I’m just posing some questions. Questions I have asked before, along with many others (supporters, pundits etc), that no one can seem to answer. So, that which has supposed to make things so much more clear has only muddied the water for me.

    I’ll add that I hope VAR can work itself out in the coming season or two… Because I have already accepted that it exists and is probably here to stay. (But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. For now at least)….

  • HT – you may think what you want of it, but FIFA have actually come out with cold hard facts proving the VAR helps. That’s not to say that some errors won’t remain, it’s to say that without VAR there would be even more.

    The errors you saw may have been in the remaining 2% of errors. But no matter how you look at it , 98% is better than 92%… I’m not sure how many questions can be asked of those numbers.

    Nobody said VAR would eliminate mistakes altogether. What was said was that it would REDUCE errors. It’s a big difference.

  • So, FIFA are beyond deceit and the manipulation of stats n facts are they?

    I wasn’t talking about mistakes BS. I have said many times that I can accept them. I was referring to an obvious change in the interpretation of the new handball rule. And I have no doubt that FIFA have moved the goalposts in this at the WWC, in o order to have less controversy. If it was ll aso clear cut as you say then why this discussion in the first place? Or are we all wrong if we disagree with you?

  • HT I’m not going to beat this to death but 2 things are obvious to me:

    1. Whether you like it or not, the game has invested lots of time and effort in VAR, and it’s here to stay. Complaining about it forever isn’t going to change that.

    2. If you want to believe that FIFA are constantly lying or moving the goalposts, it doesn’t really matter what I say, you’re going to resist hearing it.

    I do find it amusing that you hold FIFA to such high standards regarding their communication and transparency, and question anything coming from them, yet when our chairman is himself guilty of being sparing with facts, lacking in transparency or flat out lying, you’re usually one of the first to defend him. Different rules for different people it seems.

  • LOL, BS…

    What any of that has to do with anything I have written about VAR, I do not know. Once again you are having a go at me for something that is in your imagination and not on what I have actually written… So I’ll end it there and once again concede defeat to you. Well done. You’re the winner and I’m the loser!

  • Having read all that Mike Riley said yesterday on the subject of VAR; He, the FA and PL look to be just as concerned as myself and many others on here about the way it should be utilised in the PL in the oncoming season and beyond. Essentially it seems that they are adjusting FIFAS new rulings and how it affected recent implementations of VAR in a concerted effort to minimise the controversy that we have seen in both the CL and WWC…

    He talked about everything we have covered on here and has come to pretty much the same conclusions as those of us that have expressed our worries about the new handball law, delays in the decision making and Referees over reliance on VAR in the WWC. And more…

    Funny that, ’cause it seems so obvious to BS that we have all mostly been talking BS on here! Whereas it turns out that it’s BS that’s been talking the real BS all along!

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