Date: 7th November 2018 at 3:30pm
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Fresh from last night’s Champions League victory over PSV Eindhoven as Tottenham Hotspur kept slim hopes alive, we now turn our attentions to Crystal Palace in Saturday’s late kickoff.

Well, I say fresh, it was a later night than originally planned for me at least, but the players should be relatively fresh given the manner of the victory and given our efforts on the evening prior to the goals coming, confidence should be flowing.

Palace are also in another lull with only one point to show for their last five matches and the game is a great opportunity to look to grow that gap on Arsenal.

At the time of writing I’m not aware of any injury issues and Dele Alli looked to have come through the game okay – but I am yet to play catch up properly. But manager Mauricio Pochettino’s options should be roughly the same even if we don’t welcome anyone back.

It’s a game we should be looking to take victory in and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Juan Foyth back this one as I’d imagine Poch will want him to bounce back quickly following Wolves.


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  • DW….Thank you for the articles coming thick and fast with Geofspurs in between, excellent.

    The mighty Cockerel will crow on Saturday. 0-2 COYS

  • Spurs have a weeks break between the Palace game and the big one against the Chavs. I would expect the walking wounded, who are coming back to life, to be rested in favour of the Chelski game. Victor Wanyama may figure as he is back in training now whilst Dier is kept back for another week. Dembele isn’t a structural injury so he may or may not be available a week on Saturday. Moura showed flashes of brilliance last night and I think he may be given the nod along with Son who needs game time, he’s not quite at the pace he was last season. The question for Poch is; who plays right back Aurier or Trippier? either one is going to face a roaming Zaha and, given Trippiers drop in form and Aurier being a bit of a lose cannon, Poch has only got Kyle Walker Peters for that slot and he ain’t fast enough. Were kind of stuck with regard to our back line Sanchez is a beast and will probably play but Foyth? Toby will probably get the nod but he’s making mistakes as bad as Lloris at the moment, fluffed his lines against PSV twice now, home and away! Beneteke is still coming back from Knee Surgery so their front line isn’t quite as potent. Townsend blows hot and cold so you never know what he is capable of Meyer or Ayew aren’t exactly pulling up trees and although they gave Chavs a run for it for the first 64 minutes they folded eventually. I think Poch will put a team out similar to the West Ham side with Wanyama back defending the back line and Winks being the ball carrier. Lamela may again may be used sparingly but I reckon Sissoko will definitely play a part as we need some strength and muscle in the middle of the park to counter some of their bigger players like Scott Dann Van Aanholt and Sakho. The Ultra’s will be up for it so the atmosphere will be electric, especially if we allow them to get in amongst us, its going to be a physical game which is why Delle and Eriksen may not start! Just have to hope we can kill them off but I just cant see Kane being rested for Llorente, poor old Harry he got severely clattered by PSV last night if Palace have a go will Poch risk him ! More questions than answers!

  • Cheers DW, indeed they’re coming thick and fast. Greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully, some rest for Kane over the next few days, with sharpness being the key for the likes of Alli, Eriksen and Winks.

    @OM, I think Trippier will get the nod, although I share your concerns about him – he did manage an assist for Lucas recently.
    Aurier didn’t do himself many favours.
    Let’s hope Poch et al. are having a word in training to refocus.

    Lamela’s been excellent recently – international recall – with his technique, vision and willingness to earn a yellow card for his running.

    Unbeaten Gazza unlikely to take the net, but Hugo has been looking better thankfully.

    Let’s hope Sissoko maintains his form on his return.

    A tough derby, but 3 points in this must(x4) win game. 3-0 after a strong defensive showing being the platform for the showmen. COYS!

  • Oyveh, It’s 2 weeks not 1 between the Palace and Chelsea matches…

    We have a lot of International players at Spurs and they include players like Wanyama and Eriksen that are key players for their countries and will probably be called upon to play during this break and, possibly Dele of course. All of whom are recently returning and recovering from injury. And we have players such as Toby, Trippier, Lloris, Davies, and Sanchez that have played in most matches for Spurs this season, also off to play Intentional matches…

    And, Oyveh, I’m not sure that Son needs game time as such to get up to scratch. I think he probably needs a rest after all of his travels and playing in recent months. Thankfully he has been excused from travelling to Australia for the South Korea matches. We also have Lamela (along with Foyth) travelling to Argentina… So no real rest for many of our players that could probably do with it…

    Even if players are called up for their countries but don’t play much or at all, we can’t really say that they have rested, when they have then had to travel here and there and train with their International squad.

    So, no rest for the wicked… Or Spurs apparently weak squad that is strangely full of Internationals…

    Anyway, Sorry for my diversion and back to my manor of South London and Selhurst Park and Crystal Palace.

    I am once again reading and hearing our supporters warning of the difficulties we could face against yet another lowly PL club and that it won’t be easy. Pointing to the speed and dangers of Zaha and Townsend for instance. Well this may be so but they have only won 2 and lost 7 of their PL games… So, they shouldn’t be that great or difficult to beat, surely…

    I say this because if any team does trouble us and, even when we beat them, many supporters that have said pre-match that it probably won’t be easy will then, post-match, start the big moan as to why Spurs were so bad for not making it look so easy at all, whilst barely mentioning the opposition, apart from saying they were unlucky not to beat us. Not because they played well (even if they did) but because they were unlucky given how poor our defending was and how rubbish our midfield and attack were in spite of beating them. Maybe it’s not the opposition having bad luck as such but more a case of ‘lucky’ Spurs this season… Or, are we are just not very good and only slightly better than those below us? If that’s the case, maybe we shouldn’t have such high expectations every time we play the really tough teams? I mean the likes of Barca and City , not WHU or Palace!

    So, for me, anyhow, I think we’ll thrash them. And, with whoever Pochettino can cobble together for his starting eleven…

    And, as usual, I won’t bother trying to analyse as to how and why we will thrash them. As I think it’ll be mainly down to us having the better players and scoring more goals than them… I’ll let Poch do the thinking for me. It’s easier that way. And either way… well, I could be wrong or I could be right… Up the Spurs!

  • This will be another hard ground out win. I think a 2-0 win spurs. As to defense, I thought Aurier was on left side and switched to right at wembley ? Anyway the pace of Zaha we will need 2 players to back up each other on that side of the park. Llorente will be involved in this game, Harry to play from the start to 55 mins or so. He did indeed get clattered by PSV who should have had more players booked. COYS

  • Geofspurs….it worked you did bite, I said 0-2 and you came back with the norm 0-3 well done, lol.

    HT….oh please stop talking honestly, It makes this site to interesting lol! COYS

  • Yes International Break…Glad you reminded me I would have turned up at Fulham Broadway wondering where everyone had gone! At least the Chavs have as many of their players on International duty as us so we are all in the same boat come the 24th November….with both Manchester’s playing each other this weekend 3 points against Palace would be essential to keep us in the mix! After the Juve result a Manure win or draw would be very handy harry!

  • Pochettino looks very happy in that picture above… I thought he was supposed to be particularly miserable this season… Much like our Wembley support, VS, our football and CL form…

  • OyvehMaria

    You’ve mentioned our poor, quiet support at Wembley this season and that our away support is much better… It’s certainly noisier.

    But, it’s often been like that for a good while now and even whilst we were still at the Lane… And, the last time I went to Stamford Bridge, (4 or 5 years ago), Spurs were thrashed 4-0 but the support was still loud, proud and non-stop…

  • Oyveh, I forgot to mention… Even if you do turn up on the right day at Fulham Broadway station for the Chelsea match, you’ll still be alone… The match is at every Spurs supporters favourite home from home, Wembley!

    I think that maybe you should stay at home more often…

  • I assume Moussa being out until January opens the door for Winks to get more starts ! Might not be such a bad thing, I love the Mousse but he’s really starting to look like he’s slowing down!

  • I hope we play with more of a spine in this one. Palace are playing quite well at the moment. If Dier isn’t ready then I hope we play with either Foyth or Sissoko next to Winks. Just for that bit of defensive intelligence.

  • I mean no disrespect to anyone on here or to the Eagles and their supporters. But I’ve read and heard many Palace and Spurs fans praising them for playing well recently but I don’t quite get it… To say they have been playing well whilst ignoring the fact that they haven’t won a PL match since mid September seems to be overestimating them a wee bit. (Lost 4 and drawn 2 since that win.)

    Many Spurs fans have been complaining about our performances and saying that we are not playing well at all and yet our resent form is far superior to theirs.

    But even if they do pay well v Spurs and somehow get a victory or at least a draw, I’ll still be very surprised. Especially as they have conceded twice as many PL goals as they have scored. 16 to 8.

    So, what exactly defines good form and bad form? Or should I say what defines playing well (Palace) to playing badly (Spurs)… (Genuine question.)

  • HT….a very good question there! will take some thinking about haha, I think the answer is in your post, play badly(Spurs) and win rather than play well(Palace) and lose, I would think the Palace fans would swap with us, though the scenario for us is play well and win, entertainment blah blah, do I make sense, am not sure. COYS

  • Palace are still very much reliant on Zaha playing well to get any kind of positive outcome from their games, if he is off his game, or is denied the ball, then they rarely show any threat. That being said, being coached by wily old Woy, they can be difficult to break down at the back when their defence is on their game.

    I still think we have too much quality for them, I can see us winning this quite comfortably on the back of a good fighting performance against PSV which will have given the teams confidence a boost.

  • You make sense, PY.

    I suppose its in many ways down to the expectations of Spurs supporters to that of the likes of Palace supporters.

    And I think that Palace supporters are far more supportive as well… They always get behind their team, good, bad or ugly. Whereas Spurs supporters tend to need the encouragement of seeing great football and great goals to get them going, whether winning or losing.

    A few weeks ago I wrote on here that Spurs so called ‘bad’ is often probably better than most PL teams ‘quite good’. And I’ll stick by that. I think we are proving it this season in the PL with our results, if not with the style and fashion of our play……

    Which is why I’m still quite optimistic for the season whereby many other fans are not. And because I think there are a few genuine factors to our poorer overall play this season that are more than obvious. And I see us doing well in overcoming these many obstacles whilst picking up mostly good results.

    It also looks to me that we are picking up on our game and playing much better football now. I can only then surmise that if we continue to improve on our actual football, that the results will get even better too…

    But, we’ll just have to wait and see if that does indeed happen… Let’s hope that we can continue to beat the teams like Palace, starting with them but, also get better results v the likes of Chelsea and Inter, etc…

  • Form can be temporary but class is forever, Spurs, as Harry Kane said after the PSV game HT, have been grinding out results rather than blowing opponents away like City do, we do just enough to beat teams! A couple of seasons ago our defence was so tight that it allowed us to play our game up front. You count how many times Harry Kane is back in the middle of the park looking for the ball and how may times he has to help out in the defence this season. We are just not clicking like we were last season or the season before. Danny Levy called some of our football “sublime” last season, you cant say that about us this year, we are playing some lovely football but only in patches we haven’t got the smooth passing that we used to have were back to the sideways passing and 63% possession with no end result in a lot of our games, that is why many commentators and punters on VS, me included, are not happy with the “style” we are playing. I have to say some of our results against lower teams have been quite lucky! If it had not been for the poor finishing by our opposition in some of our League games we could quite easily have had more draws; West Ham springs to mind, Cardiff was another as was Huddersfield…the game that really ruined our current total points was the Watford result when Poch said we played like it was a friendly! Winning is good but its how we win that matters and at the moment were not winning convincingly and when we lose we actually have been guilty of hitting the self destruct button – Vorm against Liverpool – Defence against Watford – Trippier against PSV – Lloris against PSV – Defence against Inter Milan. So may be our current points total looks flattering but I remain unconvinced by our performances but it doesn’t stop me from singing my heart out at Matches COYS!

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