Date: 6th May 2018 at 10:59am
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THFC is all about the project. The project at Tottenham is a work in progress and follows a plan. The Club Owner, the management team, and the players are unified in their vision for the future and in their support of the project. We march to the beat of our own drum! Well, that’s how it appears to me.

Projects can be short term, medium term, or long term. Unless a Premier League football club has access to unlimited funding, short-term projects might produce brief success but the success is rarely sustainable (Leicester). Some projects can be fast-tracked and end in disaster (Leeds). If we look back a decade or two it’s not difficult to see that the THFC project is steadily progressing. Many would point, quite rightly, to the fact that there has been no silverware success during this period but few could refute the fact that there have been many moments of exciting, entertaining, and absolutely brilliant football. And few could refute the fact that the clubs’ profile, locally and worldwide, has increased dramatically in recent years. That only happens with progress.

For the past couple of decades it has seemed inconceivable that Spurs could break into the top four …. and stay there. We simply did not have the ammunition. Many things happened throughout those years. The revolving door that led to the manager’s office was over (or was it under) used. There was no sense of stability, direction, or a future plan. Mostly, it was a matter of bringing in new players and hoping for the best. This was the story until Mauricio Pochettino joined the club.

In relation to the lack of silverware, Pochettino recently said, ‘The expectation always is massive. We are victims of our own success because we are ahead in our project.’

And that, to me, is the point. The project has not just started; it has been progressing for several seasons. But now, the future that was envisaged, and the progress toward it, is clearly on show for the football world to see. We are ahead in our project. Realistically, we should not be in the top four. As in the past, we should not be able to compete with the traditional high-rollers. But we are. Is it by good luck, or by good management; management that includes the buying and selling of players, the development of youngsters, the training regime, and the demands of the manager in terms of the way we play.

Football is a game of extremes; you can win and you can lose …. it doesn’t get any more extreme than that. Attitudes by many supporters are just as extreme; a few good results and the manager is the best thing since sliced bread. A loss or two and the manager is a moron and needs to be replaced. Supporters tend to adopt a far more fickle attitude toward their club than they would normally do in other areas of their lives. That’s football!

We have lost 7 games so far this season; all against top six teams, bar one. We have two games left, both against clubs far lower on the table than we are. We’ve beaten all of the top teams apart from City. We are now winning (or drawing) against all the teams we should expect to take points from. That has not been the case in past seasons. Money is obviously a big factor in football but there is more to success than trying to buy it …. or we would not be where we are on the table.

We have finished above Arsenal for two of the last three seasons. We are on track to say the same for Chelsea. We have finished above Liverpool for two (maybe three) of the last three seasons. We have finished above United for at least two of the last three seasons. We have finished above City for two of the last three seasons. We have achieved these top four places against all the odds.
Our average position over this three year period would put us at the top of every other Premier League club. And still, like a child in a sweet-shop, some supporters fail to acknowledge all the positives and demand more. The ‘more, being trophies. Some supporters will demand that ‘World Class’ players be targeted to enhance the squad. That would be nice …. but we have steadily progressed without doing this in the past. As far as trophies are concerned I agree with Pochettino; they will come. Just follow the beat of the drum!

Is the ‘Project succeeding? It certainly looks like it is to me!


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  • Yes we have come far but there will eventually come a point where we stagnate if we dont win trophies. You can only say its a project for so long.

  • Part of the problem is that most fans can’t think long term. The new stadium will define us for the next hundred years, a lot of fans struggle to think beyond the end of the current season.

  • Jod. Some older fans can’t afford to think long term. 1 trophy in Enics tenure is unacceptable for a club our size.

  • This is not me Levy bashing. Other aspects of the club he has done well. But ultimately what us fans crave the most is trophies, and we have been seriously lacking that under this regime.

  • these recent seasons our neighbours have won the fa cup — do their supporters see this as success ?? — i think not — there are really only two trophys now worth winning the championship and the european cup and lets not forget the wonderful run that brought to us — our problems have stemmed from our inability to be more creative in our recent matches and the bench just provides more of the same –thus the transfer window needs to be used with these considerations in mind

  • A very good article and read geofspurs, down to earth and simple.

    john also well said, but you must understand that a few will blame Poch for our lack of creativity and not the players, regards the bench providing much the same some will say 2/3 men for every position thus you get the similarities.

    We do need game changers on the bench, summers coming with all its transfer bull so lets just wait and see, mind the knives are already out regards Levy/Lewis/Poch. COYS

  • A point regarding criticism of Pochettino; if Jose had lost 1-0 to WBA he would moaned about ‘parking-the-bus’ tactics. Pochettino has more class than that, and a more realistic take on football. The only way some clubs can get something from a game against ‘footballing’ teams is to defend and hope for a breakaway goal. It is now an accepted strategy of the game …. because, sometimes, it works. Pochettino understands that.

    Some supporters come out with knee-jerk remarks after a poor result and then criticise Pochettino because he does not do the same. As I said, he has more class and football nous.

    Pochettino is not perfect. Who is? The only perfect thing on the planet is the voice of Eva Cassidy!
    Personally, I cannot understand why he does not give Moura much more game time. Moura’s first two runs against WBA resulted in him being fouled and the defenders being shown cards …. because they could not stop him as he ran toward the goal. But I’m not going to call for his head because of that. The result would be the start of another era of short-term managers and, once again, a total lack of stability. A good idea?

  • I for one believe in poch, less so Enic but as spurfect one says how long can we keep hearing of the project and more importantly if our best players are offered larger wages from clubs winning trophies do you think their sticking around ??? not so sure they will stay for a project without success that’s reality.

  • I agree, the stadium will play a huge part to the next century of the club, as will the training complex, youth recruitment and most importantly CL football, which the squad looks to do for a record third straight time, despite making it hard for ourselves.

    A few years back I recall telling some Gooners that we don’t look to beating them as our achievement of the season, as we had bigger fish to fry.

    We were a “cup” team, expecting to possibly nick one, although 60+ of the last 75 available domestic trophies have been won by Big4 and City so I didn’t get my hopes up too much.

    We’ve managed to get 2 of the 75 trophies. Some other clubs have managed to grab a cup, Swansea, Birmingham, Pompey and Leicester won the league, but none of those had models for consistent, sustainable development.

    Going to Europe had most in relegation trouble the following season, whereas we’ve been in for 10 of 11 seasons consecutively more or less.

    We’ve lost out in winning cups to Chelsea (League Cup Final 2015), again in FA cup semi 2017 and Utd 2018. Two teams who regularly compete for the league and know how to get over the line.

    Do we have a team that is capable? The stats over the last 3 years would suggest we are in the league, and we’ve set numerous personal bests in that time.

    Jan, Toby and Eriksen at Ajax, with Aurier and Lucas at PSG are the only league winners in the squad.

    It’s amazing that some expectations are so high given the resources available compared to our competitors in recent years. COYS!

  • Long term, how long is long term. We have won nothing since 2008, not a KO trophy or come anywhere close in the league. Impatient, yes I am inpatient to see this club illustrate the ambition, and determination to compete, not in building the poshest stadium to boost the owners property portfolio and the sales value of the club, but to actually win something like we used to do occasionally before ENIC’s arrival.

  • Frank, sounds like you would be better off as an Arsenal supporter, after all they have won the FA Cup three times in the last five years. Yet their fans aren’t happy as they drift away from the top four. You would presumably be telling them they are doing much better than we are.

  • Winning a trophy one season means little when the next season starts. It’s about enjoying the week by week games, and I’ve had plenty of enjoyment with that. The first priority at the start of every season for every club is to avoid relegation. Then the fun starts!

  • Sorry jod. As An accountant and money man Levy, knows exactly what the sums are no one here will be alive in 2118.. so won’t care, the fans crave silverware … how can you tell frank to support Arsenal ffs, how many titles have arsenal won since 1961, FA Cups CL finals etc … Arsenal have stagnated and appears we are now .. Poch, is not being backed and consistently F’s up … he relies on overpaid under achievers … lamela,Sissoko,Llorente, why pay 15m for That waste of space could of kept Janssen instead … the general fan doesn’t care about a STBP or a LTBP… don’t be naive to think that Levy won’t make profit year on year .. our pivotal point was now … Kane is out of touch over worked … needs a rest but can’t why because of the useless strikers Poch buys… end of the day, this team should be winning the LC or FA Cup minimum no excuses rather than just give up like half of the pathetic lot did yesterday then make excuses .. starting with Poch … I can think of 9 players who should leave this summer, disgrace from the team ..l
    Well said Frank.

    • Absolute ill informed rubbish.
      Levy has a degree in land management. He is not, nor has he ever been an accountant. Although I forgive you your ignorance, as most people consider him a money man when he is actually nothing more than Joe’s yes man

  • If you have limited resources it is up to the manager to make the most of what you have. Not sure Poch has done that. Yes we have had winning runs against the lesser teams but have largely fallen short in games that really count. This is down to not having a Plan B in these situations and not properly using the talent on the bench, the neglect of Lucas Moura being a prime example. Just relying on his favourites, Harry, Dele, and Lamela, to come good is not good enough in my opinion.

  • 100years …. ‘We should be winning the LC or FA Cup minimum’. Is that every year? What do United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and City think of that, not to mention every other club. Will they just roll over and let Spurs win? It’s all about competition. We can compete even if, so far, there has been no end product. It is not written in the stars that Spurs should win trophies anymore than it is for any other club.

    General question …. Can anyone enjoy watching football without winning a trophy?

  • No Geoff, the caliber of team that we have had over the past 4 years under the gaffers stewardship, we have reached 1 final lost. We have reached 2 semi finals and lost. When you have a manager who doesn’t care for the FA Cup and Leauge Cup. It sets out a poor mentality, Manchester city won the Leauge cup. Regardless of squad, we are capable of winning both, bar the manager with his favourites. Seriously, Lamela was awful as others have said. Changes formation.. throws away leads to Juventus Man City, West Ham. It’s a re accurring pattern of his. It’s not acceptable, he’s paid to do a job, and there is no excuse for not being up for a fight in an FA Cup final or bearing a team such as WBA. His leadership is questionable at Present .. a trophy and 3rd minimum next season or he has to leave and let a serial winner come in. Levy needs to back him or sack him with a larger transfer budget and better players to move THFC forward.

  • Projects…sounds like an IT business proposal. The problem with most projects is that they overrun because they are not founded on reality. Poch has stated that his project lasts 8 years. If you are a 24-yo star MF player like Eriksen who is underpaid in relation to his skill set, are you likely to wait until 28 to see whether the promise is fulfilled, especially if in that time CL football disappears and no medals are achieved?

    I think Poch is doing an ok job but he can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear no matter how many years he has. The new stadium will not change anything regarding wages or recruitment until well after this team has atrophied and stagnated. The signs are already there. Without actually developing our young talent (which is greatly overhyped if you look at our current team) or making some amazing signings this project will finish like all long-term projects, unless you can live to 120.

  • Is it luck, coincidence or fate, that; “serial winner” managers tend to win stuff with serial winner clubs?

    …Until they occasionally lose, of course?

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