Date: 28th July 2017 at 3:42pm
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Managers of the ‘big’ clubs are deciding to have their say on Spurs. A week ago Jose Mourinho said something about our ‘zero pounds’ expenditure. Whether it was intended as a sly backhander only Mourinho will know. There’s no reason for any of us to give a damn.

But this week’s attack by Chelsea’s Antonio Conte – and make no mistake, it was an attack – on what he called our lack of expectations and ambition – as evidenced by our lack of spending – was extraordinary. Conte is a passionate man. One can tell he is by his wild simian antics on the touchline at every Chelsea match. But he is also a solid thinker and speaker about football.

I enjoy his honest, considered and thoughtful post-match interviews. And one has to ask whether he does not make a valid point or two in his broadside against us. For example, he says if you want to improve your side you have to buy expensive players.

Let’s give the unrestrained Italian-speaker the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant good players rather than just expensive players. At Chelsea the two things are often confused. What Conte doesn’t address is the quality that might be coming from the Spurs youth academy – at the same time that he admits that Harry Kane, an academy graduate, is a great striker.

Just perhaps the Spurs leadership have spotted something else there.

Also, there is the undoubted benefit of having a young, hungry squad of players playing together for a few years, as Spurs have, honing their skills and increasing their desire for success. Not to mention one of the brightest young managers in the world, someone who it seems can actually coach and not simply spend.

Some Chelsea supporters have suggested that Conte might have taken exception to what the ‘hypocritical’ Daniel Levy said in a recent interview about unsustainability of spending in the Premier League this season. I read that interview too.

I agreed with many things Mr Levy said, and I found absolutely nothing offensive to anyone in any of his statements. The fact that Spurs’ lack of spending in this transfer market is such important news speaks volumes about the herd mentality of the ‘big’ clubs. They spend out of fear because they believe their rivals are going to get ahead of them.

We’re simply marching to the beat of our own drummer and they don’t get it. I have only one question for Conte: Why not worry about your own bloody club?


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  • What Mourinho said was actually very pertinent. As far as Spurs was concerned he was making the point that keeping what we had was the important thing not who we bought. More widely that where once the top clubs paid big money for great players now all clubs were paying big money for merely good players. As for Conte, maybe he’s feeling the pressure. I’m not sure what his outburst was meant to achieve. If he’s trying to play mind games he’s not very good at it.

  • jod,irrespective of what other managers say about us,I believe Daniel’s lack of expenditure when we were on the cusp of having a great team has let us down in the past.To finish 2nd was a fine achievement last season,but if you want to improve on that & actually win something you need to invest in better players.We probably need just 2 or 3 ,but if they were very good I’d back us to win the league.You do have think that Daniel thinks a fromagerie & a sliding pitch are more important than a winning team.I don’t go to matches to eat cheese; I go to see Spurs win games.

  • Greaves …. Do you mean better players than the starting eleven? Can’t see that happening. Or better players than some squad members? Which, of course, is possible. We are fortunate in that our team has been steadily improving for a couple of seasons, and there is still more to come from them as most of them have not reached their full potential yet. We already have enough star players, its the support act that needs a bit of attention. We’re not trying to catch up with anyone. We don’t need to as we’re already there. We’re progressing quite nicely as it is. Just my opinion.

  • Conte just said something that was so obvious he need not said it. We all know how the 2 clubs models differentiate. For us it has been a slow gradual process ever since Levy took over everyone, knows this already.

  • Conte admitted you guys got class players, that came for peanuts, like Kane. He was just saying you have to also supplement in buying with ambition. Whats interesting is some Chelsea fans actually questioned this as a dig at our own board, if you guys don’t know he left Juventus for the fact that they did not want to spend all that much on the players he wanted, and if you followed the tabloids there was some tension between him and our board with our lack of activity and lack of ambitious buys, this is per tabloids of course

  • Greavesaboveall – Taking Mourinho’s point how would signing merely good players (ie not as good as those we already have) change anything ? If you are talking about signing great players (ie better than we already have) then, as always, where does the money come from ? Comments like yours seem to be about spending for its own sake rather than with any clear football objective.

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