Date: 6th April 2017 at 9:41am
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Just when I thought the game was dead and buried, one down and with two minutes remaining up popped Dele Alli, Heung-min Son and Christian Eriksen to save the day.

Not sure my old ticker can stand much more of this!


Post-match Poch…

‘I believe we can win every game. If we play like today, then we’ll see.

‘I think it is important for us that we take it game by game and focus on our opponent.

‘We need to put more focus on ourselves and try to win games and give our best.

‘Today was another example that football is a collective matter. The spirit of the team is fantastic and that is most important.

‘Sometimes when you have problems you can fix them because you are ready to compete.’

Premier League Round-Up – April 4-5

Christian Eriksen said we never gave up hope as we secured a late win against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium.

He’s magic you know, Mauricio Pochettino! #THFC #COYS

Can we continue to carry the momentum into the game against Watford on Saturday?



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  • Let’s not forget that we kicked off with LLoris, Rose, Wanyama, Kane unavailable. Over a third of the starting lineup not even on the bench or ready for selection. Not just that, but these are undroppable players that we are missing. This forced us to change formation. Not the performance or the manner that we’d hoped, but got the result AND even improved our goal difference by 2. I feel for Swansea, but they have themselves to blame for not taking the points at home to Boro. Chelsea’s win virtually seals their title. It would take an almighty collapse now. I am just glad that we have taken a massive step towards second, 7 points behind our record points finish with 8 games to go. Wanyama & Hugo should be back for next match, Kane & Rose soon after that. I guess Janssen willl start next match…. As Ghana says, we can put some pressure on Chelsea by beating Watford and tempting that miracle to occur. Bournemouth have quietly improved lately: unbeaten in last 5, and in that time got draws at Anfield, Old Trafford, as well as at Soton, plus they won both home games. Let’s hope that they make this interesting for the neutral and the non-chav!

  • I hope last night was another lesson learnt in that against relegation battlers, we really need to impose and score early as they will fight even for a solitary point. Great with hind sight that we won in what in history books will show as a comfortable 3-1 and it was far from it. Not withstanding what Tony said in his post at 10:31 (all valid), hope the next few games v the ‘lower’ opposition are managed better! Had it been a loss or a draw, I am sure the mood here would’ve been different and reference made to all the ‘not so good’ points which are being brushed under the carpet. BTW, before the lynch mob has a go, I am delighted, delirious, ecstatic and can’t praise the team enough for the late effort and the outcome achieved by everyone involved. COYS!

  • TBF Critical, we try to score early in every single game we play, just the opposition don’t always allow it….

  • We improved once Janssen came on for Sissoku. Its not about ability or form, its about attitude. Janssen will at least give it everything. Sissoko won’t. Son is just as likely to score playing his normal position as being pushed up front, so its not as if we lost any goal threat by moving him back.

  • There will be more games like this before the end of the season where we will have to come from behind against a packed defence. We showed last night that the only way to win is by maintaining that high tempo right through to the end. Dembele and Eriksen both stepped up and i have to praise Vincent for his excellent play when he came on. Maybe he has got what it takes after all. I hope Victor is back for next game and that Danny can come back in form before the semi-final.

  • Ossie, exactly, im sure the intention is to score early, but at this level, you don’t always get what you want and sometimes, you have to find another route to victory. Thats what the best teams do.

  • re Sissoko, I do think he tries. Im not sure what lack of effort people are seeing. I do see a lack of ability, a poor 1st touch, mediocre passing and awful shooting ect, that being said, I actually thought he played ok in a more central position yesterday. Admittedly, the bar is quite low for him, but still an improvement by his standards..

  • It looks like Poch is alternating Son and Janssen up front until Kane returns…. So I expect Janssen to return for next game. Let’s hope he is buoyed by the impact he made, and kicks on. Critical – the problem isn’t games vs lower opposition, the problem is away games in general. We have won all but 2 home games, which were drawn (Leicecester and Liverpool). Our away record was mid table standard until the last 2 away wins. Now only Chelsea, Man C and Man U have better away records, but significantly better…. We really need to win the next 2 home games, before we go into a batch of 4 trickier games…

  • I think Janssen did well also when he came on, but Swansea were tired and mentally drained after we equalised, still don’t think he suits our style, nor do I think he will be with us next season but will have a part to play for us this season same with Sissoko, just donsnt suit us, and we have too many centrally for me to get a look in.

  • Ossie + Guyver, absolutely! Of course we ALWAYS want to start well and get that early goal, but life’s a bitch! It didn’t help the fact that once Swansea scored, they had two banks of 4 shielding their half and we found it very difficult to penetrate, ending up with sideways and backwards. Then I felt there was more urgency once we introduced the subs, may be Swans were tiring added to it. Sissoko might look a beast and seems to charge up with intent, but produces zilch. His signing makes me very mad. Should be reported to trading standards ‘cos he ain’t what it said on the tin or may be we forgot to check the sell by date!

  • I thought Routledge had a great game for the Swans. He was a constant threat. I also miss Siggy’s great deliveries on free kicks and corners.

  • Janssen, will come good. Sissoko has to go … he lacks any ability … every game he is poor, there is no improvement … look how we changed when Janssen came on. Janssen and son are getting an understanding… drop sissoko and play janssen.

  • 5 points clear of 3rd with a game in hand and 7 behind the leaders at this juncture. Life is good!

  • E17, I am also confident Jannsen will come good. Clearly coaches are working on him and it is beginning to show. I loved that shot on the turn he tok last night, one out of Harry’s book, well saved by the keeper. Would’ve loved Dele’s overhead attempt to have gone in! And that through ball to Eriksen for his goal was just peach and great execution from Christian! COYS!

  • When it comes to Sissoko, we should have ignored the hype and read the user reviews… He’s been everything Newcastle fans warned us he’d be. Clumsy, uncoordinated and no end product, but an excellent sprinter… he’s like a runaway train when he gets going. not much direction or control, difficult to stop.

  • Janssen is starting to improve by looking more threatening in front of goal. I hope he starts the next game. I want to see if he can contribute from the start rather than coming on vs tiring legs/minds.

  • Completely agree critical. I Feel so confident re this squad…. we do not need wholesale changes. We just need the right players in. Janssen, really looked class. He will eventually score, he seems to be getting fitter etc.

  • I think both Janssen and Son will start against Watford. I don’t think it’s a case that Poch is alternating them until Kane returns. Son, by all accounts, was fatigued after the international break and if he hadn’t been, I’m sure he would have started against Burnley. However, Sissoko has added so little, it seems a much better option to go with Janssen, Son, Dele and Eriksen up front.

  • It doesn’t make sense to move players on after one season when Son (one season later), Lamela (a couple of seasons later), Bale, Dembele, Rose (a few seasons later) all improved greatly since their debut seasons. Yes it would be nice to have every signing to make immediate impact such as Alli, Toby, Wanyama. But the reality is that some will, and some won’t. Of those that won’t, yes some will never make it…but some do. Better to persevere a little with the younger ones who have the time, and retain value. Janssen is 22, and WILL improve. Best to see what happens next season when he does not have so much excuse of settling in, adjusting to the training regime, faster brand of football, etc… Review at end of next season.

  • TonyRich – I’d agree with that as far as players coming from overseas are concerned, you should expect to only really see what they can do in the second season. When you sign someone who is already experienced in the premier league you would be looking for a much quicker response. If Alli is any guide playing in the lower leagues in England is actually better preparation for the premier league than playing in a top league abroad.

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