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Oh dear, it’s the topic everyone loves to argue about. Good old Daniel Levy!

For the last 10 or so years on here, I have had, and many others have had some extremely heated exchanges about good old Mr Levy. The man truly does appear to be the human equivalent of marmite. You either love him & totally respect what he’s done for our club, or you hate him & totally wish he’d sell up to some bent oil baron who has nothing to offer, other than bottomless pockets. The divide really is (or was?) that vast.

Speaking from my own perspective, for the life of me, I still can’t fathom out how some supporters have such hatred and vitriol for our chairman & part owner. It’s as though people preferred the days before Mr Levy came in, you know, when finishing 13th in the league & having a decent cup run were considered a successful season. Crazy!

I really don’t see or understand how people are able to deny that, year upon year, our club has become stronger than the year before, both on and off the pitch. Don’t get me wrong, Mr Levy has made some mistakes that were truly Gross (see what I did there lol). Many of those ‘anti-Levy’ supporters seem to turn to Mr Levy’s supposed bad treatment of the lovable lump that goes by the name of Martin Jol. However, those supporters conveniently forget that, when sacking Martin Jol, Levy was acting under the guidance of the snake known as Damien Comolli. Such was that decision a Comolli decision, Mr Levy went public and, after hiring Juande Ramos, state…

‘He has recommended Juande Ramos, clearly he will have [to take] responsibility if it doesn’t work, but I have every confidence it will.’ (The quote is in this link).

So, Mr Levy stuck to his word. Ramos failed, Comolli was booted & the club has got better and better ever since. We’ve gone from finishing 13th & having half decent cup runs to, well, when was the last time we finished lower than 6th? When was the last time we didn’t have European Football in one form or another? It’s been over 50 years since our club saw the consistency that is now being served to us each season and, whether we like it or not, much of the plaudits for this consistency MUST go to Mr Levy. After-all, if he’s responsible for the bad things that have happened since taking over, he must be equally responsible for the good things, too!

Whilst watching all the emotional scenes at WHL on Sunday (sadly in my front room) it was great to see a camera pan round to a massive banner that simply said ‘Thank you Daniel Levy’. Finally, public backing of a much maligned figure within our club. How on earth can we see that new stadium slowly swallowing the iconic WHL & not think to ourselves, ‘Bloody hell Danny boy, that’s impressive?’

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. I would not swap Daniel Levy for any other owner/chairman in the world. And I mean that! But my opinion is not the point of this article. The point of this article is, surely Mr Levy has now earned the right to be cut a bit of slack from even his most staunch of haters? What say you?



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  • To be honest Daniel Levy really only figured in my thinking during the transfer window and even then it was usually in the last couple of hours before it closed! For the rest of the season it was then a case of get on with it! We has fans had to work with what we got, just like the player and the management staff. Yes we may have missed out on Suarez but in general the squad has improved, we had a few miss-steps and a couple of real gems were produced at the last second. Its hard to deny that the man did have a vision for our club and (all be it slowly) we are seeing the vision become a reality. If it was my money that was backing Levy I certainly wouldn’t trade him for anyone else!! Its also hard to deny that the team has improved and as a premiership contender there is no comparison from where the club was when he came in to where we are now. However in that same time frame you only have to take a fleeting glance at what Arsenal achieved to see why Daniel Levy has gotten so much slack! By perennially appoint the “wrong” managers or coaches or instilling and then removing directors of football, he faffed around and prevented a proper development plan for the playing side of the business. His meddling had the direct result of the club not achieving sooner or greater success. Yes the last few years have seen a up swing in our fortunes and with Pochettino we now appear to have a match made in heaven, the type of coach who will work with what he has, not lament what he didn’t get and hide behind that when success doesn’t materialise, a man who will nurture talent rather then just purchase it, which means Daniel Levy can focus more on developing the net work of the club without having to asset strip the first team every 18months or so! However one word of caution – what if Barca or Real Madrid or Bayern were to lure away Pochettino over the summer, how confident would any of us be that Daniel Levy would be able to find a suitable replacement for him to maintain the consistency and footballing philosophy of the club?????

  • OK, here I go… Remember, you asked for this Coopsie! The first point I want to make is that Levy does deserve credit for righting the ship financially. Well done. But how long can he realistically take credit for that? This was 16 years ago. Continuing to give Levy credit for something he did in the first couple of years of his reign is long gone. What has he done since? We can talk about the failed transfers and the managerial merry go round (until he finally got lucky with MP – but overall his record remains dodgy at best). We can talk about the lack of trophies (1 League Cup in 2008). But where I disagree the most is with a couple of points you make in your article, Coopsie. Levy “acting under the guidance of the snake Comolli” is utter nonsense to me. You present the situation as if Comolli was calling the shots, and Levy was merely a passenger. It is the other way around: Levy was/is the chairman and the end responsibility stops with him. He hired Comolli and chose him to make football decisions, and still had a final say on any deal Comolli proposed. Any decisions brought by Comolli only happened because Levy allowed it in the first place (as an aside, I also remember Comolli bringing the likes of Bale and Modric to the club – say what you want but not all of his decisions were bad for us). Secondly, stating that the club has gone forward every single year is also untrue (“I really don’t see or understand how people are able to deny that, year upon year, our club has become stronger than the year before, both on and off the pitch”). In 2011, we were in the CL quarter finals. Where were we in 2013? Yes, we are better off now than 16 years ago, but there have been many peaks and troughs in the meantime, and certainly not constant progression like you suggest. We have gone backwards on several occasions during Levy’s reign, dismantling great teams in the process and sometimes failing miserably to reinvest in the squad (see: the Bale money). Finally, let’s also keep in mind that LEVY IS THE HIGHEST PAID CHAIRMAN IN THE PL, so we have every right to expect above average performance, at the very least. The purpose of my post is not to paint the picture blacker than it is, as Levy has done many things right too, but while we could certainly do worse, it is a massive claim to say that you wouldn’t trade Levy for any other chairman out there, and one I simply don’t agree with.

  • Comparing DL to Marmite does a disservice to Marmite. Ouch. Seriously, the proof will be in the pudding for my evaluation of DL after this summer. If he cuts up the group we have to save a few quid, then off with his bald head with Prince Hal’s sword. If he listens to Poch and gets rid of the few that Poch would like to move on, and he adds the couple that Poch wants, then I’d buy him a a long neck Skol or some Pitu on the beach. He doesn’t look the sort to puff some maconha with me. That’s a lot more slack than most on this site would have granted him a few years ago.

  • Have you returned Coops, or are you just teasing us? Smiley face printed here next to that quizzical face emoji with the shrugged shoulders and hands up.

  • Hmmm Some good points by coopsie & Belgianspur. We lost 3 league cup finals (one a penalty shoot out alex fergies man utd) and won 1 in last 10 years. Lost a semi final FA Cup to portsmouth as well so not too bad a run there. Europa League entry every year after since BMJ manager and (2010 CL) to last year (CL again) I would say half way between the 2 posters is about right. We did have AVB after harry and some millions of wasted money on transfers and over crowded playing roster. Also we had over 3 years of Archway Steel trying it on for payment of 1/3 of stadium development value (yes that is why they fought to the bitter end) for their little factory on Paxton Road. We can say that if the Archway Steel problem was settled in 6 months we would be in our 3rd year in a new stadium by now. Since then Levy has moved on quickly to where we are today. So credit to Daniel Levy, and for the Enfield Training Ground, (after the aborted attempt to develop Abridge Golf Club site). Also for appointing (AVB) Poch in a new direction for the club after Harry.

  • I’ll have a Levy any day lads. The club has been in Europe 7 years on the trot, not finished lower than 6th, had a 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the past 7 years too. Steadily growing an organic club, with finances, training facilities, stadium 12 months away and, arguably, the most competitive squad we’ve had in the last 50(?) years. Yes, silverware has been a little scant, but we have until 2019 to continue to have won a major trophy in each of the last 7 decades along with Man U. We have money to compete in the transfer market, while not having to sell. Levy has learned from the Sol Campbell saga and we haven’t lost anyone on the cheap to rivals due to long term contracts, unlike the Gooners (Nasri, Sanga, Clichy). Yes, there has been some bad decisions made. The journey has been “typically” Spurs; wavy, to say the least, but where we are now is likely to be far from where we thought we’d be, the false dawns and bleak outlooks. I doubt there are any fans, bar Chelsea, who are happier than Spurs fans, by quite some distance. The Future’s Bright and Lilywhite! COYS!

  • For the record (Premierleague), cos I have such pride for this current crop: Most games won, least games lost, most goals scored, least conceded, most points total, highest position and with 2 games to go! It took a record points equalling Chelsea, with 13 straight wins and no European football (36 squad changes, average 100+ usual for winner) to beat us. Since the start of last season we have scored 15 more points than the next best team on a net spend of £5m (Sissoko, why Sissoko???). Mauricio Pochettino, he’s magic, you know!

  • Mr Levy, he just makes us stronger and stronger. We are progressing well under his stewardship…. he is going about this the right way. We have a promising team … we just need 2/3 quality players in the right position to move on to the next level. Next season we will have ups and downs. I’m sure I will moan at poor results … but long term we will benefit with the new ground etc. I’m all for Mr Levy, long may he continue, and I echo the welcome back coops, nene sorely missed ..,lets hope loads are back now.

  • If you are the sort of fan who thinks that spending money (whether you have it or not) is an end in itself and is somehow a measure of your success then you won’t like Levy. The reality is the club has been steadily improving under his stewardship with probably the new training ground the key to our success in developing players. Finding the right staff is key in any business and its no different in football. Its not just the manager, the scouting and coaching set up also need to be right if you can’t just buy a team. Its taken time but Levy has got just about everything right, even though we continue to lose personnel to other clubs. The new stadium will define the club for the next 100 years and it will probably be 10 years after its completed before we are in a position to judge its success. To build it Levy has had to deal with not just the financial issues but a hostile local authority who viewed the club as a cash cow and sadly only woke up to reality after the Tottenham riots. When people criticise Levy they always seem to be stumped by the simple question “where will the money come from ?”, when they can answer that one I’ll take them more seriously.

  • We have gone down a path which we hope will reap benefits, by investing massively in the academy. We are hoping to field competitive teams by promoting from the academy. However, for a variety of reasons, our record in promoting talent remains spotty, not because we are bad at it (as a matter of fact we probably have one of the better academies in England), but because building from the academy is, and will always be, a gamble. Where are the Tom Carrolls, Shayon Harrisons, Nathan Oduwas and John Bostocks everyone was raving about? We will be lucky if we produce one quality player every 2 years. Even Barca and their famed La Masia academy show this. How many first team players at Barca are from the academy? With the exception of Iniesta, Busquets and Messi (admittedly very good players), and one more player in the squad, the rest of the 1st team (19 out of 23 players) has been bought not bred. If they have the best academy in the world and only 4 out of 23 players are from the academy, it tells you a lot about a club’s ability to build through the academy. Like it or not, a club is always going to have to engage in the transfer market, and we haven’t been great at it. The largely falls on Levy.

  • melloSPUR – we all understand and share the excitement surrounding the current team. But you can’t just look at the last 18 months. Levy has been there for 16 years and should be judged on the entire reign, not just the best part. Of those 16 years, how many were considered great seasons? Before MP, we had a great season in 2011, and in 2008 thanks to the LC. The rest is largely uneventful at best, and quite scary at worst (2 points from the first 12 games in 2009). Finishing 6th is about right, so can we really praise Levy for finishing about where our resources say we should? Levy seems to have gotten it right now, but it took him long enough to get here. Taking 16 years to transform the club is not a quick turnaround. Again, for the highest paid chairman in the PL, aren’t we entitled to expect quicker results? In the last 16 years, how many clubs have gotten new stadiums built? A few. Of that list, several of those teams have even won silverware. At the very least, we could have expected to be 5 years ahead.

  • BelgianSpur – Couple of points. Firstly Carroll, Livermore etc were sold. The money coming in helped pay for cost of developing players so even though they weren’t successful here they made their contribution. Secondly where exactly would we buy a Harry Kane at a price we could afford ?

  • No matter what he does you will never get me to back up Levy. The final straw for me was trying to move us out of our ancestral home of N17 and sending us to a part of London that could never even be remotely classed as anything close to our manor. If DL had won the battle for the Olympic stadium we would now have been more Ham than Totten. Where was the loyalty to the fans on that day. I remember writing the article on the day when I heard Levy was getting closer to a deal it tore my heart out at the very thought of putting a Spurs Stadium within spitting distance of Boleyn Road. If you ain’t from N17 you may never get it but the very idea that a Spurs Chairman would rather move the stadium to another part of London because it was a cheaper option does my head in. And look at what happened to Wet Spam after they moved! that could have been us! Would we have been chasing Leicester for the title if we had moved to the Olympic Stadium? No way! like DL said on Sunday he’s just a custodian of the club, he just rents that seat, and what legacy would he have had …forever known as the Chairman who moved Spurs out of N17 to east london and turned us into another Woolwich…. in a place we don’t belong….that’s right up there with Sol Campbell moving to the Gooners….no chance DL, you cut him some slack if you want to, ain’t happening with me! Born N17 and N17 till I die!…… and I wrote to him and told him that! Didn’t get a reply of course!

  • I dislike him for something he tried his damedest to get away with, and, if it hadn’t been for David Gold David Sullivan and Karen Brady (who got a wedge for sealing the deal) dodgy dealings with a stadium paid for by the tax payers Levy would have had us in Stratford, just cos you don’t actually commit a crime murder doesn’t make you any less of a criminal for trying! Your hitting a brick wall if you think I can be persuaded to change my mind about Levy and Lewis…..nuff said!

  • OyVeh Maria – No I’m not from N17, most Spurs fans aren’t. My loyalty is to the club not the area. You don’t appear to have a clue about what you are talking about. We were never going to occupy the Olympic stadium. Our proposal was to knock the pile of junk down and build our own stadium at our own expense, presumably similar to the one we are building now, in its place. We’d have got our new stadium quicker, cheaper, with better transport links and saved the taxpayer a fortune in the process.

  • …..and there you have it Jod your not from N17 which is why you would have been happy travelling to Stratford to see Spurs play in someone else’s manor. So by that logic you have no issue with Woolwich moving from South of the river into our manor which to any if us from N17 has been an open wound …and by the way, the £710m London Stadium deal was mostly from Tax Payers money and even if Levy had knocked it down he still would have received a sizeable subsidy from the Govt for saving a Stadium that had no post Olympic plan so Levy was going to be quids in. To be honest, as Coops says, its a topic that divides opinion. I respect your point of view and anyone else’s on Vital who are for Levy but you aint getting me to budge one inch on this topic so i am going to terminate my contributions to this thread and leave it at that! COYS!

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