Date: 31st January 2018 at 10:06pm
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Manchester United


Premier League


TottenhamManchester United
Eriksen (1'), Jones (28' og)
Llorisde Gea
TrippierA Valencia
Son Heung-min80R Lukaku



Game Statistics

28Goal attempts9
6On Target3
2Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

10 Replies to “Stats: Tottenham v Manchester United”

  • Great game and at long last we played with 11 instead of ten, shame we were up against 12 for so long of the game though.
    See, this is what I mean that we can beat anybody as long as they play open expansive football, we look and play brilliantly, BUT, if maureen had done his usual job of bus parking there is no way in the world we would have won this game.
    We’d have spent the whole night slowly tippy tapping around between the halfway line and the penalty area passing sideways and backwards or trying to thread those little passes through non existent gaps getting absolutely nowhere.
    But a most entertaining game and with Moura in let’s just hope we start to play differently in the bus parks and are able to unlock the doors with this new injection of pace and hopefully, guile.

  • If I’m honest, the only gripe I have with the game was the incorrect treatment of Antonio Valencia by the referees AGAIN. I swear that guy is protected by the mafia. He spent the first fixture kicking the whatsits out of Alli and Son and then picked up where he left off again last night. To think he walked off the pitch without a yellow after his constant fouling and even leaving Son in a crumpled heap. I’m astonished he gets away with it every week in the Prem. The refs need to wise up and referee him the same as they would other players in the league.

    Apart from that, days don’t get better than that. A new signing that can bring something new to this Spurs squad and then we put Utd back in their place after the recent over-hyping. Even Mourinho has been saying that if it wasn’t for City’s unbelievable season, they would be about 4 points off the pace of a normal title race. Also, special mention for the much maligned Dier. I thought he was the biggest reason we were in their face all night and he set the example that his team mates followed. He sort of showed why Mourinho wanted to pay so much for him as he exposed Matic’s weaknesses so well.

    Let’s see if this Spurs side can now go to Anfield cauldron and put as much into that game.

  • Great shout re Valencia Muttley. I couldn’t believe he got away with so much. As for Young, constantly moaning when he gave a foul away, ha ha.

  • Chrishove123, the absolute paramount difference was we kicked off with the right attitude. A goal within 11 seconds (a rare event) barely allowed anyone to check their hair on the big screens. Thereafter, the bus-parking was null and void and we were in to a great contest. Whilst I can take nothing away from the performance, I DO think Mou had come with his usual intentions, just that 11 seconds and he had no plan B!!

    Bus-parkers or not, the thing we need to do is to try and impose ourselves from the off. Often we try building with a slow tempo and allow too much time for the oppo to get in to their stride. The last time we played like this was v Liverpool, purely and simply because they don’t play any other way, but go for it. I think we are in for another treat at Anfield, but too early to say we will continue with our re-discovered pressing game v other oppositions.

  • The referee was a strange one. Yes he let some bad stuff go but he also allowed what was a very physical game to flow. Both sides were getting stuck in with strong tackles and I thought it was something of a throwback with the ref not blowing his whistle every 10 seconds. Probably what pleased me most was that we came out for the second half and instead of easing back and allowing United back in we tried to score more.As a consequence they never looked like they could get back in it.

  • jod, That pleased me a lot too… And, it was something that a lot of Spurs fans were concerned about before kick off. Thinking that we would be so vulnerable if we went out and imposed our attacking game on them… There’s so much talk on here about a plan B (or lack of one) as far as Poch and Spurs are concerned but Jose didn’t seem to have so much as a plan a+ after his team conceding so quickly… Thing is though, that he did then still have another 90+ minutes to work us out but, he couldn’t. His players, his team were confounded, (What was with Fellaini)? Out muscled and outplayed. Outwitted and outscored! ….. For all that I’d like to give Pochettino a lot of credit. If any of us as supporters are going to heavily criticise him if we so much as draw a couple of matches on the trot, then where is his credit for such a convincing performance? It’s almost non existent. As if when we play well, it’s only down to the team. When it’s not so good, it’s… “Poch has now taken us as far as we can go”! Really? Pochettino and THFC have a long, long way to go. But, I’d say we are getting there and at a fare old pace. The road is never a steady one in sport as in life and there will always be set-backs. Still, two draws on the trot are nothing to worry ourselves with, just yet. And, yesterday’s performance was not as rare as people seem to imagine it to be.

  • Hot Tottingham – We’ve never had a problem against teams that come to play. Its against well organised teams that come defend in numbers and look to score on the break we struggle sometimes.

  • Like to see Huddersfield play for a point with a 1… 5 … 4 …1 formation at United. Totally focus on defence, leave a striker on the half-way line throughout, and hope for the best. Just park a fleet of buses! Otherwise I don’t think they’ve got a hope of getting a point!

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