Date: 9th July 2020 at 8:15pm
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Tottenham Hotspur

Dean Court

Premier League

9/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Paul Tierney

Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur
Ramsdale Lloris
A Smith 63 Aurier 92
Ake Alderweireld
Kelly Vertonghen
Rico Davies
Brooks 66 Sissoko
Lo Celso 45
Stanislas Lamela
King Kane
C Wilson Bergwijn 45


Stacey 63 Ndombele
H Wilson
66 Son Heung-Min 45
Lucas Moura 75
Gedson Fernandes 92

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 9
2 On Target 0
8 Corners 12
11 Fouls 14
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
36 % 64

Following on from Monday evening’s narrow victory over Everton at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Thursday evening fixture saw us head to Dean Court to face struggling Bournemouth.

With it looking likely that any kind of Champions League adventure for the 2020/21 campaign was now thoroughly off the cards, fans simply wanted to see a performance that renewed some hope for the months ahead given our now, long lasting, struggles on the pitch.

It was a lively enough start and Spurs could’ve had a penalty inside of the opening five minutes, but the referee thought Harry Kane went down a little too easily, so the calls were dismissed. It wasn’t a deliberate push, but I’d have said stonewall myself.

We were on top, but they carried more of a threat in the first half and Jose Mourinho made changes at the break.

It seemed to work as well (for a bit) but despite the chances, we didn’t test their keeper and it seemed to fizzle out as a contest for me – but maybe that had more to do with what looked like a serious injury to Smith and the subsequent delay in play.

The game did then get a bit tasty in the final few minutes with Bournemouth having a disallowed goal and some heavy tackles going in, and in stoppage time they had another goal ruled out by VAR and we had another penalty decision turned down.

No shots on target, not what anyone wanted but thoughts to Smith. The game may be summed up by the fact I didn’t even see the first time they had the ball in the net.

Night all.

Unused Bournemouth Subs:

Boruc, S Cook, Surman, Solanke, Danjuma Groenveld, L Cook, Surridge.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sanchez, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, White.

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103 Replies to “Spursy Takes On A New Meaning As Bournemouth SomeHowe Take Us To School – Match Stats”

  • Didn’t lose… Kept a clean sheet…

    Nothing much more to say about that, is there………

  • No shots on target against Bournemouth…..but I’m sure someone somewhere will see a positive from this. Its almost as if not conceding a goal is the most important thing.

  • I have seen zero improvement from Spurs since Jose was appointed. I have no clue what he is trying to do (I suspect he doesn’t either). Surely no one think it will be any different next season because I guarantee it won’t be. We have just put in three horrific aimless performances back to back with Arsenal to come. If anyone thinks we have become more solid defensively wait until an average Arsenal team tear us apart on Sunday (despite the fact that Jose will no doubt park the bus).
    Please Daniel Levy, please admit you got it wrong and get Jose out of our club. I am sure you are smart enough to have negotiated a sensible compensation package.

  • Not a shot on target. Unbelievable. It looked like a training match. I no longer know whether it’s tactics or poor to average players who think they are better than they actually are . Suppose we should be greatful for a clean sheet. Thought N’Dombele looked (at times) very good on the ball. Would like to see him get a few games under his belt. The rest of the team in many ways looked afraid to take a risk. If Aurier is our forward outlet then someone FFS show him how to cross a ball.

  • So where do we go from here, arsenal attack will RIP us apart, we all can see it, 1st game at new who and we will lose, lamps, ole, arteta to finish above, a so called top 4 teams and a so called special one, I’ve said it before, the reason why we got top4 for last few years is because teams like Chelsea arse, man u arc were poor but now they have stepped up and taken our place. How can you not have a shot on target. Something seriously wrong, this reminds me of when jose was the United manager. Time to get wolves manager in, and get rid of our age players

  • I think it’s fair to say that for whatever reasons, the players stopped playing for Poch.

    8 months later and they haven’t even started to play for Jose.

    If anyone has the answer as to why, give Levy a tinkle and offer him your services. ……………..

    I wonder, was Tim Sherwood’s win percentage better than Jose’s? I think it probably was…

  • The players look nervous and indecisive and in fear of not doing as instructed, there is only one person responsible for this. They clearly aren’t comfortable playing for him. Please bite the bullet and get him out of our club Daniel, you could ask Chris Hughton to take a caretaker role until a suitable replacement can be found …….. or Poch can be persuaded to come back refreshed with new energy after his sabbatical.

  • God almighty, was it just me or were they camped in our half for the whole of the 1st?! HK10 our best defender on top LOL! I would dare call it boring if it weren’t for the suffering involved lol!

    Even in the 2nd we were lucky – especially near the end – great save from Lloris for one and the other how lucky were we with it hitting King’s hand – Vert’s allowing Wilson to out-muscle him and flop back and get off a weak over-head kick that Vert’s should have blocked in the least and it was also on Vert’s side that Wilson got in to challenge Lloris – most probably now past it especially to last a full 90 minutes?! Wanted him to stay for next season but only if he’s upto it properly!

    Lamela – when is he going to learn to stop hogging the bloody ball and put in a decent through ball aswell finally?! Aurier – praised for his attacking exploits – how many chances did he have today especially the 2nd half to put in a decent cross and aiming for one of our attacker’s?!

    Some of our main player’s like Sissoko, Lo Celso and Sonny way off today so only natural we suffered! HK10 barely feeding off scraps unfortunately – maybe people will realise how important Dele is to our attack now?! Scores and helps create by dictating play in the final third – we need him back, fit and on form if we are going to go places. For me it’s all about the likes of N’Dombele, Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 all in the 1st team, fit and on form regularly. Some decent attacking full-backs would also help in this. Looking forward to the season ending, the summer transfer window (God willing some decent action) and a new start next term!

  • P.S. Have to stop the predict footy aswell – Toby constantly looking to launch it especially for Sonny, etc! Giving away possession a lot of the time as Sonny ain’t exactly a target man is he??!!

  • P.P.S. Brings a whole new meaning to the long ball game and we’re currently full of it! Vert’s was also at it! When are we going to look to pass it forwards on the ground regularly – we need better full-backs for one and the likes of N’Dombele and Lo Celso and Dele centrally to help this further and take full advantage – I’ll leave it there!

    • EJ, you’re blaming those players for playing the long ball game. But surely this is a tactical move from our head coach. They are not bad defenders because they played long balls. We all know that Toby and Verts also used to do this often under Poch. And we usually had Dele and Harry or attacking players moving out wide to get on the end of them. And it often worked well. Tonight, Harry was so often far too deep and our midfield and attack was always far too narrow…… This is a tactical problem!

      And Howe saw it too. He was constantly telling his midfielders to get tight in and narrow onto ours, who were too tight in, and narrow! And we had Harry playing balls from deep up to an invisible Harry up top, where Harry should be. As Dion Dublin joked on MotD…

      Harry didn’t even get into the Cherries penalty area for almost the entire first half I think. And we did actually have quite a few crosses in there… To nobody! This is surely a problem with our tactics. No?

  • Dear oh dear, Chelski and Man U starting to motor into next season aswell – looking at Man U – Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, etc and more to come – top 4 beckons easily for them for sure going forwards IMHO….! Then Chelski with Ziyech and Werner to add to a possible top 3 finish this season…….! Looks like it’s Liverpool, Man City, Chelski and Man U next season for top 4 and probably relatively easily. We’ll be lucky if Man City get banned for 2 season’s from the CL. Then again there’s now Leicester, Wolves and even Arse to challenge us fully for what would be that much coveted 5th spot! And in 2 season’s time what then when it’s back to top 4 only and that’s best case depending on City’s ban?! HK10 will most probably not be around either so not looking good at the moment to be perfectly honest! JM has his work fully/completely cut out – Levy surely has to look to back him this summer as best possible especially while we’ve still got a shot of top 5 (hoping for a City ban obviously) with the likes of Dele, Sonny and HK10 in attack?!

    Leicester have bought the likes of N’Didi, Ricardo, Soyuncu and even Maguire recently all for less than £20m each and all top defensive players – we on the other hand have bought:

    Sanchez – £42m, Aurier – £23m, Foyth – £8m and Sessegnon – £25 rising to £30m – that’s our defensive signings recently and not 1 is 1st team material now or in the near future if we’re being brutally honest!

    The transfer committee need to buck up big time!!!!!!!!!!

  • According to MOTD the PL match centre have admitted that the penalty decisions either given or not in the three games tonight were all wrong, Fernandes and Ward-Prowse should not have been given and HK10’s should have been. This being the case WTF is the point of this system?

  • If DL and the board are planning on sticking with Mourinho they are going to have to find at least £250m for transfers because spending loads of dough is the only way he can be successful.

  • HT your earlier comment nailed it. They stopped playing under Poch ‘and, Haven’t started playing for JM. Whether it’s down to poor player attitude, ageing players no longer up for it, poor player recruitment, poor academy selection. Bad tactics.Oh yes bad luck. The pen tonite would’ve been given to Man U, they always get one every game. Something is wrong at our club and its not all Jose. I’m not a massive fan but like many want to give him a fair chance. We were playing Sh#t b4 JM came.
    I just think we have hit a perfect storm of all of the above, and, maybe a manager chairman and players who don’t fit right.
    We’ll there’s always Big Sam. Or Tony Pulis.

  • Actually were we that defensively solid yesterday evening?! I ask because we had to defend a lot of corners if I remember correctly with HK10 heading clear on several occasion’s hence my quip about him being our best defender lol! Near the end Bournemouth had a clear run on goal and we were only saved by heroics from Lloris as usual recently and then Wilson was very unlucky not to be awarded the goal at the end with it luckily for us hitting King’s hand on the way to an empty net! So for me those 2 blatant chance’s at the end showed we were certainly not defensively solid at all.

    Aurier and Davies are not the answer as full-backs (far from in fact especially Aurier) and I’ve already questioned whether Vert’s is past it earlier on as regards lasting a full 90 minutes for example and there are other issue’s like reaction times and also overall speed, etc so for me only Toby should be starting from these 4 end of!

  • HT – agreed – have to take that on the chin as regards JM but like you say we also did it a lot under Poch aswell towards the end- it’s nice to have as a weapon but fed up of seeing us lob the ball forwards like this regularly – what’s the central midfield for (Winks, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Lo Celso, etc) and also the full-backs, etc – getting it moving forwards on the ground and making it count – stop the predict long ball and constant loss of possession!

  • Kane was our best defender!!! VAR OUT!!! At least most of you guys did not have to watch the game between 1am/3am. I can’t make any more comments because I’m tired, pissed off, and want to forget the game happened. Gotta love football.

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