Date: 27th March 2018 at 3:06pm
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I dislike international breaks for two particular reasons. Firstly, there isn`t any club games to talk about so most of the time the stories in the news are transfer related when it comes to the team, and secondly, you are constantly concerned about who might get injured whilst away with their national team.

On the first point, you get random stories like the £25m that Norwich will demand for James Maddison. Personally, I like the midfielder, he`s definitely got a bright future ahead of him, but with the likes of Dele, Eriksen and Lamela, we are not exactly short of attacking midfield players are we? The logic behind the Mirror story is thus: Tottenham like young English talent so we must be interested in him.

I can kind of identify with a journalist scrambling around for things to write about when there is little to say, but when you write such claims, you would think they would at least try to flesh out such a story with a bit more detail. It is a tabloid after all so perhaps I`m expecting too much.

In this day and age with supporters so hungry for content for the club, either in print or on the internet, even the most bizarre links get an air of credibility with even respected local newspapers and broadsheets taking up the rumour mill as part of their daily coverage. I don`t have a problem with it usually, but I do think it can get very cynical at times with page views the only interest rather than focusing on genuine stories.

I`m sure with a London derby just around the corner such reports will dissolve into the background for a while until the summer. With the Chelsea game on Sunday afternoon we at least have an extra day`s rest so that players can recover from the exploits for their countries.

With the last round of friendlies tonight, I`m just hoping that everyone gets through unscathed ahead of the crucial game. Like many, I`m already thinking about how the two sides will line up, but I think I should leave those thoughts until the international break is firmly out of the way! Is Maddison a genuine target? Let me know in the poll.


14 Replies to “Spurs`s Pursuit Of £25m Playmaker Stretches Credulity”

  • In the squad for the second half of the season we have 17 overseas senior players, 4 homegrown players (Trippier, Davies, Rose and Kane) and x U21 free picks (Winks, Dele, KWP). That means Poch is operating with a squad of 24 1st team players that will all be of senior age next season. Said this before, but I’m not surprised we’re linked with homegrown players, of which the good ones are few and far between in the domestic game. When you consider that Rose could be moving on, that means that someone like James Maddison becomes an attractive proposition for the top English sides like Spurs. Not surprisingly, other links are appearing with Jonny Evans and I fully expect names like Zaha, Bertrand, Shaw, Cresswell etc to be thrown into the mix even though a couple of them are late twenties. It’s just a numbers game with all of the top sides trying to get to 8 homegrown players so they can have the deepest squad possible. It’s also why CCV and Onomah come back into the reckoning for us and we look at the next gen of homegrowns like Sessegnon.

  • Would not pay the 12-15m they were looking last summer when the deal for this fantastic talent should have been done.. for me it as to be Sessegnon first thro. The next two players coming in need to be right to get this team over the line. ( one team Harry Kane coys )

  • Interesting – is he seen as a long term replacement for Eriksen depending on what happens with him in the next 6-18months or is he maybe seen as a long term replacement for Dembele – a deep lying playmaker who can help defend and got a decent tackle on him?! Lampardish?! Have not really seen him much but these are some of the explanations over why we would want him. £25m seems reasonable given what Barkley went for when his contract was nearing an end and coming back from injury and finally home grown. If he could be had for £15m last summer and that’s a big IF perhaps it’s better to pay more based on a truly cracking season under his belt and 1 year’s more experience. As for Sessegnon again the same here better to pay more a season on where they have excelled and gained much more crucial experience at such a young age – centre stage performing in the championship is a great education to then make it at the top in the Prem. Another for me is Malcom from Bordeaux to give us another true out and out winger to help Moura complement the squad fully.

  • Thought Dier and Trippier played well last night – notably only when they came off did Italy eventually break through and equalise. Amazing how a dead end run can reap such rewards – think it was a penalty and they should have had 1 in the 1st half – not sure why VAR did not pick up on when Stones lost the ball and then fouled Insigne to stop him being clear through against the GK in the 18 yard area. Disappointed to not have seen Alli play at all last night and only 20 minutes last Friday but hopefully all come back fully fit and get enough rest time for Sunday. Verts and Toby were made to put in a full shift for Belgium – good news but lets see how they rest up.

  • Dier played the full 90 minutes. Once again showing his versatility for England, just as he does for Spurs. Moving back from DM to CB, to step in for Stones and make way for Henderson.

  • The World Cup will be a viewing shambles with VAR. Especially when they still balls up anyway… Since when has an unintentional, accidental action on a football pitch been considered a foul? No foul, no pen, IMO.

  • HT, why is VAR at fault here? Last night it did what it was supposed to do – provide the referee with a clear picture of the incident. If the subsequent decision is incorrect the responsibility lies solely with the referee. And whilst I agree with you that IMO the decision was incorrect, the majority of the of the pundits and reports that I have read, agree with the referee. Not VAR’s fault though.

  • Gary, If VAR wasn’t being used there would be no penalty. The Ref changed his mind with the use of the VAR technology and so VAR is responsible…… I didn’t see a clear foul myself after countless replays but the ref did. I don’t like it. But it’s to be used in the WC and I accept this… But, I can see a lot of controversy occurring because of it… I don’t actually care what others have said in favour of it. There are many that also don’t like it. Or at the very least have disagreed with several of the decisions that VAR has so far aided… So be it.

  • VAR is worthwhile and about time we had it – Chiesa got stamped on to be fair and Insigne should have had a penalty in the first half – this time it went against England hopefully next time it will be in favour. Many an erroneous decision in the past means it was inevitable and other sports successfully use modern technology so why not in the people’s favourite one also?!

  • HT, the referee may have changed his mind but VAR helped him to reach the correct decision (in his view). Surely that’s what’s important? As to there being controversy at the World Cup, I’m sure there will be. But it’s because we have so much controversy over so many important decisions that VAR was introduced. If the system is given a chance these controversies will lessen over time and a greater number of correct decisions will be made. That’s a positive for me.

  • Well, I hope you’re right Gary. I can only go by what I’ve seen so far. And so far, I’m not at all impressed. However, It seems inevitable that it will eventually be fully introduced and yes, it should improve over time… As I said before a few weeks ago, I don’t want to see the VAR used at all but I have to accept that it will probably be here to stay eventually and perhaps I will simply get used to it over time.

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