Date: 19th March 2018 at 4:05pm
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Losing Harry would be a blow to any team. His goals are undoubtedly integral to how we will perform over the course of a whole season. Yet, the game against Swansea on Saturday makes it clear that Poch`s men have the firepower to cope without him for a month at least.

Remember, we were facing a team that had only conceded 12 times in 14 games since we last played them, albeit they were playing a slightly changed team from their normal starting eleven in the Premier League. Still without our no.10 and a major creative force in Dele, we put three past them.

Of course, that is one game. It will be interesting to see how we do against Chelsea if we go with Son through the middle once again, but it was very promising to see the link up play between the front four.

Erik has obviously found it hard to get a rhythm since his injury, but his goal and assist at the weekend will mean he is pushing for a start after the international break. When he has been given starts in the FA Cup, he is performed excellently with two goals and three assists in the four games.He will likely improve on his three starts in the Premier League over the coming weeks going by the form he is showing.

Christian Eriksen’s performance versus the Swans was all we have come to expect from the Great Dane, while Lucas again impressed with his assist for our no.23. I am hoping the Brazilian gets his first Premier League start sooner rather than later as I want to see how he does against the best opposition.

If one of them does make way for Dele after the international break, they have at least all made Poch`s job of dropping them a lot harder. There will be stiffer tests than Swansea coming up over the next couple of months, but the performance gave me even greater confidence than before that we`ll be able to cope just fine without our first choice frontman.

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  • I still think our most suitable tactical setup for these tough away games is 3-4-3 even if we stick with 4-2-3-1 at Wembley. If this season had gone to plan it would probably look something like Lloris; Toby, Sanchez, Jan; Aurier, Wanyama, Dembele, Rose; Dele, Kane, Eriksen. It hasten’t gone to plan though with Toby’s injury and Rose / Aurire / Wanyama not finding their best form.

    In reality, we’ll probably look quite predictable for the Chelsea game. I don’t expect us to deviate from our 4-2-3-1 and my guess is Dele and Dembele will be recalled at the expense of Moura and Sissoko. I think Lamela will be the one to stay in the side. It will probably be Lloris; Trippier, Sanchez, Verts, Davies; Dier, Dembele; Dele, Eriksen, Lamela; Son. The good news is that with Chelsea’s league position they will have to come at us and try for the 3 points.

  • I think we will need to be better against Chelsea to beat them because Son was not at his best playing up top and we missed hisvruns on the left, hence NO moved Lucas to the left. I think if Son plays there again he needs to move more to the left and right like Kane does and with Dele playing he will drop into central position andvtet into the box as Son does what he does. I think hdvtried staying centrally and he got frustrated, just need to be more flexible and he will be able to when Dele is on the pitch. Win that game and we are looking strong for a top four finish, but need third in case Arsenal win Europa, is that right

  • It’sME, I think Arsenal had to win the EL AND Chelsea the CL, for the 4th placed premiership team to miss out on next seasons CL. Only a maximum of 5 teams from 1 nation/league can qualify for the CL. Thanks to Barca, I don’t think 4th is a problem. Of course Liverpool can still win the CL and finish outside the top 4, but I highly doubt that will happen.

  • Lloris, Aurier, Sanchez, Verts, Davies (Rose not yet fit enough), Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Lamela, Son. That’s who I’d play against Chelski. Moura (a la Rose) showed he’s still well away from being match fit and sharp and that was in the FA Cup – fair play Swansea are PL opposition but they’re not all that and were missing some of their best. All depends on HK10 and how he recovers in the next 2 weeks but the team above is more than capable of going to Stamford Bridge and getting all 3 points.

  • Seem’s there’s not enough – we’re being linked with Sessegnon, Bale, Malcom, Zaha, etc……! For me Sessegnon and Malcom although would love a Bale return, these 2 are more realistic and cheaper even as a package. We could develop Sessegnon in house a la Bale or loan out a la Walker and Rose. KWP is another who we need to think about what to do with.

  • What about doing a City and going with 5 attacker’s – playing Ericksen in CM with Dier/Dembele?! Then we could go with Lamela, Alli, Moura and Son and HK10 when he gets back (putting one of the AM’s on the bench). I think next season against a lot of team’s we should do a City and go attack them from the start with 5 attacking players on the pitch from the first whistle – it’s how you win stuff! Let the opposition worry about our unleashing of riches of attacking talent and how to cope with them.

  • EJ …. Are you a chef by trade? I ask because in the movie ‘Chef’ the food truck has El jefe on the side of it!

  • Nope – it’s just 1 of those things – picked it over a decade ago now and kept it – from joining.

  • EJ …. That was Ossie’s philosophy, which didn’t work out well defensively …. but we do have a much tighter defense now.

  • Against the Swans, it seemed to me that it was Lamela that stuck more to a central role, albeit, mostly coming from a deep position. Son, Eriksen and Moura had a lot of movement right across the front line. The only significant positional differences between the 4 of them that stood out for me was that Son was the only one that didn’t come back at all into his own half. (There was no need.) And, that Lucas tended to spread out a bit more wide to the left or right with Eriksen and Lamela looking like twin playmakers working in tandem right across the middle, for a lot of the match.

    It has to be said that Swansea made our inter-play, possession and movement from front to back, really rather easy and that makes it difficult as an indicator of things to come against the likes of Chelsea, Man City and then Man U, if Harry is still out by the time of the semi final… There is just 1 other scheduled match in that time (in the middle of Chelsea and City) and it’s against Stoke, away. The Newcastle home match and Brighton away, that were both postponed, will also have to fit in there somewhere.

    Once we throw Dele, Sissoko and Llorente into the mix, then Pochettino has a good few options as to which combinations to play in the coming matches (when without Harry) and how they are then set up.

    As for Lamela supposedly finding it difficult to get his rhythm going since his return, I disagree. I think he has slotted back very well, pretty much from the off and when considering the severity of his injuries, operations undergone and the sheer length of time he was out. He is now looking fitter and stronger than before, IMO and should only get better if he can remain injury free until May.

    A key thing for me in all this, is that most of our regular picks right now are looking fit and ready for the final push and, hopefully with some astute rotation, they should all finish the season without the possible problem of fatigue setting in.

    Pochettino and his coaches have trained them up well for all this in the past 4 seasons

  • Lamela has picked his game up much faster than I expected after coming back. And he can only get better …. in theory.

  • … In those 4 Pochettino seasons, that now makes it 1 League cup final and 2 FA cup semi-finals reached, along with our impressive, past two PL showings… If this doesn’t show any signs of improvement at THFC under Poch, then my names Martin Chivers! … Of course it can get much better if we can make it a second cup final and then win it! …

  • HT hitting the nail on the head clear and present improvement – this season we’ve been held back with the stadium being built and having to move and adjust to Wembley, the CL campaign and lots of injuries and returns from aswell. We are still challenging for 2nd and top 4 and now FA Cup semi also. Let’s see what happens but it’s been a difficult season and in a large part a transitional one in all sorts of ways (stadium, competition’s, squad – I reckon it will be by the end of it) and the others have come back hard especially up north – City, Utd and Liverpool – which means to have hung in there hopefully will mean a successful campaign leading into a new dawn at the new WHL.

  • Going with five forward against Chelsea will be playing into Conte?s hands as they are a very decent attacking club. You just can?t underestimate players like Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Morata and Giroud. These guys can score at anytime. I believe we have to go 5 at the back with only Dembele in the middle and a diamond up front with Son, Dele, Eriksen and Lamela. IMHO. Game for Toby to play for sure.

  • Hopefully Toby can now get some sufficient game time with Belgium and gain some much needed match fitness, before getting back to Spurs…

  • Im no Lamela fan, but would love to see him have a run at the No10 position, think that suits him better.

  • Agree with El Jefe i prefer Peps set up to Mp’s. Pep’s plays a balanced team and the midfield 3 are all comfortable on the ball, two are extremely creative. MP plays an unbalanced team i think by design and plays two dm’s which slows down the transition as Dier is very limited on the ball and needs loads of space and time to turn on the ball. MP’s system does favor playing a false 9 rather than a recognized striker, however, kane makes the system work when he is in the team.

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