Date: 6th August 2019 at 9:30pm
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After a long, and pretty quiet summer for Tottenham Hotspur fans, despite a season extension for the Champions League Final and new record signing Tanguy Ndombele arrive, Premier League football finally returns this Saturday as we welcome newly promoted Aston Villa to our new White Hart Lane Stadium.

After a three year absence from the top flight after their relegation, a dark summer with financial concerns almost saw us snare young talent and England hopeful Jack Grealish, and even though the 23-year-old has admitted his head was turned we failed to come to an agreement and with their take over, he stole the show in 2018/19, but for them, and not us.

We’ve moved on and if we wouldn’t pay the reported £25million, we aren’t going to meet the speculated £60million release fee, but for those in the fanbase who would’ve loved him with us, we’ll all be hoping he has a poor return to the top flight himself as our aim is to build further on last season and pick up the three points that will again establish us quickly at the top of the table.

We’ll then hope injuries don’t get in the way as they did last year and if we can’t challenge genuinely (with consistency) for the top two spots, we’ll at least want to close the points gap to show further progress but on a more immediate basis, it’s all eyes to deadline day as despite Jan Vertonghen recently talking up the group, we all know we need a few more faces through the front door.

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199 Replies to “Spurs Welcome Jack Grealish & Villa To White Hart Lane – Match Thread”

  • Yeah,here we go.
    We’ve signed “more seats”.
    Hope he takes to the pl quickly so the club can make more money.(wry smile)..coys

  • We need to look at our club / players and not worry or think about other clubs and what might have been if we signed one of their players. Poch has said as much, in that we do our own preparations and get spurs players ready, and other clubs can worry about us… Positive energies for players and fans will help all at THFC this season.

  • Villa’s new signings number in double figures, they may not all be first team starters but it will still take some time for them to integrate into the side. I believe history has shown that promoted teams usually fare better if they retain the nucleus of the side that won them promotion and drip feed better quality players into the team as a gradual process.

    It could work in our favour if they go for sweeping changes which results in lack of cohesion in their starting eleven, can’t see anything other than a comfortable win to get the season going.

  • There still seems to be this attitude that just about anyone who doesn’t play for us must be better than those that do, case in point Grealish. What has he ever done to justify the adulation that some Spurs fans seem to have for him ? Its not as if he’s some 18 year old, he’s 23 and may have already gone as far he’s going to go.

  • Typical! Here I am happily getting into all the thrills ‘n’ spills of yet another sensational summer of “triffic” Transfer Window treats and suddenly, along comes the start of a dull new PL football season to ruin all the fun…

    But, so as not to feel at all left out, I’ll still make my usual Happy-Clappy-Chappy, rose-tinted spectacle wearing, ridiculously OTT but boringly predictable full-time score prediction:

    Tottenham Hotspur 6-0 Aston Villa!

    Hat-tricks for both Danny Rose and Christian Eriksen… (But not necessarily for Spurs!)

  • jod………..HT reminded us on the previous thread that some were clamouring for Levy to sign Berahino a while back (as well as Grealish and Zaha) that would have worked out well then!

  • Come On You Spurs, another season is nearly here, lets go again, cant wait.

    HT….The Happy Clappy season is almost here, well in 4 days for us.

    On Saturday, a message for the lads, let em ave it. COYs

  • Well TQ2, I have to admit that I was for all 3 of those guys coming to Spurs. I wouldn’t call it clamouring though. I didn’t care at all when they didn’t sign.

    But, it’ll be bloody nice if we can get just one or two of the star names we’re now being associated with.

    It just goes to show, new stadium, CL final blah, blah and Hey Presto! We’re now at the top of the list for all these top player transfer speculations. The media must know something we don’t know about THFC. Like, we’re quite good, really… In spite of Levy, a tactically inept manager (sorry, coach), and a whole bunch of mediocre players…

  • HT……….I think you know who I was referring to as clamouring for the signing of those 3. Glass houses and stones comes to mind! :- )

  • Sorry for being on wrong article, If say we signed, highly unlikely, the 3 players that are being spouted about, Coutinho, Dyablo and Lo Celso, where would they all fit in, and who would be benched, for the like of me I cannot work it out, just a thought people. COYs

  • The simple answer to that PY is; we are not only selling Christian to Man U but we’re also flogging Dele to the Pool and Harry to City! That’ll free up the space needed….

  • TQ2 …. I might have to change it to 0 – 3 to appease Frank after the TW. Or I might have to change it to HT’s 6 – 0 after the TW (especially if we manage to bring in Defoe and Crouch at the last minute).

  • All this stuff with Dybala and Coutinho is just a ruse to get Betis back to the negotiating table. I’m not sure how we can afford any more than that. Unless Levy’s trip to Miami was to sell the club to a multi – billionaire!
    My god, i almost forgot the season actually starts on Saturday. Time to go and search for my season ticket – where the hell did I leave it. Should be a good game on Saturday. COYS

  • If or more accurately IF the various speculation is true, I don’t understand how we’d agree a fee for Dybala when Lo Celso and Fernandes sound better and appear to not have such ridiculous wage demands and probably fit into the squad better, would far prefer Coutinho loan over Dybala provided there’s a purchase option. Anyway all ifs, but and maybes. The only thing that is certain is whoever rejects us or moves on will be having deep regrets come Saturday evening when we’re top of the table after a 5-0 win!

    Goal scorers
    Grealish og


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