Date: 26th September 2018 at 8:42am
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Tottenham Hotspur head to the home of MK Dons – Stadium: MK – later this evening for our ‘home’ EFL Cup third round clash against Watford.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino has already confirmed that there will be changes to the starting XI for the game as he rotates the pack to get minutes into those who have missed out in recent matches, but what those changes will be is wildly open for discussion as undoubtedly having got back to winning ways at the weekend, Spurs don’t want to lose this one and see some old conversations come back to the fore.

Poch stated he was going for the win so fans will be obsessively looking for the team sheets from 7pm onwards.

Despite the 50 odd mile trip out of London and it being our second home stadium of the season so far, more than 1000 season ticket holders are expected to make the trip and occupy the ‘home end’ so it could be a Cup cracker.


56 Replies to “Spurs Travel Away For Home Watford Cup Tie – A Win Would Avoid The Obvious Headlines”

  • We have been home and away from home since August last year … so are we away from our away home or away from our away away home ? I’m confused.

    • That’s actually a very good point…I’m off to sit in a dark room with a favoured beverage to try and work it out.

      I may or may not return!

  • I can see Watford fielding a strong side as they will probably see this as realistically their best opportunity of winning a trophy this season ahead of the FA cup. Would definitely play Gazza in this one regardless of whether Hugo or Vorm are fit or not as his height will be beneficial when they test our weak spot again as they are bound to do.

    Not too sure about playing HK, he did seem to be getting some mojo back towards the end of the Brighton game so maybe we should start him but be mindful that we should take him off around 60 minutes regardless of the match score?

    My team on this basis: Gazza, Davies, Sanchez, Toby, Trippier, Wanyama, Winks, Son, Lamela, Moura, Kane.

    I went for Tripps on the basis of being more likely to provide crosses to play to Llorente’s strength if/when replacing Kane on 60 minutes. Depending on how the match pans out would expect to swap Son for Eriksen midway through second half also.

  • E17 … Thanks for that …. now I’m confused, too! Let’s just hope our squad see every pitch as the green, green, grass of home.

  • TQ…I messed up, I answered your “fast attack side” on the previous article, confused or what 2 in 2/3 days haha, anyway great looking side.

    DW…thank you for the articles.

    According to the god fearing Glenn Hoddle, one of our own, he says that Spurs playing/travelling to every game should not make any difference because its a green football pitch with a goal at each end, so with an opened mouth reaction I say mmmmm!

    Spurs to win 2-0 tonight. COYS

  • Me too Geof……………just feel that Eriksen hasn’t been at his best these past few games so it can’t do any harm to give Lamela a shot in the position behind the striker.

    Just listening to a debate about the proposed sale of Wembley, as a patriot I think it’s shameful that our national stadium is potentially being sold to foreign investors. It got me thinking……..if Enic had known Wembley might be available to buy for £600 million (the figure widely being touted) prior to commencing the build on our new stadium would it have been a good move for THFC to have bought it?

  • I always look forward in excitement to watching THFC… But, when it’s a cup match, under floodlights and against another PL top 6 club… Well that’s even better. Haha!

    Spurs Dons 4-1 Elton Bog’s Watford Gap Boys!

  • Just remembered……..Dele is going to want to start at his old club ground so assuming Poch is happy then I would rest Son and play Dele behind Kane with Lamela and Moura either side.

  • Some interesting points about rotation. Again it’s that old discussion about trophies and where to invest. I see the LC as our best shot at a trophy. I’d like to see us take this competition seriously. Man U is already out of it, that’s one less big fish to worry about.

    Plus, I’d love to see the players get revenge for that loss against Watford a few weeks ago – smash them and send a statement.

    On the other hand, I appreciate the need to rest certain players who have featured heavily recently.

    If MP thinks he can get a result with a weakened team, that would be the ideal scenario, but I’m not taking anything for granted at the moment. I’d play some squad players but bring a strong bench and be ready to use it of the game isn’t going well at half time.

  • And given that Liverpool and Chelsea play each other, that’s a second “big fish” that’ll be out of it after the first round of fixtures alone.

    Chelsea drawn against Man City in the next round ;-)?

  • barney….in all honesty I don’t think its dissing the cup by Poch, I think he see’s it as a chance to rotate and give a few others playing time. Just my thoughts.

    A massive 2-0 win for me tonight. COYS

  • BS…….you’re assuming Chelsea will beat Liverpool, I actually hope you are right and that they do indeed draw City in the next round, if they can knock them out as well I would fancy our chances against them more so than the other two!

  • TQ2 …. I agree with that. Give me Chelsea over City or Pool any day at the moment. Not that I’d expect to lose against any of them. 🙂

  • Put it this way, to win this cup you have to beat whomever you meet, simple! so bring ’em all on, the Hornets to have their sting drawn first…2-0. Big Cock will be cockadoodledoing in the morning. COYS

  • Here we go, 1-0 down and heading out. What a start to the season, already lost 2 ina1 PL, lost in first game in CL, now this.

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