Date: 16th October 2019 at 6:30am
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With a mixed October international break for our travelling players, Tottenham Hotspur can now start preparing for our return to real Premier League action this weekend as we host Watford at our new White Hart Lane Stadium.

With two defeats in the last three league games, we’ve slipped into ninth place in the top flight table and we sit massively off Liverpool’s pace, with eleven points.

With the disappointment, criticism and some reflection, ringing in everyone’s ears, there simply has to be a reaction on Saturday as we can’t slip to our fourth defeat of the year (given we’ve only won three), as tensions will only rise further, as despite how bad the above sounds I’ve deliberately tried not to reference the Bayern Munich embarrassment from a few weeks ago.

Three points would give everyone a boost and with some fans clamouring for the youngsters, others believing our more experienced players will step up and give a reaction, in some ways the only selection headache for manager Mauricio Pochettino is whether or not Paulo Gazzaniga takes the spot, or do we get a quick reintroduction to the returning Michel Vorm.

I’m not sure where things stand on an injury front as I type this, but it would be nice if we had some luck there.

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153 Replies to “Spurs Simply Have To Sting Watford This Weekend – Match Thread”

  • I was just going to post a link to that same article, TQ2Spurs. Great read.

    To be honest, it rang true because the article states things that certain posters on VS have been saying for years:

    “In a nutshell, in Pochettino Spurs have a coach who will look at and evaluate players on the basis of what they can do for the team, while also having one eye on the business. Levy, however, is more likely to view them in terms of what they can do for the business, while having one eye on the football.

    In situations such as this, the final decisions will always lie with the chairman.

    This has led to scenarios where players have had their contracts renewed with a view to maximising their marketability – selling them on – rather than on the basis of what they might contribute to the team on the field. Or of players signed who were not necessarily what the team needed but were considered a good market bargain.”

    I have myself accused Levy of doing this over and over in recent years, with plenty of examples to support this point of view. I have questioned many times whether Levy was really doing all he could to improve our first team, instead of merely wanting to “win” every deal he went into, regardless of whether it actually made the team better.

    Business value and football value are different things, and while deals for the likes of Kevin Wimmer, DeAndre Yedlin and other may have generated profits, they were also a missed opportunity to use club resources to make the team better, at a time when we were in a window of contention.

    However, it seems that on VS, Levy will always have his backers and to those people, he can do no wrong.

    Personally, I find it refreshing that a respected journalist in Guillem Balague would raise these points.

  • BS, the likely situation at the club as suggested by Balague isn’t too far removed from what you find in many businesses. I’ve seen it many times over the course of my mangerial career where managing directors and finance directors have different stances when it comes to investing in a business, compromise is usually needed from both sides to find a way forward and I believe both Levy and Poch try to do this.

  • TQ2Spurs – But therein lies a big fallacy. While the business side of clubs has undoubtedly taken more importance in recent years, the ethos of a football club remains that of a sporting association whose ultimate goal should be to win things.

    I think many very successful businessmen have all agreed, over the years, to call a football club a terrible investment if you’re in it for the money, and said that many other industries were far better business ventures. From the get go, trying to run a football club like a business is at best ineffective, and at worst foolish. And this is coming from people who have done both.

    While I do not doubt your business experience for one second, I would venture to say that in this case, the experiences you refer to are not/should not be relevant to the operations a football club. If they are relevant to Spurs, that in itself is a problem, and a testament to how Levy is running the club.

    Unlike regular businesses, where how much money you have, and how healthy your books are, are all widely accepted and recognised as relevant indicators of business success, the reality is that football clubs are just not evaluated in that way. No club is ever going to win a trophy for being financially healthy, nor can it be argued that the richest club at any one point in time is the most successful. If that were the case, Man U would widely be considered the most successful English club right now, and clubs in China would be ranked among the world’s most successful just because they’re rich.

    Finances in football are merely seen as a necessary evil to support what really matters – on-field success. While I am all for running the club in a sustainable way, and not living beyond your means, I also think that every penny that can be reinvested in the squad should be – and that just hasn’t happened at Spurs.

  • ENIC FC 5-0 Pozzo FC!

    Levy in goal, Lewis up top… Bank Manager in for Eriksen, Chirpy at right back and a whole bunch of THFC investors to make up the rest… Can’t wait!

  • BS, your vision of how football clubs should operate is all very well, and in many ways I wish we could go back to the way things were when my love for THFC began in the late fifties, but the reality is the game has changed, not necessarily for the better in my view.

    Wealth from outside the game has changed the playing field and those that haven’t yet found a benefactor with more money than they know what to do with are having to work harder to increase income to compete with them because FFP isn’t providing a level one. It seems to me that our club is doing well in this respect and, following the completion of the infrastructure project, I am expecting the club to increase the amount available to improve the squad as a result of this.

    • I have to totally agree with BS on this subject. I am afraid that ever since ENIC’s and Daniel Levy’s adoption of the stewerdship of Spurs, the aims and aspirations of the organisation are business driven, with little or no football aspirations, hence our woeful trophy and title return during this period. Our performance bears no relation to the wealth of our principal owner and his company. Compare our objectives with the likes of Leicester, a club with a fraction of our budget who consistently punch above their weight football rise, both in building a competitive squad, and by winning a coveted PL title, during the current owner’s tenure.

  • Regarding our forthcoming fixture v Watford. This is the ideal game for us to regain some confidence and self belief, after our woeful start to the season, that has already featured losses to both Newcastle and Brighton in the PL. I suppose given our form and dismal displays so far this season, we may go into the Watford game more in hope than expectation, and it is fair to say we can no longer be expected to beat anybody as the CC defeat by Colchester proved. So here’s hoping for a positive result.

  • With regards to the GK spot in Lloris’s absence. Surely Michel Vorm will not be match ready or fit, having not played all season having failed to find a club after his release. Surely his re-signing is a last resort move in the event of Gazza unfortunately getting injured. The re-signing of a previously released 30+ years old GK is hardly a move for the future, especially as Gazza is unlikely to become a top quality PL GK.

  • DW….thank you for the Watford match thread, its taken 9 posts to finally talk about the game this weekend, the rest being the same ole same ole gripes about the way our club is run, the never ending story no matter the article.

    Spurs 5 – Watford 0, am going for it.

    HT….great team there lol! COYS

  • Will Deli be back for the game v Watford, plus heard a rumour he had signed a new contract until 2024, how true is it. COYS

    • Ali would be well advised to remember that he is a professional sportsman, rather than a man about town, living the fast life, getting his picture in the paper with his latest nubile young female in attendance, on a regular basis. He has gone backwards as a player at a alarming rate of knots, not due to any loss of talent, but due to a loss of the necessary attitude, determination and dedication to maximise the benefits of his undoubted talent and ability. It appears to be an epidemic amongst young players these days, they have too much money, to much free time, and too small brains. We see many examples of players going off the rails and their football suffering. The modern manager/coach generation are unable to keep their young players on the rails as the old timers could.

  • Frank….of course its not a move for the future, its for the dire staight’s regards gk’s we are in now, also where will we get one in for the future now, tw is closed I think. COYS

  • I agree Pompey, we have missed the boat in several windows re GKs, but having released Vorm surely it would have been prudent to replace him. I don’t think anybody seriously looks at Gazza as anything but a standin, rather than a rival or successor to Lloris, who himself has shown cracks for a considerable time. GK is a position where we are in need of additional genuine talent. If there was a reason to release Vorm originally, presumably that reason still exists. The same situation will be a problem if Kane gets injured again, we released Loriente understandably but have failed to replace him, meaning an inevitable weakening of the squad, and reduction in selection options. We are generally reactive rather than proactive, it is a failing of our management.

  • PY, I’ll have you know the first post on the thread was me referring to Gazza as being our No.1 goalie for the Watford match which was the question posed by DW in the article! :- )

  • Don’t know why people are so critical of Gazzaniga, he has done his job pretty well on the rare ocassions he has been called on considering he hasn’t had a decent run of games. Our defence actually looks more confident when he is behind them which isn’t surprising when you look at the mistakes Hugo has been making lately. He is also much better at dealing with set piece high crosses into the box which our centre backs aren’t good at dealing with.

  • Several posts on here refer to the way spurs have been run by Levy. Yes the main business of ENIC is property development, and look how they have delivered… World Class training ground… world class stadium, at a cost of hundreds of £’m and a lot of delays and legal actions. All this and Poch managing on a financial shoe string, team playing / results CL FInal etc. has raised spurs profile in world football, Now focus has to be on the team quality to match the infrastructure.

    Vorm is only till end of season, as cover, so GK needs to be signed summer TW.

    Unhappy or just plain greedy…Players departing of which many of us have talked about.. need to get their act together, be professional and show some loyalty to the club and fans, who have supported them last 5 years or so..

    Now, I expect to see Spurs 3-Watford 0 on Saturday, as Geof has not said this yet … 🙂

  • TQ2… Hopefully Geof will concur in a friendly way… and enjoy a few tinnies when spurs win 3-0. lol

    In the words of a previous VS poster from a few years ago.. Another from OZ, Madaboutspurs who said a few times… COYS and WIN WIN WIN..

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