Date: 6th July 2020 at 10:06pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
1 – 0

White Hart Lane

Premier League

6/07/2020 8:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Graham Scott

Tottenham Hotspur Everton
Keane (og 24)
Lloris Pickford
Aurier Coleman 77
Dier Holgate
Winks Iwobi 45
Davies 77
Lucas Moura 82 Andre Gomes
Lo Celso 92 Sigurdsson 67
Son Heung-Min 78 Richarlison
Kane Calvert-Lewin


Bergwijn 78 Mina 36
Lamela 82 Gordon 45
Vergtonghen 92 Bernard 67
Sidibe 77
Kean 77

Game Statistics

12 Goal attempts 11
2 On Target 3
5 Corners 6
14 Fouls 18
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
51 % 49

Following on from the deeply disappointing defeat to Sheffield United last week, Tottenham Hotspur were back in action this evening as we welcomed Everton to White Hart Lane.

Manager Jose Mourinho was joined by the fans in wanting to see a reaction and we did get one.

We were the better side in the opening 45 minutes and created the better chances, but it took an own goal in the 24th minute to get us underway as we hadn’t had a shot on target. The only other major point in the game at this stage was the bizarre altercation between a ranting Lloris and Sonny – so it’ll be interesting to see what that was about.

The second half was much the same as the first, but Sonny and Lloris had made up over the break and we continued to be the better side, but with no real reward when it came to extending our lead.

Everton certainly finished the stronger as they threw the kitchen sink at us, but 1-0 was how it finished and all three points lift us back into eighth place.

It wasn’t a classic and it wasn’t really that inspiring, but Spurs were worthy of the win and it notched up Jose’s 200th PL win.

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Unused Spurs Subs:

Sanchez, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Skipp, Gedson Fernandes, Cirkin.

Unused Everton Subs:

Baines, Stekelenburg, Branthwaite, Baningime.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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36 Replies to “Spurs Show Some Improvement But We Didn’t Really Cut Through The Toffee – Match Stats”

  • not a world beating performance but it got us a win….didnt city give a world beating performance and lost to southhampton….lol
    3 points and i gladly take it……coys

  • Luckily for Mourinho the poor performance will be overshadowed by the Lloris n Son spat..

  • Sometimes you gotta win ugly. Boring match. 2 bang average teams. Right result. How did Gomes stay on the pitch late tackles at least 3 to 4 times.

  • We got the 3 points. I am pleased the players showed some guts and fight this game, Lloris v Sonny supporting the main event 🙂 my guess sonny did not track Richardlson which allowed the player get a shot just past the post.

    It wasn’t pretty but a ground out win is still a win we desperately need. A bit more confidence for the players a home win. now the big question, can we do it again away games?. COYS

  • block 108……..well if we can’t do it away at Bournemouth on Thursday there isn’t much hope for us! 🙂

  • Everton were really poor.
    Spurs were just slightly better. (An own goal better).

    Bring on the Cherries! Haha.

    1-0 to the Spurs will (probably) do. And that’s if Bournemouth are crap on the night… As long as they are worse than Spurs, that is to say… 2-0 might be pushing it a bit for Jose. I mean that would be a little too risky for him won’t it?

    Right, that’s more than enough of my fake optimism for now…… I’ve got bed to go to…….

    Stay safe…

    I wonder… Will I remember the night when Hugo and Son’s half-time spat and full-time cuddle was the main entertainment and the football wasn’t? … Probably not

  • It wasn’t a great performance, but there were plenty of questions before the game regarding the commitment of players and their willingness to fight for Mourinho.

    I saw a game which lacked in quality at various points in time, but lots of fight and determination. And in the rarer instances when players weren’t working hard enough for the team, captain Lloris spoke his mind in no uncertain terms.

    The performance left lots to be desired, but the attitude was night and day compared to Sheffield. That’s already a step in the right direction.

  • Thought we actually got a decent result especially when not playing that well from what I saw – Everton had recently drawn with Liverpool and beaten Leicester since the restart so are a decent outfit so a good result overall to be fair to the lads!

    OKish 1st half, poor 2nd half but at least we showed some fighting spirit over the course of the whole game and managed to get like I say a decent 3 points!

    Thought the core was actually pretty effective centrally – Lloris, Toby, Dier – Winks, Sissoko, Lo Celso and HK10.

  • The clash between Hugo and Sonny was very much out of character but you could see something like this coming for a few games now. It has been very obvious that Sonny has had to curb his natural attacking instincts and do more covering of our left back, you can see this is very frustrating to him as it is to me, we have offered very little attacking intent for quite a few games now and look completely sterile in this area of the game.

  • The problem is what people mean by fighting quality. I saw a game where we gave away an appalling number of free kicks in dangerous positions with stupid attempts at tackles. A better team than Everton would have taken advantage. That’s not my idea of fighting quality. We saw from Southampton what’s required, a willingness to run yourself into the ground for the team and the discipline to be in the right place at the right time. We are a long way from that.

    • I agree with that jod. But in fairness, for the Saints to get the result they did vs City, they did have to work a lot harder than Spurs had to last night. City were relentless. Everton were not… But, I still agree.
      And Son was the stand example of a lack of fight and commitment to the cause, for me, (and Hugo)…

      And, with the Saints in mind, I would like to mention how well I thought KWP played his part in their strong and sturdy defence… Maybe there is still a little hope left for him as a Spur… (maybe not).

      Our tackling was pretty poor a lot of the time, last night. Players diving in without thought. Without the thought to actually tackle but just to hack them down. That was a bit desperate for me…

      • HT….I hope we bring KWP back and install him, I have always seen something in him, hope my confidence is correct. COYS

  • Looking at the replays… Lloris was right to have a go at sonny there was a huge gap in our defense as dier . davies pulled apart by opposition runners so the everton player ran forwards, with sonny watching him run and shot at goal. As jose said its beautiful to see… some fight and energy in this team. How long since we saw anything like that??? Lloris as captain needs to be more assertive and have a go when necessary. Also noticed HK10 has not been following up looking for rebounds ball from our players runs shots at goal ? Dele usually does.

    TQ2.. yes Bournemouth are almost done in PL, so a 3-0 win for spurs will be very welcome thursday night.

  • I knew exactly why Son was berated by Hugo. Because just before the end of the half and in the move that led to Richarlison’s shot, I was watching Son wandering aimlessly and halfheartedly around midfield, ahead of our defence and being of no help whatsoever. I shouted at my screen to Son. “What are you doing?”… He may as well have been taking a lie down in the middle of the park.

    If I were Hugo, I’d have felt and reacted just the same. Son needs to listen to his captain and follow instructions. He should not be arguing the point or attempting to fight him… But it was the heat of the moment and it happens… And if there were 65,0000 supporters in the ground, Son would probably have not heard Hugo’s words as loud and clear as he did…

    3 points is good… But why did we make so much hard work of it?

  • Morning Block…

    Sorry, but I have basically repeated your view. I hadn’t yet read your post. Obviously we agree….( Although I didn’t need to re-watch it as I had noticed in real time)…

    Hugo is like that all of the time. Barking orders and organising his defence. It’s what goalkeepers do… But as I have said, without a crowd his words are probably often lost in the noise. To us watching and sometimes of course, his team-mates.

    • HT ….. Mind you, even with a crowd it’s been pretty quiet this season. We probably need more to shout about! : – )

      • Hi Geof…

        I did a lot of shouting in the past 2 matches, I can tell you. 🙂

        My neighbours could probably hear me loud and clear. Just not quite loud enough for my shouts to be heard in Yorkshire or North London from my home in South London… But almost…

  • Not much to look at but three points to the good. I thought we defended well in the first half but slackened off after the break. At least this time we were not punished for it. It would be nice to win on Thursday and then forge ahead of the neighbours at the weekend.

  • I thought we were OK last night, if a bit boring going forward. I thought the defence looked reasonable with Toby and Eric (without Dave). Davies at least tried to forge forward a bit to create something from the left side.
    Whilst HK10 didn’t score, he played some lovely through balls. We were a bit toothless up front. Winksy work hard with a good engine (you’ll not often hear that from me). We’re they bad, did we make them look bad.Still think Gomez should’ve had an early bath. 3 very late tackles each deserving yellow.
    Matches still have the look of pre season about them.
    We were the better team on an average night. Still 1-0. I’ll take that.
    Roll on Thursday nite and “The Cherries”.
    Get JM talking to Ake ref a move to Tottenham.

  • Not good enough in my opinion. Disjointed, too much sideways and backwards again and too many rash tackles in dangerous areas. I put it down to a fear factor that has crept in in recent games, with everyone playing the safe ball and no one having the confidence to take players on.. And I think part of it is also a fear of Mourinho which is not bringing out the best in the players. Whether this is due to poor man management or the players simply being in awe of him I do not know. But I think something needs to be done in this area if we are to produce some decent performances again, particularly against our North London neighbours.

  • Therein lies the irony, Stan.

    When players play it safe, they get slated for it, like you just did.

    When players take more risks, try to beat a man, and occasionally lose the ball because of it,they get slated for that too.

    Wanting a more aggressive style of play is invariably going to lead to more lost balls. Just look at a player like NDombele – he plays a lot more vertically, tries to look for the killer pass, but that’s often a low percentage pass. And he gets slaughtered for it.

    If fans want a possession-based style (which seems like the popular/most common opinion), then the priority is to retain the ball and not give it away cheaply. This can lead to “boring” passages of play – which we were at times guilty of under MP (“all possession, no impact”).

    You can’t have it both ways.

    • BS….am having to give you a thumbs up again with your post, it does seem the all or some scenario comes into being, including short memories, so all cannot be pleased all of the time.

      At the moment we are down in the doldrums/going through changes and it is at times showing on the pitch and most certainly here on VS. COYS

  • HT… I did see the sonny position of standing and watching everton player run into space and scare Lloris in real time, I just looked at replays to see if any other players there. But nothing. Lucky I had the Now tv voucher for season ticket holders.. thanks Mr Levy / spurs..I have enjoyed watching the games for free… lol

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