Date: 26th October 2018 at 7:00am
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Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to put Champions League frustration behind them on Monday evening as we go into an incredibly tough match against Manchester City.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side are only two points off Pep Guardiola’s reigning Premier League Champions and both sides have seven wins from nine, the difference is obviously our two defeats where they picked up draws.

The main difference between the sides when it comes to form is they have scored ten additional goals so far in 2018/19 and conceded four fewer goals than we have and given we aren’t quite on top form when it comes to performances and lapses in concentration, this is a game that could go very wrong indeed.

But why be pessimistic?

As we’re not firing on all cylinders just yet, an optimist would say eventually we will truly click this season and hammer somebody, and whilst I’m not for a second suggesting that will happen on Monday night, there’s enough about the squad to not consider a draw as being either beyond us or an unexpected achievement.

It is, however, potentially a fantastic match to work through PSV disappointments.


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  • Throughout the short time of this season so far, I’ve been seeing and hearing comments from some Spurs supporters suggesting that perhaps this Tottenham team is not as good as some folks/fools (like me), think they are. I’ll put that on its head and state that; No, we’re actually nowhere near as bad as some other folks/fools are now making out we are.

    Bad is losing badly to the likes of Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham and West Ham. Bad is being thrashed by Newcastle. Bad is definitely not being 2 points off the top of the PL or even losing to Barca. Bad would be sitting just above the relegation zone or just below Man U… Haha!

    We’ve got more than enough about our squad to beat City… It won’t be easy. But we are certainly strong and talented enough for the win… And, I doubt that Pep (unlike some), will so easily be writing us off before we’ve even kicked-off. He aint that stupid!

    Up The Spurs!

  • We are a decent team not champion quality though. Nothing to do with WC fatigue,Injuries or forwards firing blanks at the moment. The problem is every game we keep on having the same lapses in concentration and making the same mistakes at the back and in Midfield!! Against 3/4 of the PL we can get away with making 10 silly mistakes and get punished maybe 2 times. but in the CL and against the big sides we will be liable to getting punished 8 times for every 10 silly mistakes!! Thats what we really need to be addressing on the practice pitches during training. That is why we keep on doing a Spursy in the big game more times then not. TBH If we make these sameMistakes on Monday it will be another long night for us. COYS

  • Not feeling overly sanguine about this one. The article states the most obvious reason for having a queasy feeling: our team has been showing a persistent tendency for astonishingly bone-headed lapses. Bungling the ball to the opposition in ways that send them onto an open run towards our goal. Hugo dashing out into midfield to have a go at making a spectacular defensive move that goes disastrously wrong.

    Man Citeh simply are far to talented to allow such blunders to go by without their taking advantage. Add this to the prolonged absences of Dele Alli and CE, and the unlikelihood that they will be at their best and integrated into the team, and the slippage of form by Wanyama and Dembele from what they were a couple of seasons back. I’m not saying that we should go into this one filled with doom and gloom, but it really will take a performance above what we’ve seen so far this season for us to leave the pitch with three points, and this is the first season that Poch has looked more like an ordinary manager than like something special.

    A big up to DL for having us on the cusp of a new stadium that may well be the best in the world once it’s open and functioning well, but in the mean time the team’s eyes have not been on the immediacy of play.

  • We’re getting mocked on ESPN. They quote the advert that says that our new stadium is the only place you can watch the Champions League in London, and they point out that after the draw at PSV we’ll be out of the CL before the stadium opens. This really is a public misery. Two points off the league lead and we’re being mocked. I hope that come Tuesday we will be answering back. Let’s not get mocked again.

  • We may be winning ugly and underforming at the moment but this is (obviously) the exact same squad as last year. At some point we will get our swagger back. Hopefully it comes on Monday night. The article suggests the best we can hope for is a draw. Surely you have to go into every game with the intention and belief you can win it. It certainly the players aren’t thinking a draw would be good! Every season we start slowly and have some hiccups and then settle and become consistently good (usually around this tone of the season). So let’s win and win well!

  • Yes almost the same team on Monday that played City last season! and we all know the result of that one! So this game is about lessons learnt from last years Wembley encounter and the little matter of maintaining a high level of concentration in the final 15 minutes of the game. Pointless doing all the hard yards to get our noses in front only to undo it all with mind blowing mistakes in the dying minutes of a game! City are class but then they should be their squad cost over £300,000,000 million more than our squad. The press talks of a disparity between the top 6 and the rest of the PL well there is also a disparity in the top 6 because 5 clubs in that 6 have more money than us. If we take the view that we really have only 19 decent players in our squad of 25 and the fact that we are missing at least 2 to 3 of our best players at any one time it means that our bench has looked a bit thin at times this season. So, come Monday, we are asking our £200,000,000 squad to do battle with a £500,000,000 team with a bench that crackles with class players. What will Poch have on our bench that can change the game? Lamela? Winks? Sissoko? There is only one way we can win this game and that’s to play like Liverpool do against them, give them no time on the ball and just get in their faces. If we think we can win by passing the ball around in the first two thirds of the pitch then forget it! If ever we needed an anti-dote to our CL blues its winning this game – our credit rating on the pitch is not good at the moment, the Gooner biased Punters on TV, Press and Radio are tucking into us so a win would shut the whole lot up. I have my ticket, I have my seat for Monday and I ask anyone who is going to this match to start singing before the game, through the game and at the end of the game, even if it means chucking your beer up! the boys need a 12th man and the crowd have to show some love! Even if we are 3-0 down we have to keep on singing! COYS!

  • HT….another one of the fools here who couldn’t agree more with you.

    So on Monday we have a massive game, time to get our own back, surely, as Oyveh said in his post we have to take the game to “Money Bags MC” get in their faces, as L’pool proved they do not like it up em!, give them no time on the ball, no stupid mistakes, keep our concentration levels high and take any chances we make, we can win this! Maybe just maybe MC fear us more than we fear them.

    Also as has been said you lucky fans that are there on Monday make it loud and keep it going whether we are up or down, make Wembley a fortress until we move to the NWHL.

    I believe we can and will every game we play, that’s the club I am in, negativity! so I can say “I told you so” is just not my thing and never will be all the time I have a Lillywhite heart. COYS for ever.

  • Oh well…I have had my say over on Vital Manchester City! Its a grave yard over there any way I doubt if anyone will read it cos their readership is smaller than Raheem Sterling’s left testicle!

  • As my old mate Danny (Blanchflower) once said; “We (should) aim to equalise before the other team score. We should get our retaliation in first.”

    Talk of defeat, even if it’s just from us supporters, really doesn’t help. And as Oyveh has requested; We need to:

    “… Start singing before the game, through the game and at the end of the game, even if it means chucking your beer up! the boys need a 12th man and the crowd have to show some love! Even if we are 3-0 down we have to keep on singing!”

    I will never stop singing my support for Spurs. Singing, chanting, cheering, is good for the soul, good for the spirit and good for the team.

    Defeatism will only ever bring defeat…

    Up the Spurs!

  • if we continue our trend of this season playing poorly and win against city on Monday I’ll take that all day everyday.however against the top teams you don’t get away with bang average performances ,City whipped us home and away last season.HT we’re a good team but lack quality in middle of the park and that’s were the big games are won and lost,and we don’t kill teams off.quick question did vorm come on for loris after his shocking attempt against PSV ? Haven’t seen match surely Gazz has to be ahead of that clown worm???

  • Vorm is a very experienced, solid, sturdy and mostly reliable goalkeeper. And that’s all you can ever expect from a guy that will spend almost his entire time, during a season, sitting on a bench.

    Yes Pauric, Vorm did replace Hugo. And from the free-kick that Hugo got his red card for he dived sharply to his left and with his first touch, pushed the ball around the post for a corner.

  • Pauric, when you say that; “we lack quality in the middle of the park”, what do you mean exactly? Which player or players are you referring to?

  • HT, dier or wanayama don’t offer enough when in possession particularly dier he can be very sloppy with the ball and is not a natural midfielder, dembele just is not able to get round the pitch quick enough anymore,winks is best passer most natural midfielder we have but he has to have prolonged spell in the team to show he will get better, sissoko just ain’t good enough if we actually want to win,Chelsea, Liverpool have better midfielders than us.

  • Vorm , fa cup semi final against Utd,Watford,Liverpool game @ Wembley he was a disaster , Gazzinga far better goalie and actually was man of the match in two of the games he played in

  • Truly saddened to hear the news abourt Glenn Hoddle being seriously ill. Great footballer and more importantly a good man.

  • Best wishes to Glen Hoddle, please get well soon. Glen an all time Spurs great was probably 10-20 years ahead of his time as a player, a genius, one of the very best I have ever seen in a Spurs shirt in my 70 years as a Spurs fan.

  • My best wishes to Glenn Hoddle. The best player in the No.10 shirt / position I have seen at spurs. His ball control skills brilliant every game, and long ball passes absolute spot on to the player. Scoring some magnificent goals as well. He is the original OUR BOY (from Harlow) at WHL…

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