Date: 2nd May 2018 at 8:00pm
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With the Evening Standard reporting that we could look to make a move for Red Bull Salzburg striker Hee-chan Hwang, it seems like the club are having another go at getting a suitable understudy for Harry Kane.

Fernando Llorente’s stay with us is likely to come to an end after just one disappointing season in the summer with Athletic Bilbao his likely destination. Vincent Janssen meanwhile will return from his loan spell at Fenerbahce but he is also likely to be moved on.

Suffice to say that we have yet to find the right player, with the right skillset and mentality that can fill in when needed if our no.10 is sidelined.

It is a difficult role to fill. Strikers thrive off rhythm, and the more games they play in a row, the more likely they are to hit a rich vein of form. Having 10/20 minutes to impress once or twice a week, and a full 90 mins perhaps once a month in a cup competition is not ideal.

Certain players, most notably Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and to a lesser extent Olivier Giroud, are capable of making the impact when summoned from the bench. Such players don’t really tend to have any common denominators in their physical qualities or technical ability. Much of it is in the head.

As you can imagine scouting for such a player is a very tricky endeavour. You could look for players who have a great number of goals as a substitute, but then you may not be looking just at quality players.

Usually, if a player is good enough, they will be a regular starter for their club side and are rarely used from the bench. There are likely few statistics to tell you how they’d cope with long spells out of the starting eleven.

Similarly, a player is likely only to be a regular substitute if they are deemed not good enough to start. In some senses then you just have to be lucky to find a striker who has that killer instinct in front of goal no matter the game time they have been afforded during the season.

It’s always a worry when Harry gets injured simply because of the lack of a solid backup. For sure, we have players that can fill in but our attacking threat is blunted somewhat.

Finding that forward who contributes both in Kane’s absence, and when we need him as an impact sub, could push us to a different level. Whether we’ll find one, we’ll have to wait and see.


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  • We need someone who can play upfront with kane so i would put in a bid for vardy, he runs his nuts off scores goals and would be an ideal cover for when kane gets injured.

  • Vardy for gods sake NO! The problem is and I think we can all see it, what experienced Prem striker is going to sign for us and play second fiddle to “Our Arry”, maybe one being paid over the top wages who is quite happy to sit on the bench with his feet up and wait, not going to happen, we need to try and find a young lad who wants to learn and fit into our system but they are few and far between.

    If say we did sign Vardy, would he sit on the bench, I do not think so, also say playing 2 up top, who would be dropped.

    Even if the system, say to plan B was changed who would/could we sign, we have tried and failed. Any ideas people. COYS

  • Why is Vardy scum?

    His Foxes and England team mates seem to get on with him, including Harry who was at the Foxes with him for a short while.

    Not that I see him at Spurs…

  • Vardy has already had his time on the bench, sitting next to Harry, at Leicester City.

    They’ve both come a long way since then…

  • Whoever fills Harry’s shoes will have to come with the right accessories to compliment his golden boots.

  • I’ve been advocating for Jay Rodriguez for a long time. Not a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, but he can play multiple positions in MP’s system adequately and can lead the line. He seems to have fully recovered from his big knee injury and I think if you surround him with more talent, he can score 10/15 goals for us in the system we play (unlike trying to fit square pegs in round holes like Llorente). he’s scored 11 in 38 for WBA this year, but it was always going to be difficult to shine in a poor team getting relegated. At his best, he was an England international who averaged 1 in 2, which is OK. There’s a player that MP knows and likes, and who could come in, would probably not argue with being on the bench, and could do a job for us.

  • HT … The comment about ‘accessories’ was mine but posted under your name!!?

    I’ve just noticed you’ve already figured that out. lol

    Something seriously wrong if the site keeps doing that.

  • HT …. Maybe you’re the only poster on this site and all the comments come from you …. even this one?! It’s confusing.

  • BelgianSpur – The problem we have is our inability to adapt our game to suit the player replacing Kane, Llorente didn’t suddenly become a bad player when he came to us. So I would argue we need a like for like back up. Nothing wrong with Rodriguez but he’s a “can play as a striker” sort of player rather than a genuine centre forward which is what we need if we want an understudy to Kane. Otherwise we might as well just play Son there and keep our fingers crossed it comes off.

  • Congrats to pool for getting to the CL final with an average defence and midfield, however, they have a great attack. Klopp has got to 3 finals in 3 full seasons and that team can be improved a lot. Being a good coach and fitness trainer is not enough to win trophies Botch has to learn to inspire his players in these type of games.

  • Yes, well done Pool… Just!

    Now I’m hoping that Real can do to them what they failed to do v Spurs… And, what Spurs already did to the Pool…

    Can any one of us see Spurs almost throwing away a 5-0 goal lead to any team. And eventually conceding 6?

    I can’t.

  • Agreed, a dilemma indeed.

    Ideally, we’d scour the world and bring in the next world class player for next to nothing. He’d be mentored by the great Harry Kane and before long is playing alongside him or instead of him.

    Unfortunately, finding the next Ronaldo isn’t that easy. More than likely we’ll either bring in another attacking player like Zaha who is playing up top in his own unique way. He’s definitely hard working, has pace and is unpredictable and at 25 has his best football ahead of him. If we really want a more orthodox striker then I’m guessing they are out there. There’s guys like Jay Rodriguez or Callum Wilson playing in the Prem who know how to lead the line in the domestic games and contribute goals. Hardly fits our normal transfer strategy though with their age or injury record.

  • lol – seems there is another article on Red Bull Salzburg forward Hee-chan Hwang. Son’s international team mate is apparently on our list 🙂

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