Date: 28th August 2014 at 7:39pm
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Congratulations to Danny Rose and Andros Townsend for making the latest England squad.

This is the same Danny Rose that a section of our fans said wasn’t fit to wear a Spurs shirt and even claimed was the worst left back in the Premier league, I guess Danny gets the last laugh.

Andros is having his problems at the moment, having started his England career explosively injuries and loss of form have set him back badly. But at the time he was making such an impact with England another young player, Raheem Sterling, was where Townsend is now.

Having started brilliantly he had lost form and was struggling, he got back on track in time to get to the World Cup. Andros should keep three things in mind. Firstly Sterling has already done what he needs to do, so its certainly possible. Secondly Pochettino has said flat out Townsend won’t be sold and Roy Hodgson has called him up for England, so the men that matter believe in him. Thirdly the fans that are currently having a go at him are the same ones that heaped all that vitriol on Danny Rose, so he can safely ignore them completely.

One player that only made the under 21 squad was Eric Dier. Does anyone else find it odd that 20 year old Dier is in the junior squad while 19 year old Calum Chambers is in the senior squad? Of course in terms of young centre backs Everton’s John Stones is currently ahead of both of them after what he did last season but from what I’ve seen Chambers at the moment is error prone while Dier is playing almost faultlessly.

There’s also the question of height, even though Chambers is strong and an athlete he is only 6ft tall, normal for a centre half when I first started going to White Hart Lane but people have got taller since then. Stones and Dier are both 6′ 2′, still not tall by modern standards. Standing next to Per Mertesacker at 6′ 6′ Chambers must look quite short and of course our own latest signing, Federico Fazio, is 6′ 5′. Dier is the best English prospect in central defence I’ve seen in a long time. How he is rated behind Chambers completely baffles me.

Written by jod