Date: 5th January 2017 at 11:04am
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Tottenham Hotspur are back in the Premier League title race following our momentous 2-0 win over Chelsea at the Lane last night.

Two Dele Alli headers were enough to fire us up to third in the table (get in!).

Match Highlights

Match Stats

Player Ratings

Hugo Lloris 6
Wasn’t really required or did anything of note but earned his match fee with a cracking save from Diego Costa early in the second half.

Jan Vertonghen 6.5
Steady-Eddie (Jan) in most things he does – played well and fine defensive performance – joined in with the attacks when required.

Toby Alderweireld 7.5
Took main responsibility for keeping Costa quiet and accomplished his job well. The main man in a back three. Dependable as usual.

Eric Dier 6.5
Kept his discipline but he didn’t look entirely comfortable on the right of a three-man defence. Room for improvement.

Danny Rose 8
Booked: Chelsea could only stop Danny by kicking lumps out of him. Magnificent going forward and came back to defend when required.

Victor Wanyama 7.5
Booked: Stopped Chelsea building momentum and got stuck in when he had to in the midfield. Victor simply refused to let hardly anyone in Blue run past him.

Mousa Dembele 6.5
Did what he had to but nothing exceptional.

Kyle Walker 6.5
Kept Pedro out of the game – played a part in the build-up to Alli’s goals – professional performance.

Harry Kane 6.2
Simply couldn’t get into the swing of things but that has to be a credit to the Chelsea defence. Huffed and puffed but not his night.

Christian Eriksen 8.1
Two brilliant crosses to set up Alli’s goals. Always creative and simply had his finger on the pulse.

Dele Alli 8.5
Booked: The media wonder why Real Madrid are sniffing around our brilliant and in-form player. Match-winner and Man of the Match after two fine headed goals. Brimming with skill and confidence.

Harry Winks 6
Came on for Dembele 74 mins.

Moussa Sissoko 6
Came on for Alli 86 mins.
Came on for Kane 90 + 2 mins.

Manager Rating
Mauricio Pochettino – Got his tactics spot on. 10 out of 10!


19 Replies to “Spurs Player Ratings Vs Chelsea (04/01/17)”

  • I agree with you Ossie. He broke up Chelsea attacks and seemed to be everywhere. I thought Eriksen had his game of the season so far as well….only needed a goal to top it off

  • Some very conservative scoring there Tino. IMO, 10 out of 10 for Wanyama and the rest, eights and nines for me. Not because I thought anyone was amazingly outstanding (bar Victor) but because of how they played as a unit, as a team.

  • From the viewpoint I had :
    lloris 7 walker 8 rose 9 dier 9 Verts 9 Toby 9 Dembele 8 eriksen 8 dele 8 Kane 8 Wanyama 10

  • Finally, I’m going all the Chelsea players 10 as they were fantastic. Unfortunately, they’re just not as good as us 🙂

  • Can we win the league?Chelsea will have to slip up badly for this to happen.I’m impressed with the increased maturity of Spurs when they closed the game down in the last half hour & resisted the temptation to score more goals against a wounded beast.These are league winning tactics .Mourinho has played this way & won many titles by playing for 3 points not going for cricket scores.We may not win the league this year but it is coming sooner rather than never.

  • I’m going to heap some praise on Pochettino, as I think he fully deserves it. It was good to hear the WHL crowd last night were singing out loud and proud, his ‘magic’ song……… His formation and game-plan worked a treat and I can understand why some may be seeing it as the way to go forward from here on but, I think it worked so well because it was set up specifically and perfectly for the opposition, for Conte’s Chelsea team. It’s what he has been doing all season, in my eyes. For instance, in our 2-0 win against City, (in which I thought our general play was even better or at least as good), we had a very different line-up and formation. It was a 4-1-4-1 ish if I remember, with Sissoko and Lamela out wide and Son up top. Wanyama was playing as the soul defensive mid with Dele and Eriksen playing quite free roles, connecting defence to attack…….. It worked and it was right for that particular match-up. He would have probably played it differently if it wasn’t for injuries etc., but he utilised the players he had available very well. Much as he did last night. We still have Lamela to come back and when he does, along with all the others, this gives us even more options and variations on a theme or, themes……. Whatever he plans next, may not work as well but, I wouldn’t bank on it being quite as it was last night. Keep it up Pochettino. keep it up Spurs! …….. Get up, get on up…… Like a Poch machine… Get on up.

  • Why thank you MAN ON!…I was critical on a couple of the player ratings but I did the score on what I saw. Everyone’s different I guess.

  • Didn’t think of that – think i’ll have to use my words at bit more carefully in the future (lol).

  • I stated on the match day article that Wanyama was MOTM by a mile. He was an absolute beast, very impressed how he played after beeing booked early on. I dont think we are consistent enought to win the title but if Poch can get us CL this season we will have jumped a huge hurdle in my opinion. CL footy with the new stadium is vital.

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