Date: 3rd October 2019 at 6:10am
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So, it’s time to turn attentions to Tottenham Hotspur’s next Premier League clash as we face Brighton and Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Following Tuesday night’s debacle, fans are mixed on what it means for the future of manager Mauricio Pochettino and our current side – is it proof of a slide, or is it a wake up call and time to seriously address our expectations moving forward.

Whichever side of that fence you are on, there’s no denying it was the harshest night I can remember, and for those of a wiser and more experienced vintage, plenty have already commented it was their darkest night in our history.

We have to bounce back though. The season doesn’t, or certainly shouldn’t, end in October. The battle for the top four is still on, we can still qualify through the Champions League Group stages (let’s face it last season was much more comfortable and look where we got to) and this weekend isn’t the proverbial must win as most fans talk about it.

Three points and a win is obviously the aim, but I think some pride, passion and a performance is maybe more important than the result after that hammering. Show it was a blip, show we can use it to unify once again and let’s finally get ourselves going this year.

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132 Replies to “Spurs Need To Steal Three Things From The Seagulls – Match Thread”

  • First time Brighton have scored 2 at home in a year. We really are the gift that keeps on giving. Coupled with the Bayern, Leicester and Colchester losses, i can’t see Poch being here if we lose to Watford.

  • I might be the only one on this message board who said after tuesdays game that Poch needs to go because he will not be able to turn this around. When this Spurs team is losing 2-7 to any side there is serious problems and it starts with the coach.

    Levy may not have backed Poch the way he should have but Poch didn’t get on with did he? His demeanour and words said in the press had suggested all season long he was fed up. That is his fault and no doubt will have effected the players mentality.

    No doubt Levy will give him more time and so he should as Poch has been the best manager we have had in decades but it is hard to see how this can be turned around now.

  • Someone now, please tell me we do not have any issues in the club!!!!!Brighton look like Bayer Munich. We are truly lost, they all look void of ideas, it is like rabbits staring into headlights. Fanman , i have to agree this is the worst we have been for years. I do not know where to begin. I hope Hugo is ok,no one likes to see anyone injured, but what was he thinking. It is going to take a big second half. I will try an keep the faith. COYS

  • I’m shocked, didn’t expect this, expected a reaction. Our captain makes error once again9 when we are under pressure,not sure he is captain material on the pitch, can’t say behind closed doors but on the pitch i don’t see him has a captain. Ok they got early goal but this is Brighton and we should be able to get over with the team on the pitch. I can’t say why they are like this. How they get out of this rut i don’t know. 11 shots by them yet we have a dm so what is happening, i thought the dm in Dier would make a difference. Kane isn’t in games and can’t create, its a up hill battle today but even a bigger one for rest of season. Got to stay calm but also got to do something different. Need injection of energy. What comes to my mind is we dont have players that have the mentality. I think the five years has shown us they haven’t been able to get over the line to win anything, so can we expect them to have the know how and mentality to get us out of this rut? They have made fight backs so ita in their locker, they have shown their strong mentality but can they do it again or has the fight gone after losing the CL and not winning anything for so long after working so hard?

  • Lamela has been good this season but today he has been ass. Get Moura on along with Winks. We are 2 nil down, no need for Dier.

  • Once again we have a team playing out of their skins against us, aided by a gift goal, Dier not being up for it and another terrific blow to our morale by losing our captain. Coming in the wake of Tuesday i can understand heads dropping. So go easy on them unless you want to destroy their confidence completely. Let’s hope Poch makes the necessary changes in the second half. Replacing N’Dombele doesn’t look like a good start, given Dier’s performance.

  • Well apparently it was Toby back of and backing off and then turning his back, helping the striker to do what he did, horrific defending according to commentator and Eriksson again free kick straight into the wall. Maybe its time to drop all those who are leaving and play the kids until we get reinforcements. Might not win but we are not now and it least we will get some energy.

  • I’ve just come in for a game of golf and I’ve seen 5 minutes of this game – enough to see that most of these players do not care anymore. They are running around aimlessly with absolutely zero level of commitment. Levy needs the Champions League money to pay for the stadium. It will be sell sell sell in the summer. Absolutely pathetic performance

  • What an absolutely pathetic performance. If we are to believe the press those that want to leave should not play and be put in the youth team. There is no commitment and Poch should man up and leave as well. I am a season ticket holder and at this moment in time I doubt if I will renew, probably like a lot of others. It is the first time I have turned the TV off I can’t watch any more. I have been a supporter for over 60 years and never seen anything like it, it has been rubbish and has been festering under the surface for ages. We will have to start again with a new manager and players, so it will take time. How long?

  • Getting played off the park by Bayern is one thing, but Brighton is taking the biscuit. Davies,, Dier, Verts , Toby , Rose, Aurier and Eriksen need to get out of my club. All not good enough or not putting their all in.

    Spare a thought for Moura, came on today and gave us that much needed spark but is getting Livermore minutes. Kane looks so isolated. Get Moura in and around him, we need pace in defense and in attack badly.

  • The bad points:
    We are not a team.
    We are not even individuals.

    The good points:
    We conceded less than 7.
    We are not in the bottom three …. yet.
    It can’t get any worse. Can it?

  • Well lost for words there. Absolute shambles, simply embarrassing, I think it is a combination of Manager and Players, so I think it is finally time he goes and some of those players go. The negativity is catching, and it certainly caught up today, even Kane and Dombele looked awful today, Son looks half the player he was LY. I do think we need to start to look elsewhere, I think this project has come to an end and now to begin a new chapter, unfortunately without Poch and a few of those players that want to leave. Sissoko at RB was awful, you could see Toby has no confidence in him. Hugo, hope he is ok, but he needs to go, he has now become a liability between the sticks, he has made so many more over the last 1 year and a half, did anyone see Harry Kane face when walking off, I think he is off, bye bye my beloved Spurs

  • Poor recruitment/ no recruitment over so many transfer windows has cost us. Poch consequently got fed up and lost the dressing room. Levy out, Poch out!

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