Date: 3rd October 2019 at 6:10am
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So, it’s time to turn attentions to Tottenham Hotspur’s next Premier League clash as we face Brighton and Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Following Tuesday night’s debacle, fans are mixed on what it means for the future of manager Mauricio Pochettino and our current side – is it proof of a slide, or is it a wake up call and time to seriously address our expectations moving forward.

Whichever side of that fence you are on, there’s no denying it was the harshest night I can remember, and for those of a wiser and more experienced vintage, plenty have already commented it was their darkest night in our history.

We have to bounce back though. The season doesn’t, or certainly shouldn’t, end in October. The battle for the top four is still on, we can still qualify through the Champions League Group stages (let’s face it last season was much more comfortable and look where we got to) and this weekend isn’t the proverbial must win as most fans talk about it.

Three points and a win is obviously the aim, but I think some pride, passion and a performance is maybe more important than the result after that hammering. Show it was a blip, show we can use it to unify once again and let’s finally get ourselves going this year.

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132 Replies to “Spurs Need To Steal Three Things From The Seagulls – Match Thread”

  • Will see a different set up/team tomorrow when we go visiting the seaside?

    This for me is a possibility, set up and team wise…
    Sissoko Toby Verts Davies
    Winks Dier
    Son Eriksen N’Dombele

    Now come on lads, do it for the fans. COYS

    • PY, I think I would rest/drop Winks for this one and play Dier and Ndombele as the two and add Lamela or Moura to the three behind Kane. The other option would be to play Foyth at right back and play 2 of Dier/Ndombele/Sissoko.

      • Actually, thinking about it, I would start Lamela, Eriksen and Moura behind Kane and have Sonny on the bench in case he is needed later in the game, he put in a lot of miles on Tuesday and looked shot at the end of the game.

  • It’s hard to feel confident about a win when you consider how long it is since we last won away from home in the PL, that said, I’m still expecting (hoping for?) a reaction from the players to Tuesday’s debacle.

  • TQ2S….Thanks, something like this then

    KWP Toby Verts Davies
    Dier N’Dombele
    Maura Eriksen Lamella

    Very attack minded, has me thinking also away from all the other shenanigans lol! COYS

  • Come on guys, let’s be more innovative. How about:
    Moura Kane Lamela, Son
    Eriksen Ndombele Winks
    Toby Rose Jan

    This way we can really attack from the back!

  • Not that silly Geof, Harry has played in goal before, that said playing Hugo as a striker probably would be extremely silly! :- )

  • The problem with making changes to the team is how fit are the likes of Foyth, KWP, Dier, etc to come in and do a job?! Sess and Lo Celso still out aswell. Luckily Brighton aren’t blessed with the best or fastest attack so persevering with Toby and Verts should not be a problem in this game but I’d be looking to incorporate Davy as his pace will be needed in more tougher matches coming up where we could be susceptible to pace at the back namely Liverpool and don’t want a rusty Davy going there. We’ve got some very good players Poch needs to pull his finger out and get them playing properly – we also need some major surgery at the back in January – forget Dybala/Fernandes – we need some quality defender’s and maybe a quality DCM.

  • Foyth, KWP, Dier, Davies, Alli, Eriksen – how fit are they are to come in and perform as we need in a tough Prem match away to Brighton – especially with certain players tired and other’s not fit enough and not having any wins away in 9 months in the Prem. Sonny has been used a lot recently, same as Kane, Toby, Verts, Rose – Moura barely – poor game management from Poch IMHO.

  • We only seem to play well when we are going all out at full pace and the play is frenetic. We can’t control games. If we want to be a big club, we need to start buying players who are technically better on the ball, especially our FB positions, also in midfield. Bayern stayed calm whethered the storm and looked after the ball so well, we were slightly unlucky that their finishing was unreal.

  • Think line up is right today. At the moment Sanchez is low on confidence and Foyth coming back from injury and still young, so Toby and Vertonghen are still first choice for now. Second Rose cant play too many games in a row and needs a rest and his form hasn’t been great anyway. Sissoko at rb shows us one thing, MP doesn’t fancy kwp and im not sure Aurier is the answer anyway although he is suspended. I would say kwp and Foyth missed out at rb due to this so important for a win, he doesn’t trust kwp and Foyth isnt match fit so Sissoko while a gamble, its understandable in the current situation. I would say kwp needs a loan or selling. I think Dier is right call. Yes he hasnt played much but iko its no coincidence that we have leaked so many goals in the last year since he has been out. He is not a pretty player but his positional sense protects the defence more than any other player. Its time to bring him in and see if he can do that job again like he did in the first season as a dm. Ndombele keeps his place and rightly so, he needs game tjme for his fitness and he has been doing alright in the break up of play and attacking sense. He has made mistakes not getting back but with Dier behind him that makes things easier imo. Winks is a good player at retaining the ball and moving it but he doesnt protect the back line enough and its jot working with him as the deeper llayer, he will play well with a dm next to him and i don’t see a dm player other than dier and wanyama. Ndombele and Sissoko do defend but Ndobele is more of an all round midfielder not exclusively a dm and Sissoko is a carrier of the ball that breaks forward even though he like ndombele can defend, but mot exclusive dm. Always thought we play better with a dm, a 4 2 3 1 which gives the 3 offensive players to press knowing they have that protection9 behind them and the back line are better having the dm in front of them. Im not saying Dier is the answer to all our problems leaking goals, its other things, individual errors, positional sense of fbs and the offensive line not pressing which is a form of defence as a team. I think we need a another dm player to rotate with Dier at some point if we go back to using that system. May be Skipp and Winks might become that, i dont know. Eriksen starting is correct has we havent got anyone else. Dele is the next best thing but he is just coming back and needs to get up to speed. While Celso is out eriksen is needed. Son is correct decision, he has been one of our best players. Some may shout for Moura, i dont agree. When he plays he works hard, he can score but his all round game is missing. No assists and he just doesn’t seem to create. Add that to his game and he will be perfect until then it doesn’t work with him in the starting line up especially when you got Son playing, it means we have two runners and this is why Lamela gets nod over Moura, he brings something different to Son and Moura who are fast runners plus Lamela has done well this season. Kane is obviously right choice. So for me under the circumstances the line up is correct. I think we do need a rb, i think Rose, Toby, Eriksen will go and we will need players in. Whether we need another lb when rose goes im not sure, that much depends on how Sess does. Not sure if Vertonghen will stay, he seems to want to, but if he goes or jot i thijk we need a left sided cb to cover him. Im no fan of right footed playing on the left side of defence. Do i think Foyth and Sanchez are good enough to take over not sure yet. So when those players leave MP will need to assess if we need ready made cds or whether Foyth and Sanchez will step in and starters. I think we need to start looking at the goal keeper situation. I dont see Gazza being a first choice keeper and Lloris will need replacing sooner rather than later. I think he will stay next season has we cant do the rebuild all in one or two windows but after next season i think a new keeper will need to be brought in. Im happy with the line up today and i do think everything will be fine and we will get through this awkward difficult time. I just hope we get top four, not concerned about anything else has next season most of the uncertainties will be sorted, players will have either signed new contracts or gone.

  • 3 to 0 today for me, expect a good result. P.s why is this site setup where you have to type in your name and email every time you make a comment?

  • If we can take our chance like Bayern took theirs on Tuesday we should be home and dry. But the attack will have to be refreshed if we are to do that today given the short recovery time from Tuesday.

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