Date: 26th September 2019 at 5:50am
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With a Champions League capitulation added to crashing out of the EFL Cup at the third round stage in midweek as League Two side Colchester United took our scalp on penalties, Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino will be desperate to see his side get back to winning ways on Saturday as we welcome Southampton to White Hart Lane.

Plenty have already had their say about our form in 2019 and Poch has had his say on ‘different agendas’ in the first team squad as the fallout continues from the Cup defeat, but Saturday is an opportunity for some players to show a reaction, as we simply know we are a lot better than we saw on Tuesday evening – even allowing for the changes the gaffer made.

One win in the last five isn’t a great start to the season and back to back defeats needs to be addressed as the frustration and anger will only grow.

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110 Replies to “Spurs Need Some Southern Comforts As Silverware Goes Begging – Southampton Can Put A Bad Week Behind Us – Match Thread”

  • DW… Yes this is a vital game for spurs players and poch. Any thing less than a Crystal Palace level of performance and 3 points win, will not be acceptable by myself, and indeed other fans. Should the players continue their own “agendas” as poch mentioned, the repercussions will be very serious, and Levy will be furious as well, having just been promoting the brand of THFC, raised finance for the club on the basis of how well he runs the club, and CL PL Sky TV events income. I will be at WHL to witness how the players and poch react… COYS

  • I’ve decided to lower my expectations in the hope that I won’t feel so down after watching the lousy performances we are putting in right now. Like you block 108 I’m looking for a reaction on Saturday but even if we do achieve a 4-0 win as we did against Palace the backgroung issues won’t have been resolved. I already feel that we are unlikely to turn things round for this season with this squad of wantaways.

  • I said in another article that I went to the Pompey v Scum match on Tuesday, and that I saw nothing in them that should frighten Spurs, that is the real Spurs team turning up of course.

    We go into a situation of a total 5 games coming up, 4 at home 1 away, where 4 wins + 1 draw would/could see a completely different outlook on the way we are feeling now, I also believe it could make or break our season COYS

  • DW….I just realised you wrote “Spurs need some Southern Comforts” more like some real Jamaican Dark Rum to give them some oomph lol! COYS

  • PY …. I thought the ‘real Spurs’ played quite well against Colchester. There was no way Colchester could have beaten Spurs in open play from what I saw …. but any team can win a penalty shoot-out. And, if you’re shouting, pass the rum, mate!

  • You could argue that we played quite well in our own half but once we got over the half way line we had little idea what to do to get past a determined defence.

  • Time to drop the players that don’t give 100% and play some of the youngsters. We are playing too many snakes at the moment and it needs to stop.

    Hugo, KWP, Sanchez, Tang, Davies, Skipp, Winks, Alli, Lamela, Son, Kane.

    If Amos was here I would pick him in a heartbeat. Exactly what we need right now. I would cancel his loan with QPR if we can.

  • TQ & Geof….I agree with both your comments lol! it was a game of playing in two halves.

    Real Deal….that team would be a surprise I think, personally I would swap KWP for Aurier and Skipp for N’Domble, unless he is injured again, the rest would do for me. COYS

  • I read a while back that CE has refused to leave even if we were to sell him for a knockdown £30m, as he wants to do his own thing/dealings and leave for free, that for me is right piss him off from anything to do with first team, that’s gratitude for you. COYS

  • Real Deal. good shout but i would have Moura in for Dele. I don’t think he has justified his position in the team. Probably Aurier ahead of KWP too. I don’t think KWP is up to it. Is Foyth fit yet?

  • DH….am with you there regards Ali/Moura, what I forgot to say was play Ali in the 1st and if not up to it/proves himself bring on Moura at the start of the 2nd. COYS

  • This maybe a defining game for Pochettino and his future at Spurs. Surely the club can’t afford any more spineless, gutless, clueless performances against teams like Newcastle and Southampton neither likely to threaten to win anything, not to mention Colchester Utd.

  • The quarrel I would have with the above nominated team sheet is the inclusion of Sanchez. I wouldn’t have him anywhere near the team, irrespective of his fee, he is simply not good enough. I’m afraid he is the latest in a long line of failed expensive signings in recent seasons. It’s alright showing him loyalty, and feeling sorry for him, but to continue playing him will cost us, we are not good enough to hide him.

  • Frank… You have forgotten, sanchez 1st season he was acalained as a spurs future legend, playing brilliantly in back line. Seems to have been affected by the problems as are others. He will get better, as did sonny when being rubbished by fans…

  • Seems we are back to press speculation again with Poch, not just RM but also claims that Manu are prepared to pay £32m to release him from his contract. I doubt there is anything in it but it doesn’t stop the unsettling effect that it has within the club and the squad.

    We also read reports that Eriksen will resist any moves to sell him in January. I understand and agree with the calls for him to be dropped now if his attitude isn’t good as it would appear but would go further than this and put him on permanent gardening leave until the expiry of his contract if he does indeed refuse any moves and is still with us after January.

  • TQ2S….I think the thing/bull? by the press regards a £32m buy out clause is a load of crap, ditto Toby’s, as DL just does not do buy out clauses because they are not in the best interest of the club.

    b108….so true regards Sissoko, in all the mayhem, I myself did forget about him lol! he has to play simple as that.

    Frank….I take it you do not rate Sanchez lol! funny enough I do, yes he has had his problems/made mistakes but who hasn’t, I am with b108 and his post, you cannot be the future one minute and a waste of time the next, give the lad a chance, esp when all the disruption that seems to be going on behind the scenes cease. COYS

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