Date: 10th January 2019 at 7:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur putting in a strong rearguard display against Chelsea in the first leg of the EFL Cup semi-final on Tuesday evening, plenty of players came in for praise following the fulltime whistle.

With Video Assistant Referee technology still leaving some confused as to whether or not Harry Kane was offside as he latched onto a pass from Toby Alderweireld, and was then subsequently felled in the penalty box. Our reliable England man then converted the opportunity to give us a 1-0 advantage ahead of the second leg, and in keeping the clean sheet despite their best efforts, we secured the win.

With former England left-back Danny Rose not having the best of it in recent years with interviews and injuries hitting, plenty of fans lauded his efforts on social media following the game, as his own showing very much like the Rose of old in the eyes of many.


6 Replies to “Spurs Man’s Back To His Best Following Chelsea Display – “Immense” “Amazing” “Exceptional””

  • Seems to have become one of these urban myths, that Rose is back to his best. He’s playing better than he was no argument. But back to where he was before the injuries ? definitely not. Not sure he ever will be, he seems to have lost some of his pace.

  • jod…have to agree with you there regards his pace, but still “he is back!”

    I have to admit our “new signing” Sissoko really does look the part, a bully boy hard man in midfield who does not give an inch. COYS

  • It’s not uncommon for players to lose a bit of pace over time anyways, and he’s still quick enough to create separation to put in across. Ultimately, that’s all that matters. I’d rather that than a Yedlin who had plenty of pace but no end product or positional intelligence.

    Rose, at his current best, is a good, above-average PL left back and I am happy enough with that. What he has lost in pace he has gained in experience, making him arguably a better player overall.

  • Not suggesting pace is everything. However it was always the argument made against Ben Davies, that Rose was faster therefore Rose was better. Once you take that out of the mix the comparison between the two looks a bit different.

  • Well I still think that Rose, even if he has lost a bit of pace, is still faster to get up and down the wing. Rose may not be as fast as he was, but he’s still quite a bit faster than Davies. In fact, I believe Davies’ long term future is probably at CB, where his lack of pace matters less.

    I actually rate Rose over Davies for a number of reasons, pace being one, but far from being the only edge Rose has.

  • BelgianSpur – There’s a point where you are quick enough to make a decisive break, below that the ability to actually get away from the other player just isn’t there. Davies has never had that kind of speed, Rose used to have but I don’t think he’s got it any more. Just being quicker doesn’t matter if you aren’t quick enough to do something decisive. Of course you have to make the distinction between speed and acceleration. Pace is about simply running away from someone, Bale or Kyle Walker could do that, Son can to. But someone like Gascoigne while not quick had an instant change of pace that would leave a marker a yard adrift even though he never outrun him over a distance. I’m curious what other things make you think Rose is a better player than Davies.

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