Date: 31st December 2018 at 7:00am
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With the fall out continuing following Tottenham Hotspur’s defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers last Saturday in the final game of 2018, it was entirely expected that Spurs’ detractors would be out in force having had no option but to be quiet in recent matches.

With some sections in football using the 3-1 defeat as ‘proof’ manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side can’t perform under pressure, midfielder Harry Winks has laughed those claims off and pointed to the fact that we’ve already performed under pressure a number of times so far this season.

Simply put, it’s football and occasionally you have a bad day – Manchester City have recently wobbled, and Liverpool’s winning streak will come to an end – it’s the nature of the game.

Speaking to Sky Sports following the game, Winks dealt with the accusations pretty easily really.

“Listen, when people say that on social media, that is their own opinion, they are entitled to that. But inside the club we know how good we are, we know how far we can go, we have belief, regardless of the result. We are doing really well. We have had one defeat since Arsenal away. We are doing so well. We have had some fantastic results in the Champions League and the Premier League and it is important to remember how well we are doing and we don’t get carried away with a defeat.”

Opinions are like Arsenal’s after all, everybody has one but it doesn’t necessarily make them right.

Winks went on to focus on the positives that slowly but surely people are now considering us as title contenders, so that alone shows our improvements. It might not happen for us, but we’re in the mix and our expectations and ambitions have risen and that’s proof of steps being taken forward and ultimately, improvement is all you can ask or demand.