Date: 5th January 2019 at 3:54pm
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It’s quite a fullsome break from Premier League action for Tottenham Hotspur. Fresh from the mauling of Tranmere Rovers in the FA Cup, it’s all eyes to Tuesday’s League Cup semi-final clash with Chelsea.

With manager Mauricio Pochettino making plenty of changes for Friday night’s clash under the Prenton Park floodlights, presumably, it will be a stronger looking starting XI for this one as although Poch has made no bones about prioritising the league and Champions League competitions, being so close to a final now he certainly won’t want disappointment to get in the way of what has already been a very good season by our standards.

Whether or not some of our walking wounded return in time for this clash remains to be seen, but Erik Lamela is probably the closest with him going under the weather with an illness, but if we look likely to have one or two back by next weekend, that should at least help the gaffer with his selections for this one.

If we reach the final, maybe we can hold that at White Hart Lane instead as Wembley is losing some of its charm.


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  • DW…. I really hope that we can be in the new stadium by end of Feb. As for the chelsea game tuesday, you are correct fans are getting weary of traveling to and from wembley. (ask oy veh !) I had a look at fixtures list, we have a run of 4 home games from 30 Jan. at wembley 🙁

    But we have to support the spurs, wherever the home stadium is deemed to be in London. This year in a cup semi final and against chelsea I do not expect spurs to lose in the form we are in, and Dele will score against his favorite opponents. As we have lost too many semi finals last 3 years or so it’s time we got through to a cup final at Wembley. At least our spurs players are used to playing there. COYS

  • block d………………I have always shown optimism that we would make the move to our new home early in the new year but I’m now not sure, the announcement that has been mooted for next week is awaited with baited breath.

    Since the workers returned after the xmas/new year break there doesn’t appear to be a lot of urgency being shown, I appreciate that there are unfinished parts that won’t affect the use of the stadium but even so they currently have only a single shift working on the cladding to the east stand where there were two prior to the break. Work on the ticket office seems to be moving at a very slow pace also.

    My feeling is that we may see a decision to wait now and move in for the beginning of next season, I really hope I’m wrong as I am dying to see us play there as soon as possible, I previously predicted we would be in for the Watford game at best or if not then the Newcastle game.

  • Maybe because I have had some experience of big construction projects I never assumed the build would go smoothly. They rarely do in all honesty, just look at Crossrail. The new stadium is about the next 100 years, I’ll live with the short term problems as I don’t actually think we’ve got any other options. The travel is a funny one. For me its a bit of a pain. But I know someone who comes in from St Albans. For him Wembley is actually easier to get to than Tottenham. As far as the injuries go you play with what you’ve got. The silver lining I suppose is that Foyth and Skipp are developing a bit quicker as a result of getting more time on the pitch.

  • I always thought that it was being overly ambitious to complete the new stadium within the proposed timescale and, while disappointed, am at ease over when we finally move in, as you say Jod this is about the next 100 years so a few months is neither here nor there in the grand scheme.

    As an aside…….St Albans is my home town so used to be a regular traveller from there to the Lane in the days when I used to visit regularly. As you rightly say, Wembley is easier to get to from there especially via public transport.

  • Many supporters travel from far and wide to watch Spurs play, home and away. From all over London, it’s surrounding boroughs and beyond. As well as from other countries and continents.
    Wembley is not just about either the pain or the simplicity of travelling for any of us. Whether we are Londoners north or south of the river (I’m south). Or from anywhere else near and far. But its very much about when you are actually there. Around Wembley and inside Wembley, is not that much fun for many folks if it means having to go there on a regular basis as a regular supporter. It’s just not home or, very homely. The only regular Wembley experience worth having is at the winning end of an annual cup winning run.

  • As for the game itself?

    When we are 5-0 up and with around half an hour to go, I would like to see Harry, Son and Eriksen swapped out for some kids. But will that happen? Hell no, of course it won’t.

    Perhaps the real sensible thing for MP to do would be to rest all 3 of them for the upcoming ‘big one’ versus Man U at the weekend. And play the ‘kids’ against Chelsea. After all they are just a rich mans fantasy, and not a worthy and true club like wot spurs are. And surely we can beat them quite easily over the 2 legs with mainly our second string and a few academy players starting. But only if our player of the season Sissoko, is on the pitch with them!

    Spurs win-lose Chelsea!

  • Reasonably tough game v Chavski, but we will overcome, so am going for 3-1 at Wembley and 0-1 at their dump, thus an overall 4-1 win, that will do nicely. COYS

  • One set of fans that really won’t mind the relatively simple journey to Wembley are Burton Albion supporters. I look forward to seeing them there, in the final…

  • I hope we take this game seriously because it’s our best chance at a trophy this season.

    I am going to go for a narrow win at home, a draw away and a final appearance in a few weeks!

  • BS …. I’m taking this game seriously. In fact this game could wreck my 72nd birthday (it’s played Wednesday morning here). Can it get any more serious than that? 3-0 would be perfect!

  • I think we’ll see our best 11 near enough. I’m going to go for a bold 4-0 to Spurs, with Kane, Eriksen and Alli coming off with 30 mins to spare.

    A hat-trick for Son and 1 goal for Dele

  • Do we have an important game soon, oh of course we do v the Chavs in the semi-final, this article is very quiet at the mo.

    I said earlier 3-1 win, Our Arry x 2 and Son, at there dump 0-1, Deli, simple. COYS

  • At this stage BS, we have no choice but to take this serious, I still think we have as much chance to win this trophy as we do the FA Cup….Ill go for a narrow win at home and a draw away.

  • Gazzaniga
    Trippier Sanchez Alderweireld Rose
    Sissoko Winks
    Son Eriksen Dele
    Harry Kane

    I’m going for a rather humorous Spurs win… Boom, boom!


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