Date: 2nd December 2019 at 8:50pm
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With new Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho having a pretty significant effect on our form in his three matches (three wins) in charge, we go into Wednesday evening’s clash with Manchester United with renewed spirits and we sit back in fifth place in the Premier League table.

Everything is far from rosy in the garden at White Hart Lane though, and defensively we remain capable of being significantly hurt given our goals against tally in Mourinho’s game so far, but he definitely has us firing more on an attacking front and the return to form of Dele Alli has been a huge part of that.

Jose will know United well though from his time in charge, and they certainly aren’t the force they used to be, however, there is only a two point gap between the sides and it won’t be a walk in the park and nor should they be underestimated.

Jose will want the win at Old Trafford though and even if he is behaving in press conferences at the moment, he’ll definitely want the last laugh after the way things soured in his last job.

Can we make it four wins on the spin – we’ll know in a couple of days.

Manchester United...







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82 Replies to “Spurs Looking To Down The Red Devils – You Know Jose Will Want The Win – Match Thread”

    • Welcome to The Twilight Zone…

      Where pages are there… Pages are not there… And every Spurs fan knows that we will win the PL, CL and FA cup treble this season!

  • Here we go on page 2. Hopefully JM will be reading the riot act to our DMF and defenders, we can’t go on having to get 3 or 4 goals to nick a win. Results in general went our way at the weekend, now let’s keep it going.

  • I’m not sure that it matters which section it’s on? I just picked it randomly…

    I made a suggestion but I’ll just forget it. Evidently it’s not a good one… I’ll come back later when/if it’s all fixed.

    If we lose tomorrow I’ll have wasted my thoughts anyway. Because I’m going for a handsome win…


    Up the Spurs!

  • Bad feeling about this one. Hope we stick to the plan, I’m sure Jose won’t want to lose this win. A win here would be fantastic

  • Lets see if I can get on on page 2. Hope we concentrate on not conceding poor goals this week. We are fine up front and to an extent in MF except DMF. The better teams wont give us 3 goal starts so we must learn to defend, its all about 3 points never mind entertaining. Surely JM will be desperate to win this one.

  • I clicked p2 and here I am….

    As alex fergie said team were halfway beaten in the dressing room before the game at OT. Now of course, teams have better players and Man Utd have been struggling last few years, except two when Jose was there.. 2 cups won and CL qualification !

    My expectation a 1 goal margin win for spurs.. any more, 3 clear…I wlll be delighted for Geof. 🙂

  • When I was a young lad, I only ever bought “The Sun” for the back pages, never for page 3… Honest Guv!

    I then found out that the saucy Sam Fox and the luscious Linda Lusardi were both Spurs fans… So I just had to take a look… I thought, Bonus!

  • Right Opera has gone for me again, Chrome is still working. Wasn’t around as planned today, but do folks want a few fresh threads for ease or are people happy to use the ‘reply to a first page post’ hack we seem to have discovered whilst this gets sorted out?

    If I missed any comments let me know, but there shouldn’t be a predetermined cut off point as we’ve had loads of pages before. Good spot on Era thread for number of pages, but again that’s not working in Opera for me and isn’t showing some test posts I can see in admin.

    I’ve not noticed ‘reply’ buttons going missing and I can’t see it now, but hopefully that was further playing and tweaking and I’ll get an update soon.

  • I so hate coming to read the posts and enjoying the optimistic views 🤣then boom….the doubters posts in the mix.
    All entitled to opinions but why not save the negatives for post match…..geeeez….manure1-spurs 3…..coys

  • Saturday’s game against Bournemouth was my 1st in the new stadium, and I even got to see a Sissoko goal! Ironically, I was also on hand to watch Moussa get beat for Bournemouth’s second, and and play a diabolical headed back pass which almost cost us 2 points. Super Jan to the rescue!

    I think the team we picked was just fine and everybody performed well enough on the day, but we just switched off mentally in the final 10 minutes. If we can avoid doing that against United, you have to fancy our chances of getting at least a point.

    If I had to point to an obvious area where we have an edge, I’d probably pick central midfield. With Pogba out, Matic and McTominay uncertain, and Fred and Pereira likely to feature, you’d think that whoever we pick from Winks, NDombele, Dier, Sissoko or even Lo Celso would be able to dominate that area.

    Let’s see what the game holds and let’s see what team Jose picks. Will he set us up to be hard to beat, or will he go for the jugular? We’ll find out in just under 6 hours…

  • Terrible start. Poor defending and goalkeeping. No clean sheet yet again. We’re getting hammered at the moment and totally outplayed. Very rarely do we get anything at Man You. At 28 mins we could be 4-0 down. Fearing the worst.

  • Sissoko has those moments. Please keep him and Aurier out of our penalty box at all times, my heart can’t take it no more.

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