Date: 2nd December 2019 at 8:50pm
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With new Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho having a pretty significant effect on our form in his three matches (three wins) in charge, we go into Wednesday evening’s clash with Manchester United with renewed spirits and we sit back in fifth place in the Premier League table.

Everything is far from rosy in the garden at White Hart Lane though, and defensively we remain capable of being significantly hurt given our goals against tally in Mourinho’s game so far, but he definitely has us firing more on an attacking front and the return to form of Dele Alli has been a huge part of that.

Jose will know United well though from his time in charge, and they certainly aren’t the force they used to be, however, there is only a two point gap between the sides and it won’t be a walk in the park and nor should they be underestimated.

Jose will want the win at Old Trafford though and even if he is behaving in press conferences at the moment, he’ll definitely want the last laugh after the way things soured in his last job.

Can we make it four wins on the spin – we’ll know in a couple of days.

Manchester United...







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82 Replies to “Spurs Looking To Down The Red Devils – You Know Jose Will Want The Win – Match Thread”

    • I think that’s the question on everyone’s lips given what we’ve seen so far. Their attack is more their strength, we know we can open them up.

  • TQ …. Can’t wait to see what happens on page two! It’s almost as exciting as trying to pick the starting eleven.

  • I’m taking a slightly different stance to many on United and, what we could expect from them in this match. But I’m only really basing it on their goals for and against in the PL, reading reports and seeing highlights of them on MotD… So, I may be completely wrong.

    But, I don’t think it’s their defence that is their main problem. I reckon it’s more about their lack of fire power up top. In some ways, the reverse of Tottenham’s problem at the moment.

    However, I’m still not concerned too much about the goals that Spurs have been leaking under Jose. Simply because we have been winning. And because I believe that he and the lads can fix that. And football is still about outscoring the opposition and winning matches. It would be a lot worse watching a boring Spurs drawing 0-0, than an entertaining Spurs winning 3-2/4-2 . 🙂

    Even so, I don’t think even our attacking players are quite there yet and possibly should’ve scored a few more on the weekend. Making the scoreline much more comfortable despite conceding those 2 late goals. Ironically it was great defending that stopped the Cherries from equalising at the end, with a well timed last ditch tackle from Jan…

    I’m not sure that United will give us a hard time or not. They are just as likely to play a very poor game as a good one, imo. However, I think that Spurs are on a good run and are probably more than capable of embarrassing Man U tomorrow with a heavy scoreline. It could be so, as they are in decline and Spurs are now on the rise and realistically now have the top 4 in our sights for the first time this season….. (Especially as Chelsea have faltered recently. Which I have said that I thought they would maybe fade a bit, after Lampard’s impressive start with them)… We’ll see.

    If Rashford and co play as they just did vs Villa and Spurs play just a bit better than vs the Cherries, I think we can knock them silly!

    United 2-5 Spurs! (But 0-1 will do). 😉

    Come on you Spurs!

    • My guess at tonights starting eleven:

      Aurier Toby Jan Rose
      Dier Winks
      Lucas Dele Son

      I would prefer to see Lo Celso in place of Lucas but I’m not sure that Jose sees him ready enough to be a starter as yet.

      And of course he may continue with Jan, not play Rose and also pick Sanchez again…

  • Jose will have worked on the DMF and backline with AMF tracking back, even HK10. Perhaps a 352 shape will be JM tactical ploy, as it gives mf solidity and defensive cover, with the ability to fast pass forwards and breakaway. Some will say this is parking the bus… I would say its getting organised and stopping goals against. We need a big effort to improve goal difference now, as +3 is well below the teams above us. COYS

    • block 108 spurs. Goal difference isn’t a problem if we have more points than say Chelsea, come the end of the season. Chelsea can still realistically be caught up quite soon (on points and GD), as they have just a 5 goal and 6 point advantage on Spurs. The teams below us are not a problem right now when looking at their GD’s… If we look above Chelsea, then catching up the GD is simply unrealistic…

      We play Chelsea at the end of this month and we may well be in a position to overtake them by then. (I’m being optimistic, of course)…

      There is still plenty of matches left to play in the PL. And if we look at where we are now from just over a week ago and how quickly it has all changed, then there is still a lot of potential for us to be in that top 4.

  • Not sure that we will win since United always appear to have the edge over us.
    Ok last season bucked the trend at Old Trafford but realistically they ought to have been 2 up before we ran away with it ?
    I just hope that the more time JM has with the team the tighter the defence will become as previously under Poch and seeing the last ditch tackle made by Verts on Saturday perhaps things are improving ?

  • Allan, we won that match 3-0… And funnily, supporters on VS were saying just the same before that match, as you have said. Citing our poor record at OT…

    Personally, I like to think that our coach and players approach this match as I do as a supporter. I always ignore the history and take the match as it comes and more into relation to the form right now… And I feel that our players should be pretty confident going into this one. And, the United players certainly have lost some of their confidence in recent times…

    But, you never know, either way…

  • This game’s got 3-2 to Tottenham written all over it, surely!


    I Wonder the bookies are giving for that scoreline?

  • Will my post print? am I on page 1 lol!

    Well here we go again, the iffy task of OT, will we win? the feeling in my bones says we will, though I feel it will be “dirty pants time” near the end, which is normal at the mo lol! COYS

  • Yes it first post printed.

    One of my mates a MU supporter, poor lad, is saying because of two crap defence’s it will be a 4-4 draw, with us scoring in the last minute after them being 2 nil down and fighting back to go 3-2 up, us pulling 1 back, then them going 4-3 up, blah blah, I had to laugh because he is a great “stand up” COYS

            • YES! NO! I don’t know!

              Tell you what guys; We could pick one of the many bare threads on here to post thoughts on this match. Say the “Feel Good Factor” one?

              • I only ever bought The Sun for its back pages content. Honest!

                Then I found out that the lovely Linda Lusardi and the buxom Sam Fox are Spurs fans… So that was a bonus! Haha!

              • I’ll take it as a no then…..

                I’ll post my thoughts on there anyway.And then dispute with myself, what I’ve just written. I’ll have a fight with myself, get banned but I’ll return under the name; Sam “The Spur” Fox! I’m Foxy but I’m a Spur!

                • HT….I’ve tested some old articles and none would allow a post from page 2 onwards but do work as this one does by replying to the last post on page one. The article you suggested is on the Twitter section, might be better to chose one on the News section but will still end up the same after page 1.

                    • Sam Fox? Showing your age there HT. Just lost a post so thought we had reached our limit here but maybe not.

                    • Am gonna give a reply on the bottom of the page a go.

                      DW have you tried to improve something that’s already working. we all have been guilty of that sometime, just a thought.

                      HT….you got some front mentioning Sam Fox lol! COYS

                    • No not me lol, it came out the blue and short of a corruption during the server move, it was only a server move, so updates to the comments section that I’m aware of – it’s why I’m guessing tracking it down has been difficult as it should still work as before.

                    • Cannot get anything after 26 posts.

                      Hows about this for a team tomorrow


                      Aurier Toby Sanchez Rose

                      Winks Sissoko

                      Son Alli Moura


                      Speed all over the place. COYS

                    • haha……that’s a bit odd, no ‘reply’ option on later posts!

                      Not sure about playing Rose PY, he was very poor in his last game, might stick with Jan at LB or left of three. I would want to get Ndombele in the starting eleven, he looks better the more he plays.

                    • I think we could benefit in a small way from the fact that Manu have their Manc derby at the weekend, looks like Martial could be out tonight which would be good and OGS may not risk some to make sure they are available for Man C.

                    • TQ2S….your so right on a number of things there…

                      Using the “reply” button, it works.

                      Jan instead of Rose, yes your probably right there, but I was thinking speed.

                      N’Dombele, again agree starting to look good and playing well, instead of who…Winks or Sissoko.

                      Anyway am up for a WIN! tonight, my Amazon Prime ready n waiting. COYS

                    • Hows this for boring, including this post there are 53 no total, long page a bit like the old days.

                      Plus as has already been pointed out the “reply” button has disappeared again! COYS

                    • Hi PY, good to hear from you, it’s been a bit lonely! :- )

                      I would like to see a midfield 3 of Ndombele, Sissoko, and either Winks or Lo Celso but I don’t think our squad suits a 433 formation.

                      I don’t know what’s happening with the site issues, they could have built a whole new website in the time it’s taking to sort the issue!

                    • Afternoon TQ2S, yes your team sounds good, could it be something like this


                      Aurier Toby Sanchez Verts

                      Sissoko Winks N’Dombele

                      Deli Son



                      Lo-Celso and Maura, plus maybe Eriksen to come on later.

                      Am getting ready, for a nice win at OT. COYS

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