Date: 14th August 2019 at 9:30pm
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With an opening Premier League day victory behind us as we welcomed Aston Villa back to the top flight, it’s a different type of test for Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino this Saturday as we make the trip to the Etihad Stadium to face Pep Guardiola’s reigning top flight Champions – Manchester City.

Although we are only one game in, with a 5-0 victory over their own in the last one, they are once again sat pretty at the top of the pile, but with seven sides sharing three points at this incredibly early stage of the season, we have a tougher task than most to make it six points from an available six.

The team selected will likely be the same as the Villa 18, as with the likes of Juan Foyth, Ben Davies and Dele Alli still listed as out injured (until the next proper update), Son Heung-Min continues to be out as he serves his suspension.

Attack as clinically as we did in the last match, at least in terms of how we ended the game, and we’ll definitely cause City some problems – but we all know what they can do.

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235 Replies to “Spurs Looking For Two Wins On The Spin As We Head To City – Match Thread”

  • I feel more comfortable about this one than I did for last seasons Etihad fixture and yet we only went down 1-0 that day and if hadn’t been for Ederson Son would have had two…..Our form at the Etihad has fluctuated but we have never been overawed not like the seasons we had at OT where we went out on to the pitch looking like we had already lost ( except for last season) ( still fuming about losing last season 1-0 against United at Wembley!) I think this could be close but as I said earlier in this thread we need to the do the basics well. I do wonder where Toby and Jan’s heads will be with Jan having the knock with Poch and Toby looking to run down his Contract! will Eriksen sign a new contract? ….can you leave these types of situations in the dressing room? We need players with heart tomorrow and lots of it cos if we fall behind the players have to believe they can still come back……weather will be cold and wet so that could even things up a bit!

  • Swap Jan for Davy and swap Eriksen for Lamela from last week’s starting line-up – can always work the bench (Lo Celso, Lamela, etc) in the 2nd half depending on how the game is going. We could go toe to toe with them and play our normal 4-2-3-1 with :


    KWP Toby Verts Rose

    Sissoko N’Dombele

    Moura Eriksen Lamela


    It’s actually possible because the midfield 5 work really hard for each other – Eriksen regularly covers 13+ km’s per game, Lamela chases everywhere, Moura the same and Sissoko and N’Dombele box to box means even if we do go with this formation we’d have a chance.

  • After completely leaving out Jan last week, will Poch have more team surprises in store today? Will Lo Celso be on the bench, ready for his debut?

    I wasn’t at all surprised to see Eriksen on the bench vs Villa but I think he will play him from the start today. As for MP’s formation, I have no idea what will work best. All I know is that he is n not averse to changing it mid-game anyway. But I’ll guess a line-up and put it in a 442 Diamond, just for example;

    Hugo Lloris
    KW-P Toby Jan/Sanchez? Rose
    Sissoko Ndombele
    Moura Kane

  • City MF has to be stopped from supplying the passes to forwards Stirling & co. So De Brune is the main danger and a spurs MF have to be on him from the start to end. As city will be on Ericsen the same way. Rose and KWP will need to be alive 100% and have MF covering for them on attacking down the line. It will be city targeting KWP for him to make errors and allow them chances of crossing into / outside the box. We need to be up for this game, and start lively and try to upset city playing their game plans. I can see poch changing tactical shape for / during this game… 433 or 4411 the usual 4321 will be expected by city. COYS

  • As to the current injury to players hamstrings…. As an amateur player many years ago, we used to use white horse embrocation before , half time at games. DO they still use this? It was a good creme to keep leg muscules and feet supple. Those were the days.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good Mornin’ block 108.

    I remember using horse oil as a kid. It stank! I later moved on to Deep Heat. A much better aroma but bloody painful for your nether regions when using the urinal pre-match, having rubbed it into the legs but not washing it thoroughly off your hands before manhandling yourself down there!… Oooooh!

  • HT…. ๐Ÿ™‚ yes white horse did have a bit of an aroma…. but it worked for me on those cold sunday mornings on Hackney Marshes and other grounds in Ne /East London. Also used to use dubbin on boots.. anyone remember ??…… lol

  • haha……dubbin, you sure are showing your age there block 108!

    If I’m honest I’m finding it hard to be as excited as I should be over todays game, all of the uncertainty around the club due to player contracts and who will/won’t be leaving and when takes the edge off of the anticipation and excitement for me. This is something that the closure of the transfer window prior to the start of the season was supposed to have addressed but of course if the european windows aren’t in line with this it was a waste of time.

  • Dubbin’s not a thing of the past. I still use it on my everyday leather boots. (Never on my legs!)

    TQ, how can you not get excited about City v Spurs? Then again, I could get excited just watching the team warm up before an FA Cup cup match vs any ol’ team called Runabout Rovers or the Balham Bus Parkers of Old London Town!

  • Morning HT, I will be bubbling again as game time approaches and once it kicks off the uncertainty will be put to one side for a couple of hours at least, possibly longer if we get a good result!

  • Dubbin, deep heat and white horse, showing your age here lads, lol! and am ditto there regards deep heat HT, lol! Those were the day’s.

    Today/night, can we beat MC? yes we can! Will we beat them? maybe! a draw will do me fine, a win and I will be bloody shouting “who are ya”. COYS

  • HT …. I used to play for Runabout Rovers. They were a very good team, back in the day, and were so close to winning the Champions League. All they needed to do was win 362 games on the trot. Unfortunately we lost the first game we played and history forgot us. It was against Balham Bus Parkers. Thanks for reminding everyone, mate. : – )

    City 0 – 3 Tottenham!

  • HT… Yes I am an older spurs supporter… been going to WHL since early 1970. So seen a lot of cup wining glory days and dark depression of relegation…..

    We really have to dig in today and hit city on the break where it hurts the most,(ball in their goal net !) and use moura’s speed and finishing with harry’s skill and finishing. Ericsen must put in a shift today, hit those passes to harry… moura and other players….have his trade mark shots outside the area, and not just run around a bit like he does in these top of PL games.

  • Just seen an interesting article on

    City foul opposition the most on counter attacks against city. Even West Ham manager said this week, every time we got near their box we were fouled. statistics shown confirm this, yet Pep G. denies it happens. This could be a vital way city win matches, hope poch has noticed it, and tells our players.

    There was also an interview with a USA manager who confirms this tactic he uses, defensive players foul from the front of attacking player and gets away with it more than if tackling from behind. On counters foul the breakaway player, and take a yellow card for the team.

    We can say this is professional football tactical systems, others say its boarderline cheating?

  • Defensively we look weak ,Sanchez is rash and tends to switch off ,Toby and Jan Are short off pace which Means playing a high line very dangerous for them nowadays .fullbacks might get the runaround this evening .If we get out with a draw it would be a great result.

  • So weโ€™re on the back foot from the start with Winks in for Moura. One striker and no pace up front. Letโ€™s hope Poch puts it right sooner than later if itโ€™s not working.

  • I see he’s gone for what I suggested in CM with Winksy, Sissoko, N’Dombele and Eriksen. Expected Moura to start and use his pace/skill on counter-attacks and also for Verts’ experience to return at the back – so be it – just hope we stick to the obvious game-plan of keeping it tight and nicking something. Can’t afford to concede early – will destroy the game-plan and have us needing to make changes pretty early on.

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