Date: 14th August 2019 at 9:30pm
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With an opening Premier League day victory behind us as we welcomed Aston Villa back to the top flight, it’s a different type of test for Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino this Saturday as we make the trip to the Etihad Stadium to face Pep Guardiola’s reigning top flight Champions – Manchester City.

Although we are only one game in, with a 5-0 victory over their own in the last one, they are once again sat pretty at the top of the pile, but with seven sides sharing three points at this incredibly early stage of the season, we have a tougher task than most to make it six points from an available six.

The team selected will likely be the same as the Villa 18, as with the likes of Juan Foyth, Ben Davies and Dele Alli still listed as out injured (until the next proper update), Son Heung-Min continues to be out as he serves his suspension.

Attack as clinically as we did in the last match, at least in terms of how we ended the game, and we’ll definitely cause City some problems – but we all know what they can do.

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235 Replies to “Spurs Looking For Two Wins On The Spin As We Head To City – Match Thread”

  • I know I’m being negative but it’s City away at the start of the season so feel I have every right to be. That said with Moura and Kane up front there’s always a chance of either of them getting goals so it’s not completely defensive. I’d take a point – the old adage I believe was win your home games and aim for a draw away – now against the top team’s that has to surely ring even truer. With N’Dombele and Eriksen in midfield there’s also always a chance of a cracker coming aswell. Don’t know maybe I’m doing the likes of HK10 a dis-service and we should go there and play our normal attacking game as best possible – can’t wait – this is what it’s all about – testing yourself against the best!

  • EJ …. I don’t think you’re being negative. You’re being realistic. It’s a very tough game but we are not without a chance. I think that ‘old adage’ still holds true. A draw would be a good result.

  • I’ll suggest that this season Spurs could well get beaten (at least once) by a much less talented team. Maybe Fulham, Norwich City or Sheffield United? Or, maybe even a Championship team in either one of the domestic trophy rounds. It’s possible.

    Spurs can do the same to City. After all, we are much closer to them with our talent and results than any of those three clubs are to Spurs. In other words, if I can accept that Spurs can quite possibly lose to a complete underdog at some stage this season, then it’s not so far fetched for me to also believe that we are more than capable of beating City tomorrow.

    And, I don’t see Spurs as underdogs in this at all. But a team that (on its day) can compete head to head with City, from front to back, side to side and goal for goal… But, of course, if we don’t turn up to play at our very best, then yes, we could well get thrashed, especially if they are at their best. But, I don’t think this is likely.

    On the other hand, I certainly can’t see us running away with this ourselves, as this City team do not have many bad days themselves. But, I don’t think they need to be bad, for Spurs to be better.

    It could go any way of course but when I predict this match to be a tough one (as we all expect it to be), I suspect that City fans will not be too cocky by not thinking exactly the same from their point of view. Yes, it should be a difficult match to get a point or three from… And that should go for both teams.

    After all, we are Spurs, not WHU!

  • There are some negative posts on here, what happened to positive thinking / glass half full? We can beat city on their ground, as we did last time !

    Tactically I suggest a 352 which blocks out city mf and supply to their forwards, so long balls over the top will be seen. As always there will be mistakes by players on both teams, so we need to be totally clinical in taking our goal chances. I expect poch will play lo celso as sub on 60 mins. with tangy starting alongside moussa in mf of 5 (ericsen + rose kwp) harry & lucas up top. Defense 3 of jan sanchez toby, lloris in goal. COYS

  • Sorry to correct you block. But as you must be referring to that last match we played at City as being the one in the the CL QF, we didn’t win it. Spurs lost it 4-3. But we did beat them 1-0 at home. Even so, I think we were the only team to have scored as many as 3 goals against City at the Etihad last season. So, there is still a positive to be found in that particular game. 🙂

    And… What a fantastic match (and night) that CL match at the Etihad. was. If it’s anything like that one tomorrow, we are all in for a treat. Win, lose or draw…

  • HT.. ok. What I meant was spurs can beat any opposition on the day, so lets be positive and give it a go, defend frustrate them and fast counter attack… this game plan works, see last CL game at city, and last week villa game video. Spurs need to maintain this discipline from start to finish, and not concede more goals than we score… as villa did ! Maybe VAR will help us again?? 🙂

  • I read somewhere this morning that Harry Maguire turned down an offer of £278k per week from Man City, if true why would he do that to go to Manu? Must be mad! I expect the reds were offering his agent a bigger bung. :- )

  • TQ …. He probably figured he’d get more playing time at United which is good if you enjoy playing. I don’t think he’s likely to be financially challenged any time soon so moneys not a major factor. The biggest problem facing PL players in the top teams is what the hell can they do with all the money they keep receiving!

  • Just doesn’t make sense to me Geof, he would have been on fairly short odds to win a couple of trophies this season with City and the money isn’t too much different to what has been reported he will get at Utd. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t get a decent amount of playing time at City, I would play him regularly with Laporte, Stones for me has too many mistakes in him.

  • As to all of the money they get and what to do with it…………..I’m currently listening to Jim White and his guests discussing the situation with Bury FC who are close to folding despite the best efforts of some to save it. It just seems so ironic that there is such an obscene amount of money sloshing around at the top of the game while some of the games founding clubs are struggling to survive. Talk about haves and have nots!

  • TQ2S…..yes I read the same, £278k a week, have a think about that and the monetary gap between them and us, even if we would/could have paid the £80m transfer fee, could we or would we have offered that sort of weekly wages, esp to a CB, football worlds gone bloody mad.

    As for tomorrow v MC, I am with the “we can win this mob”, esp’ if we play to our strengths, and hope we do so, as another poster says…”don’t ya love football” because anything can happen on the day. COYS

  • TQ2S….just read your post regards Bury FC, so bloody true, and such a shame, the haves and have not’s has gotten way to big a gap. COYS

  • It’s even more surprising that Maguire went to Utd if you believe the reports that their first choice was Koulibaly who they are reported to have offered £82m for.

  • I’m definitely not suggesting it’s right PY but it reflects everyday life where there is an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor in society.

  • In respect of the game tomorrow, we will need to put in a disciplined defensive performance to get anything from the game. We showed last season that we can do this, I recall a couple of away games where we set up with two solid defensive lines when out of possession and successfully counter attacked from this position after the opposition attack broke down.

  • Just a quick reminder: Man Citeh did not make it to the final of the CL. Some club that could not beat them did just that. Let our lads get on the pitch and pull down the pants of the pale blues. There’s nothing magic about how they put them on.

  • TQ2S….sorry if I misled you there, I was not trying to suggest that you were saying its right, regards the huge gap appearing between the haves and have not’s, because I 100% agree with you. COYS

  • I take the glass half full comment as my cue:
    An all out attacking display in classic 3-0 victory to the mighty Tottenham, including 4 VAR-disallowed goals for City!

    Kane, Lo Celso and Lamela the scorers!

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