Date: 3rd December 2018 at 10:00am
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With London derby disappointment ringing in the ears of plenty following the frustrating 4-2 loss to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon, Tottenham Hotspur face a quick turnaround in the fixture list and this Wednesday we welcome Southampton to Wembley Stadium for the next clash.

With such a poor performance at the weekend, manager Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for far better once again especially as Southampton are a side significantly struggling themselves in the campaign of 2018/19 and even despite the Arsenal defeat, form is on our side (as long as there isn’t a hangover from the loss) and there will be questions asked if we can’t bounce back here.

We head into the game now in fifth place in the Premier League table joint on points with Arsenal, and third place is only a point away, so as long as we get back to winning ways the last match won’t define our season.

That’s what everyone will be hoping to see us do.

Erik Lamela and Kieran Trippier could be back in contention for this one as well.

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96 Replies to “Spurs Look To March On Against The Struggling Saints – Match Thread”

  • Not sure if Saints new gaffer will be up and running by tomorrow, but either way, we should win comfortably! Let them get their “bounce” in the next game!

  • I would expect 19 points from our next 7 v Southampton, Leicester, Burnley,Everton, Bournmouth, Wolves and Cardiff. The only blemish might be a draw v Everton who look a rapidly improving side. The rest are much of a muchness and shouldn’t provide any great problem, or they had better not.

  • I hadn’t seen Southampton play in quite some time so I watched most of their game against United, also because I like to watch moronio’s child like antics. He really is like a pantomime villain. Strange guy. Anyway the saints I thought looked very average with the exception of their midfield that I thought was pretty decent. Lemina is a bit of a livewire. We should beat them all day long though. The only problem I see is that they just sacked their gaffer and have a new one, so the unknown is a factor particularly for Poch and the tactical plan. I’d take anything that results in 3 points. On another issue I think that Vertonghens red card has to be rescinded on appeal. It’s was a bad call by dean and he has to own up to that, as you just cannot send a man off for passing the ball. It’s the stupidest red card I can remember

  • Dier by name…………….while I agree with your sentiments, he was genuinely playing the ball and the scum player just happened to plant his foot in the way as he was playing it, I don’t believe you can appeal a red that is the consequence of a second yellow. Maybe someone can can confirm if that is the case?

  • Parklaneyido………………….As I understand it the new gaffer will be in the stands at Wembley but won’t have any involvment until after this game. I expect the players will still be looking to impress the new man though.

  • TQspurs, your probably correct I was not aware of that. I thought dean had a decent game, but that was a really terrible decision to send Jan off. If that’s a red card then football is dead. Mike dean does a good job in my opinion, one of the only refs that actually ignores context and makes the decisions as they are, whereas many other refs appear to referee according to the context of a game. What I mean is some refs would have sent Jan off if we were 4-2 up but not if we were 4-2 down, in order to make more of the game. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but referees in my opinion seem to referee matches that way as oppposed to Dean who would probably send 8 players off if warranted or give 5 penalties if warranted. I have gone off on one here but that’s how I see it, and while a fan of dean I am really pissed off that Jan was sent off, probably more so than match result because it’s unfair wrong and he obviously should not be banned for that.

  • This game is far from easy, that managed to go 2 up against United,and if we are sloppy and careless will be punished, ppl think they will get a hammering after the Derby shambles by us, it’s how you react to a defeat. Let’s wait n see, poch need to learn from he’s mistakes.

  • I hope Winks and Lucas are all brought back in. I would be tempted to drop Harry and play Son as the striker. Bring Harry on if needed.

    Hugo, Aurier, Toby, Dier, Rose, Sissoko, Winks, Eriksen, Alli, Lucas, Son.

  • Real Deal I’m tempted to agree with that as I alluded to earlier, is HK10 going to play all 9 games in the coming month? It’s an average of a game every 3 days – we’ll be risking a lot by doing so – hopefully Poch can work something out as he’s not a machine and even they can over-heat at times and break down – lol! I know he wants to play every game and win the golden boot but burn out is a major factor not only over the next month but even more so the rest of the season – we need to get some proper cover though (unless Janssen throws us a miracle recovery) – Sonny is needed on the wing.

  • I read Trippier is back in contention – may be the game to give Trips and Rose a start – better later at home than away to Leicester on Saturday – see how they do. I would persevere with Foyth’s education at the back and give him another game. Rest Sissoko and HK10 aswell. Lloris, Trippier, Toby, Foyth, Rose, Dier, Winks, Ericksen, Alli, Moura and Son. That said I reckon Sissoko and HK10 will start.

  • I am still struggling to come to terms with what happened on Sunday I thought the days of being “spursy” were over but almost every player showed how far we are away from where we need to be we were out classed by City and out fought by Scum and out played by Liverpool…… matter how much Poch says he is happy that everyone hates us and celebrate when we are beaten becoming the slayers of clubs No 6 down to 18 ain’t going to win us any titles especially if lose at home. Two things may change what happens to Spurs in the second half of the season; Finally moving into our new home on the 13th January to play United and Steve Hitchin was at the Merseyside Derby to look for new recruits or could that be recruiting a former Spurs player? Siggy anyone? Basically we need some players in who can reinforce our team cos players like Trippier Aurier and Dier are just not good enough in certain games!

  • oyveh …. It’s easy to say we were ‘Spursy’ any time we lose …. and we will lose. But why do you choose this game to call us Spursy and not the Chelsea game? Or do you think we should always be unbeatable?

  • I hope Hitchen was there to scout Gomes – lacks pace a bit but otherwise looks a hell of a player. So composed on the ball, maybe just what we need in the middle of the park?

  • I see some are still hoping for a Jannson “recovery”, recovery from what, the bloke is patently not good enough, and was s disastrous signing. He needs to be moved out for whatever if anything we can get for him in January, and be replaced by a viable alternative striker to take pressure off of Kane. Incidentally this also applies to N’Koudou.

  • Geof its not the losing, it how we lose ….we gifted them 3 goals and Son missed an absolute gift ……that’s the Spursy way – architects of our own downfall – look at PSV, look at InterMilan …foot on their throat and we fail to kill them off and gogto sleep at the back….I have to say though, changing formation at the back in the NLD from a flat 4 to a back 5 was ridiculous if we are being stretched put two DM’s on to protect the back four …..we lost our shape and got players out of position ..look at Foyth losing the ball resulting in the third goal….. the Scum poured through on to us because our CB had been caught up the field ….drives me nuts !

  • Scum of the South are in for a backlash, thus 4-0 tonight, but the lads must remember they will be also up for it, because they will be out to impress the new geyser/manager who will be watching.

    Think a couple of changes…
    Tripps Foyth Toby Rose
    Winks Ericksen
    Son Lucas

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