Date: 3rd December 2018 at 10:00am
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With London derby disappointment ringing in the ears of plenty following the frustrating 4-2 loss to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon, Tottenham Hotspur face a quick turnaround in the fixture list and this Wednesday we welcome Southampton to Wembley Stadium for the next clash.

With such a poor performance at the weekend, manager Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for far better once again especially as Southampton are a side significantly struggling themselves in the campaign of 2018/19 and even despite the Arsenal defeat, form is on our side (as long as there isn’t a hangover from the loss) and there will be questions asked if we can’t bounce back here.

We head into the game now in fifth place in the Premier League table joint on points with Arsenal, and third place is only a point away, so as long as we get back to winning ways the last match won’t define our season.

That’s what everyone will be hoping to see us do.

Erik Lamela and Kieran Trippier could be back in contention for this one as well.

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96 Replies to “Spurs Look To March On Against The Struggling Saints – Match Thread”

  • The players need to attack the game from the off, winning the 2nd balls while also being precise with their passing. No more sloppy lads.

    I can see a good reaction coming and a 3-0 to make the pundits forget about Sunday.


  • Disappointed with the derby performance, lets hope we don’t suffer from a Soton reaction to the sacking of Mark Hughes this morning. Just for once will be hoping for a good performance and a win by Manu against the Gooners, this plus a win for us on Wednesday will put us above the scum again.

  • It’s ok it isn’t a must win game, JOD will be along soon … now questions ofmthe players and the manager if he is tactically abled .. of course MP bloody is he was just naive on Sunday … lack of new players hinders him .. JOD with his “restricted budget restraints” absolute nonsense .. do not give the excuse we are playing beyond our level top 4 for the last 3 years proves we are at that level .. or the players are not of the elk of the other players .. Kane would walk into any team int he world, so would Eriksen… Alli, Son .. Foyth up and coming class player Toby World class .. please do not give me we do. It have the players .. when you have players like Davies who cannot cross a ball consistently then your in trouble .. or Lloris whom is starting to become a liability …. this game on Wednesday night Thursday morning for me is a MUST WIN Game ..

  • We do put continual pressure on our defence by playing the ball out from the back all the time. Was it my imagination or did Lloris send out far more long balls during the Chelsea game than usual. Anyway, I think he does need to mix it up a bit and vary how he disposes of the ball.

    E17 …. The way the season is going I see it more as a must-not-draw game. It would be another ‘first’ for THFC if we don’t draw a game all season. lol

  • @Geoff, I wonder if that is possible?? I would rather win 2 lose one than win draw and lose every 3 games .. we have played 14 won 10 lost 4 now if we can do the same after 28 that would be 60 points ,, not bad and on target for a top 4 .. I agree it’s a must not draw game .. seriously as TQ2 said, let’s hope we do ntomsurpffer a confidence surge from Southampton.. we need to win and win convincingly.

  • It will be interesting to see if we rotate for the game. I expect us to beat the likes of Southampton, and a bad day at the office yesterday doesn’t change that.

  • It’s not just a confidence surge E17……..I watched the full game between Soton and Manu and they played some pretty decent football, particularly in the first half. We can’t afford to be complacent but should have the quality to beat them no matter which 11 we put out on Wednesday.

  • TQ2Spurs….totally agree with your post, I also watched the full game of Scum v Manu, Scum being Pompey’s name for them, yes we should have the quality to beat them, but after all, this is the Prem lge and anything can/does happen, esp as they at this moment have no new manager, unless of course they have and I haven’t heard about it, so will play to prove something, no matter! I am confident that we will beat them, as a backlash from yesterday’s bad day at the office. COYS

  • having watched the longest suicide note from Spurs in a while I am not sure I will be fully recovered by Wednesday. That last 45 minutes was ridiculous I refuse to go through yet another post mortem / analysis of where we went wrong. Poch sates we ran out of energy ….seriously? Dier is back in the firing line again and as for Foyth, but Jeez changing to 3 at the back at half time? if your going to do that at least bring on Toby. Aurier had a stinker Kyle Walker Peters would have been better than Aurier. The stick from the Gooners is unbelievable and quite rightly so! I tell you what, we are going to have to go for their throats at Wembley we better not draw or lose that one to them….Manu will have their hands full this week… bloody shame we had the Gooners where we wanted them at half time we just melted away…..! Run out of energy my ass! ran out of balls more like!

  • My last on that so called game of football yesterday, to me it was simple what I witnessed…”they wanted it more than we did”, that was my impression I got anyway and possibly as oyvehmaria just said “ran out of balls more like”.

    Come On You Spurs and make the Saints have it. COYS

  • Yes we have played 14 games and lost 4. If we continue this level of performance throughout the season, we will lose 10.8 games. LIf we excuse the 0.8 of a game, we will therefore drop 30 points, assuming that we do not draw any of our remaining 24 games.

  • After Sunday’s aboration at The Emirates it is important that we get back to winning ways, and a struggling Southampton team should be tailor made, for us to do exactly that, in spite of Mark Hughes’s sacking today.

  • Apparently some German bloke has agreed in principle to take the St. Mary’s job before Hughes’s seat was cold. Has their chairman been taking lessons from Levy, shades of the tapping up of Ramos to replace Martin Jol.

  • Still trying to cough the fur ball of Sunday’s match well and truly up. Horrible for us all ( and I really thought we were going to do them too), but Wednesday is a great chance to get back on 3 point road! Here’s hoping…..

  • Important to get back to winning ways especially against lower ranked opposition – pick up the momentum from the loss on Sunday. Try and get the job done early and get player’s rested for Leicester on Saturday night away would be ideal aswell. Are we expecting Kane to play every single game in December and what about burn out factor and potential injury concerns if he does? What’s the point to Janssen and Llorente picking up significant wages – needs addressing in January doubt it will be though. Even if Kane wants to play every game it’s the manager’s job to decide that and put him in his place if necessary. Really hoping Janssen can come back from injury and do a Sissoko and discover some form to take the slack off of Kane a little.

  • Frank – the only loss which bothers me is Watford. For the rest, we have lost against top 6 teams but mostly handled business against the smaller teams. More often than not, that will be enough for top 4, and I’m not optimistic/naive/crazy enough (choose your adjective as you see fit) to set my sights higher than that and talk about the title.

    We have played all top 6 rivals once already, winning 2 and losing 3. The “top 6” record isn’t great (a bit of a recurring theme), but we’ve picked up 24 points out of a possible 27 against the rest, which is exceptional.

    The only concern for me is that 3 of those 5 “top 6 ” games came at “home” (if we can call anywhere home). We still have to go to Anfield, the Etihad, and Stamford Bridge in the second half of the season.

    Our next league games are against Southampton at home, away to Leicester, home to Burnley, away to Everton, home to Bournemouth, home to Wolves and away to Cardiff. All very winnable games, and a good run there would keep us right in the mix.

    The difficulty will come from the fact that it’s an incredibly busy period with the Barca game and the Arsenal LC game in between (9 games in 27 days), but it’s a busy period for everyone. We’ll know a lot more about this team/season in about 1 month.

  • I very nearly threw away my Spurs-tinted glasses on Sunday! No doubt controversial, but I’m glad Foyth got the experience as he and Sanchez have to be the long-term future you would hope. In hindsight, I would have preferred Alderweireld if it would have meant a win, but that’s why hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  • Not sure if Saints new gaffer will be up and running by tomorrow, but either way, we should win comfortably

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